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Voice Caddie VSE | What Is the Virtual Swing Emulator?

What Is the Voice Caddie VSE?

Is Virtual Swing Emulator the new solution to the golf simulator?

Voice Caddie has decided to rethink golf simulators. And their soon-to-hit-the-market VSE—or Virtual Swing Emulator—is the very interesting conception of that rethink.

We’ll get to the hardware in a second. Let’s hit the “Why” real quick, and then we’ll give you all the details we know so far about this innovative golf device.

Why rethink golf simulators? Voice Caddie says it begins with what makes golf difficult: “The obsession with information you don’t have to think about when you play golf.” With the VSE, they are determined to focus on the cause and not the effect, and simply deliver the information you need to improve your swing.

At PlayBetter, we have always loved Voice Caddie/Swing Caddie golf products. We are excited to see them combining the strengths of their golf launch monitor technology with a golf simulator experience.

What Are the Voice Caddie VSE Components?

  1. The Kiosk
    • 32" FHD (1920x1080)
    • CPU: Intel Core i5 10th Gen
    • Graphics: Geforce GTX 1660 Supe
    • FHD 120FPS low light camera
  2. Mach 401 Sensor
    • 2 high-speed camera sensors
    • Measurement of spin amount through 3D camera sensor
    • Fast shot measurement in 0.1 seconds
  3. Side Camera 
  4. Beam Projector
  5. Auto Tee-Up Machine

What to Expect from the Voice Caddie VSE


  • Ultrafast Camera Sensor - Mach 401 Sensor3D camera sensor provides accurate information for each club/swing and measurement immediately after swing improves usability.
  • Ball TrackingThe actual spin amount is measured with a dedicated marked ball and two high-speed camera sensors. Various trajectories and miss shots accurately measured.

  • Dual Swing CamEquipped with the top-of-the-line camera with the highest specifications available for golf simulators, VSE provides motion recognition and impact slow motion functions.

  • Practice environment necessary for real situationsProvides 5 practice modes optimized for skill improvement: Driving Range, Approach Shot, Putting, Play the course, On the course tee shot.

  • 32-inch FHD Kiosk ScreenFull body swing video in V-Mirror Mode (mirror mode) presents 3D analysis of golfer's swing in 2 channels (front, side).

  • V. Motion Solution3D analysis, intuitive posture correction, and swing correction are possible through the drawing tool.
  • Fast Speed High-speed image processing produces clear and fast screen by instantaneous reaction to the impact.

  • Two-Way System of Screen and KioskSeparation of screen and kiosk screen that enables it to provide accurate information only.

  • Full TouchscreenEasy operation and usability; Improved user convenience with full touchscreen.
  • Convenient App Services — Simple QR login through the app—shot statistics service; store search service; swing video storage.
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