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FlightScope Mevo+ Plus Portable Launch Monitor Alignment Stand

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Elevate your FlightScope Mevo+ or Mevo Plus golf launch monitor setup with this 3D-printed adjustable alignment & leveling stand.

Achieve pinpoint accuracy in your data collection by ensuring precise alignment and height adjustment. Crafted in the USA, this stand features an integrated clear polycarbonate sheet for added protection, and it's compatible with various tilt angles for optimal performance.

Please note that 3D printing may result in surface blemishes on the stand, and the Mevo Plus launch monitor is not included. Additionally, design updates may be present in the product you receive compared to the photos.

  • Easily set precise tilt angles (12°, 14°, 16°, or 18°) recommended by FlightScope and golf simulator software. Fine-tune further using the rear knob and a built-in bubble level.
  • A clear polycarbonate shield safeguards your Mevo Plus from golf ball hits, ensuring its safety.
  • Adjust your Mevo Plus height from 1/8" to 2" to match your hitting surface for better accuracy.
  • 3D-printed with PETG plastic for warp resistance, ideal for outdoor use even in hot weather.
  • Proudly designed and crafted in the United States, assuring quality and workmanship.
  • Mevo+ Plus Portable Launch Monitor Alignment Stand