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Stix Golf Wedge Set

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This premium Wedge Set features a breathtaking design, scratch-resistant quality, and precise lines

Versatile, high-loft wedges for your short game. Swing off the fairway, pitch, run, chip. Hit your way out of the sand and rough onto the green. Stix made these wedges with easy-to-swing graphite shafts for speed, flight, and spin. Looking for more? Shop Stix Complete Golf Sets


Gap Wedge (52° - Bounce: 10.5°)
The 52° gap wedge is your friend when a shot falls shorter and higher than what you’d hit with a pitching wedge — but when you don’t need all the loft of a sand wedge.

Sand Wedge (56° - Bounce: 11.5°)
Included in your kit is a 56° sand wedge, just what you need for a bunker shot. Take a smaller swing but get plenty of acceleration onto the green.

Lob Wedge (60° - Bounce: 10°)
Use the 60° lob wedge for short hits with maximum loft. Get a massive arc for shots over hazards and save a lot of shots around the green.

The shafts on Stix wedges are graphite and stiff flex. The wedges feature a black or silver finish with an extremely high level of durability and scratch resistance to keep your clubs looking sharp.


View full specs of Stix golf clubs here.

  • Black - Described as “beautiful, minimalist, modern”, each wedge is stunningly designed with a black finish that provides enhanced durability and scratch resistance.
  • Silver - The silver finish is made by brushing stainless steel for a polished “satin” look. It’s also highly functional. Satin finish hides fingerprints, scratches, and absorbs glare
  • Stix clubs deliver quality and performance on par with the big brands — without the premium markup.
  • Spend less time in the golf tech weeds and more time on the course with simple kit configuration.

3-Piece Wedge Set

  • Gap Wedge (52° - Bounce: 10.5°)
  • Sand Wedge (56° - Bounce: 11.5°)
  • Lob Wedge (60° - Bounce: 10°)

2-Piece Wedge Set

  • Gap Wedge (52° - Bounce: 10.5°)
  • Lob Wedge (60° - Bounce: 10°)

    Model: 840244308919