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PlayBetter Has Golf Simulators for Sale | Get a SkyTrak, Flightscope Mevo+, Garmin Approach R10, & Complete Simulator Packages

Want your own home golf setup? PlayBetter can help!

Serious about improving your golf skills? Practice and play at home with one of our affordable, fun, high-quality golf simulators perfect for the winter season or after work. Squeeze in a couple of rounds in under an hour on some of the best golf courses from around the world!

Whether you're looking for a standalone simulator, want to turn your basement or garage to a dedicated space for your indoor golf studio, or prefer to set up a Net Return golf hitting net in front of your flatscreen TV (only takes 5 minutes!) whenever you feel like it ... you can find everything you need right here on PlayBetter!

Choose Your Simulator

We have the best golf launch monitor/simulators—like SkyTrak, Garmin Approach R10, and FlightScope Mevo+—that can accommodate every budget. Each simulator offers a unique package of data performance parameters and simulator software options. Plus, all these simulators are portable, so you can take them outside or to the course whenever you want! To find out more and compare, click on the products or read some of our informative blogs below!

What Software Do You Want?

Each golf simulator offers different software options, and they all have specific platform compatibility. Knowing which software works with iOS, Android, and PC will be an important consideration in your purchase. Check out the products and blogs below to find out what you need to know!

What Are You Going to Hit Into?

At PlayBetter, we have complete golf simulator packages (minus the simulator unit) to accommodate various-sized spaces, enclosures with impact screens, and the best golf hitting net on the planet (seriously, it returns the ball to you and sets up in 5 minutes!). Check out your options below, and let us know if we can help!