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Best Garmin Golf Watch for Women | 2023 Comparison

Best Garmin Golf Watch for Women | 2023 Comparison

Is there a perfect Garmin golf watch for women? We think so! See the Garmin Approach, Venu, and fenix GPS watches we recommend for ladies who love to golf!

Find the Best Garmin Golf GPS Watch for Women in the Golf Store on PlayBetter!

Compare These Garmin GPS Smartwatches for the Style and Features You're Looking for in a Ladies' GPS Golf Watch!

***Updated July 2023 to include new Garmin GPS watches***

Would you rather have an accurate, durable golf GPS watch or a sleek, lightweight one that fits your style as well as your wrist? Or just get a Garmin golf watch—and get all of the above and more!

In this article, we're focusing on the best Garmin golf watch for women. That means we're comparing golfing features, size, style, color, weight, and more!

We're confident that after seeing these watches up close and personal, you'll know which is the ladies' GPS golf watch for you! And you can find them all on the PlayBetter Golf Store!

Short on Time? Skip to the Table of Contents below or the Bottom Line at the end of the article.

Standard Features to Look For in a Women's Golf Watch

Distance to the Green, Please!

Get the data you need to make the perfect shot! Garmin golf watches for women offer accurate distances to the front, middle, and back of the green.

On- and Off-Course Style!

Because you want to look the part on and off the golf course. Garmin's sleek and lightweight GPS golf smartwatches come in a variety of styles and color palettes.

Preloaded Courses, of Course!

The Garmin Approach Golf GPS watch lineup comes with over 40,000 preloaded golf courses worldwide, as do many of their multisport GPS watches, including the new epix™ Pro and fēnix® 7 Pro series.

Accuracy or Bust!

Reviews have shown that Garmin golf GPS watches are very accurate. And features like Green View allow you to drag and drop the pin for greater accuracy.

Impress Me with Your Display!

How does a stunning AMOLED touchscreen sound? The Garmin Approach S70 (as well as epix Pro and fēnix 7 Pro) puts a brighter display on your wrist in more than one size now!

Are We Keeping Score Here?

Get the convenience of tracking your score on your wrist in all our lineups of women's golf watches from Garmin. 

Strictly Golf Watches for Her!

Woman from behind, torso up, after swinging on the golf course with a 42 mm Garmin Approach S70 golf GPS watch

Best Garmin Golf Watch for Women — The Approach S42

In the latest Approach golf GPS watch lineup, Garmin has designed the gorgeous Approach S42. We think it's the perfect golf watch for women, and once you get the skinny on this already popular smartwatch, we think you'll agree.

First, it has a sleek style, a slim form-factor for smaller wrists, and is lightweight but with a display size that is still substantial enough for a GPS watch, which needs to show you distances to the front, middle, and back of the green.

The display is a 1.2" sunlight-readable color touchscreen. This Garmin golf GPS watch only weighs 1.5 ounces compared to the 2.2 ounces of the 1.3" Approach S62 model.

Rose Gold Garmin Approach S42 Golf Smartwatch showing distances

Next, the Garmin Approach S42 does not skimp on golfing features! It comes loaded with:

  • 42,000 golf courses worldwide
  • Yardage to the front, middle, and back of the green
  • Digital scorecard
  • Custom targets
  • Stat tracking
  • AutoShot™ automatic shot tracking
  • Auto courseview updates
  • Green View with manual pin position
  • Hazards and course targets
  • Truswing™ compatibility
  • Round timer/odometer
  • Compatibility with automatic club tracking
  • Tournament legal

What else? Well, it wouldn't be a Garmin without some health-monitoring and fitness tracking. You can monitor your sleep, hydration, and women's health—menstrual cycle tracking and pregnancy. Also, keep track of your steps and set goals to keep you moving. Get some running and cycling profiles as well.

Finally, this Garmin golf watch is going to complement your wrist on and off the course. Wherever you are, you'll get smart notifications, weather, and calendar alerts. Battery life in smartwatch mode lasts up to 10 days, 15 hours with GPS. It comes in 3 color palettes: the rose gold bezel and light sand band is the most popular, followed by the silver bezel with white band, and the gunmetal with black band.

Best Garmin Golf GPS Watch for Women with an Edge — The Approach S62

White with black bezel Garmin Approach S62 golf GPS watch showing distances and the green on the display

The Approach S62 is the Garmin golf watch for the femme who wants an edge on the course. With a slightly bigger display, this GPS smartwatch for golfers has a larger but still comfy form-factor. It has all the brilliant features of the Approach S42 but with some premium oomph!

