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Best Golf Swing Trainers 2021

We're Comparing Several of the Best Golf Swing Trainers and Golf Teaching Aids!

What do all the best golf swing trainers and teaching aids have in common? They work! Which is what most golfers want to know when they've got all the hype of the latest golf training aid flying at them like golf balls at a range picker. A swing trainer can be anything from a weighted shaft to a launch golf monitor or simulator. In this article we're highlighting several of the best golf swing trainers available, telling you how they work and can benefit your swing. Our PlayBetter list of best swing trainers for 2021 includes the Orange Whip vs the SuperSpeed system vs the TOUR STRIKER clubs vs the Swing Caddie SC300i vs the Garmin R10 launch monitor and simulator. We're also including the Eyeline 360 Mirror and the Impact Ball swing trainers because they can help you commit to improving your swing without a major monetary commitment!  

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What You Should Know About Golf Swing Trainers

Commitment Is Key

Some swing trainers require more commitment than others. It's best to know if a golf training aid requires you to perform drills or a program in order to get results. Before you spend your money, be sure you can spend the time!

Training Aids Are Not Magic

Golf swing trainers are not one size fits all. Training aids are designed to fix specific problems. As a consumer, you'll need to determine what you need to correct so that you can invest in the appropriate tool. Some training aids, however, like golf launch monitors, may help you understand the problem.

You Have Price Options

The cost of golf training aids can vary widely, and some of the best swing trainers can be surprisingly cheap.

Your Commitment to a Better Swing Starts Here.

SuperSpeed Golf Training System — Best Golf Swing Trainer for Distance

What Does the SuperSpeed Golf Training System Do?

The SuperSpeed golf swing training system promises to add a minimum 5% increase in speed to you swing, which translate to more yardage in your shot. It consists of three specifically weighted training clubs and online instruction that has golfers boasting higher swing speed in 4-6 weeks!

SuperSpeed Swing Trainer Cost

This golf swing training is at a mid-range price of $199.99. Considering the instruction that comes with it and the game-changing, stroke-shaving payoff you'll eventually receive—we like it! Plus, from time to time, you may be able to find a discounted SuperSpeed golf training system on the PlayBetter RePlay Golf Warehouse!

Commitment Factor

You have to work the program for this golf training aid, which offers nearly 2 years of online instruction. But the payoff is significant improvement in your swing efficiency. This commitment factor on this one is high, but so too are the results! After all, Phil Mickelson got results from it ... and we all know how that worked out for him!

The Orange Whip — Best Golf Swing Trainer for Swing Tempo

What Does the Orange Whip Swing Trainer Do?

The Orange Whip golf swing trainer will help you feel and learn golf swing motion by teaching you to swing in rhythm while maintaining your balance. The idea for the Orange Whip came from PGA pro, Jim Hackenberg, who was determined to find a way to convey the "feel" of the golf swing motion to his students. This highly effective swing training tool consists of three parts: a weighted orange ball, a counterweight, and a very flexible shaft. Get a thorough breakdown of this pro-loved golf training aid on our Orange Whip Golf article on the PlayBetter Blog.

Orange Whip Swing Trainer Cost

The Orange Whip golf training aid is available in four sizes:

Check the RePlay Golf Warehouse for used or open box Orange Whip swing trainers.

Commitment Factor

You can practice swinging the Orange Whip trainer at home, which lets you practice swinging freely without thinking about hitting in order to find that more effortless yet powerful swing. Your body learns to balance with the natural tempo that is promoted when swinging the weighted Orange Whip. If you want, you can really dial into your swing tempo by practicing drills created specifically for the Orange Whip by pro trainer and developer, Jim Hackenberg. It's also a great warmup when at the course, so you don't have to step up to that first shot stiff and cold.

The Swing Caddie SC300i — Best Golf Training Aid for Analyzing Your Swing

What Does the Swing Caddie SC300i Do?

Many swing trainers are intuitive and require that you already know what your issues are. But we also think of high-quality golf launch monitors as great swing trainers, as well. If you're the kind of person who learns by analyzing data and a can make adjustments accordingly, a launch monitor might be just your speed. Voice Caddie's personal golf launch monitor is one of the best we've come across, and it has a lot of super convenient features for someone who prefers to correct by understanding their swing. And more importantly, it's accurate. With the SC300i you get immediate multiple metrics for your shot right on the screen, including Carry/Total Distance, Smash Factor, Launch Angle, Swing Speed, Apex (Max Height) and Ball Speed. Get more details in our review of the SC300i or our Is the SC300i Also a Golf Swing Analyzer?

Swing Caddie SC300i Cost

The SC300i launch monitor a little higher end at $499.99, but it's a fun, unique, sleek golf gadget that can really help you dial into your golf swing if part of your learning process is understanding the metrics behind you shot.

Commitment Factor

You can use Voice Caddie's SC300i portable launch monitor for its metrics and for practicing shots in your garage, basement, yard, on the range, or on the course! The MySwingCaddie app provides loads of swing data in several different ways, allowing you to further study your swing long after you practice. The SC300i also provides video of your shot with data overlay that can be shared with a golf coach.

The Garmin Approach R10 — Best Golf Swing Trainer for Shot Shape

What Does the Garmin Approach R10 Do?

The real question is what does this portable golf launch monitor and simulator not do? Or what does it do that other launch monitors not do? The short answer is that it offers Club Path metrics for your shot shape. For more in-depth details about metrics and features, bounce over to our Garmin Approach R10 FAQs or our Approach R10 introduction article, where you can check out our golf launch monitor comparison table!

What Is Club Path?

Until the Approach R10, Club Path was a feature only offered in the most expensive launch monitor units—e.g., Ernest Sports ES16 Tour ($5,500) and OptiShot Ball Flight ($5,995). (The Garmin Approach R10 is only $600!)

Club Path is a metric that measures the direction of the movement of the club head at the moment of impact of the golf ball. "In to out" (for a right-hander) would result in a movement outward to the right at the moment of impact giving a positive club path. "Out to in" would move inward to the left, resulting in a negative club path.

Other factors to consider in your shot shape are face angle and angle of attack, which the Approach R10 also provides. With these Club Path metrics alone, one can see how the Garmin Approach R10 portable launch monitor will be changing the game for golfers—and the industry. No other golf launch monitor and simulator will help you dial into your swing to this degree for under $5,000.

Garmin Approach R10 Launch Monitor Cost

The Approach R10 portable launch monitor and home golf simulator is a steal at $599.99. No other launch monitor/simulator combo can offer you everything it does for even twice this amount!

Commitment Factor

Use the Garmin Approach R10 portable golf launch monitor for its many metrics and for practicing shots in your garage, basement, yard, on the range, or on the course! It includes game modes and challenges that certainly can help you improve and take stokes off you golf game. The R10 also provides video of your shot with data overlay that can be shared with a golf coach.

The TOUR STRIKER Clubs — Best Golf Swing Trainer for Striking the Ball

What Do the TOUR STRIKER Golf Training Clubs Do?

The TOUR STRIKER clubs promote solid ball contact, ensuring that the hands remain positioned in front of the club head at impact. A TOUR STRIKER training aid is designed to make it impossible to actually hit the ball properly unless you lead with your hands. So, you get immediate feedback if you don't do what the club demands. The grooves are way smaller and there is basically no hosel on the club.

TOUR STRIKER Golf Swing Training Club Cost

TOUR STRIKER Pro X 7 Iron — $129.99

TOUR STRIKER 7 Iron — $94.99

TOUR STRIKER Pitching Wedge — $94.00

Custom TOUR STRIKER 7 Iron — Starts at $129.99

Commitment Factor

It really depends on how much work you need in leading with your hands. If you have a lot of trouble in this area, it can be a fun challenge at first, but you might have to stick with it for a while to get consistent results. However, many pros and low handicappers who have developed their swing timing and speed may still like it because it can keep them from flipping on impact. This points to how the Tour Striker can be used for overhauling your ball striking or for fine tuning it.

The Custom Tour Stiker Training Club

The Impact Ball Golf Swing Trainer

This Impact Ball golf swing trainer helps to develop coordination between the arms, chest, and body without much restriction. The Impact Ball effectively corrects position, lowers handicaps, and boosts concentration to achieve consistent results and improve full swings!

The Eyeline 360 Mirror for Full Swing and Putting

The Eyeline Golf 360 mirror's convex shape shows a full view of your swing and stroke. Place it in front of you or between your feet in your putting stroke. You will see all your alignments, positions, and movements.

The PlayBetter Bottom Line on The Best Golf Swing Trainers

Sold out

Sold out

Sold out

Sold out

Sold out

Sold out

Tour Striker Pitching Wedge


We Recommend ...

The SuperSpeed Golf Swing Training System if you want to improve your shot distance.

The Orange Whip Trainer if want to improve your swing timing.

The Swing Caddie SC300i if you want to improve you swing by analyzing and understanding your swing data from a very accurate source.

The Eyeline Golf 360 MIrror for Full Swing and Putting if you want to improve your alignments, positions, and movement by observing your full swing or putt.

We Recommend ...

The Garmin Approach R10 Golf Launch Monitor and Simulator if you want to improve your shot shape with Club Path metrics, plus have fun and learn a lot more about your golf swing through video, ball flight metrics, games, challenges, and simulations on 42,000 real courses worldwide.

The Impact Ball Golf Swing Trainer if you want a simple and affordable way to develop coordination between your arms, chest, and body during your golf swing.

The Tour Striker Golf Training Clubs if want to learn to lead with your hands and stop flipping when striking the ball.

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