It does not have the gorgeous color palette options of the Approach S42, but it's still an ultra attractive wearable available in white or black.

In the features department, this watch levels up across the board! For golf features, the Garmin Approach S62 golf watch is loaded with all the S42 features we mentioned above plus:

  • PlaysLike Distances, which is like slope-adjusted distances that account for uphill/downhill slopes in the yardage.
  • Virtual Caddie that factors in wind speed and direction and suggests a club based on the distance you typically swing with that particular club.
  • Pinpointer shows you the direction on blind spots.
  • Wind and speed direction
  • Hazard View

With health and fitness, you get a whole lot more too! Like wrist-based heart rate, all-day stress, Body Battery™, Pulse Ox, and more. Garmin Pay™ and LiveTrack safety tracking are available, as well as music storage of 650 songs. Tracking features get a boost with calories burned, distance traveled, and intensity minutes. Plus a wealth of training features and sport profiles.  

You'll pay a little more and sacrifice a bit of sleekness and style on your wrist, but if you want that edge, the Approach S62 is worth it—100 percent!

Best Garmin Golf Watch for Woman with Bright AMOLED Display — The Approach S70

Gray 42 mm and black 47 mm Garmin Approach S70 golf watches side by side with distances and image of the green on the AMOLED screens

The new 2023 Garmin Approach S70 is going to be hard to beat when it comes to advanced golf features and best display.

This GPS watch puts a stunning AMOLED display on your wrist—that is eye-catching on and off the course. And now this flagship Garmin golf watch comes in two sizes: 42 mm (1.2” display) and 47 mm (1.4” display)—so even if you have a smaller wrist, you can also enjoy Garmin’s most robust golfing features.

Aside from the eye-catching display, there are some other noteworthy design improvements—the golf tech upgrades are where the Approach S70 really shines. Improved Virtual Caddie shows your shot dispersion data and suggests a club based on a variety of factors, including your historical swing data, elevation, wind speed, wind direction, layout of the hole, and more.

Enhanced PlaysLike Distance feature now factors in wind, temperature, and air pressure with a built-in barometer—for more accurate plays like distances.

Plan the best approach shot and sink the putt with green contour data—which shows you the green’s slope direction and severity on select courses (available with an active Garmin Golf™ app membership—$9.99 per month or $99.99 per year).

Garmin now brings over 43,000 preloaded full-color CourseView maps to life on its golf watches and handhelds!

Ladies will also love that this golf GPS watch puts the most health, fitness, and smart features at your fingertips. Get the best wrist-based heart rate monitor, Body Battery energy monitoring, advanced sleep tracking, loads of activity profiles, notifications, Garmin Pay™, on-watch music storage, and more!

The Garmin Approach S70 golf watch is for the woman who wants it all on her wrist!

Ladies' Garmin GPS Smartwatches with Golfing Features!

A woman in a gym adjusting her earbuds with a 42 mm Garmin Approach S70 on her wrist with Spotify app on the display

Garmin Fitness Watch as a Ladies' GPS Golf Watch — The Venu® 3/3S

The Garmin Venu 3/3S is one in the latest generation of the Venu multisport series popularly known for its vibrant AMOLED touchscreen, loads of fitness features—and its ability to make and take calls!

But what many may not know is that it has most of the golfing features of the Approach S42! And a ton of fitness and health-tracking features and sports apps for the woman with an active lifestyle who also loves to play golf!

The brilliant thing about this option as a ladies' golf GPS watch is that you get great value out of it on and off the course.

When paired with your compatible smartphone, you can enjoy the convenience of making and taking phone calls from your wrist with your new Venu 3 available in two sizes and several fresh color palettes.

The soft gold and ivory Garmin Venu 3S

Additionally, use your compatible smartphone's voice assistant to respond to text messages, ask questions, control compatible smart home devices, and more! Its touchscreen is a stunning AMOLED display that is even able to show on-screen animated workouts.

The health and training features are too many to list, but some definitely worth mentioning include:

  • Health Snapshot™ allows you to share a report of you health stats with a doctor, coach, trainer, or friend.
  • Fitness Age
  • Advanced sleep tracking
  • Women's health tracking
  • Garmin Coach
  • Advanced strength training

With 3 gorgeous color palettes, this Garmin GPS watch offers a lot of variety for a woman golfer.

The Garmin Outdoor Watch for Women Who Love Golf — The fēnix 7S Pro

Soft gold/light sand Garmin fenix 7S Pro Sapphire multisport GPS watch with hill splitter feature on the display 

The Garmin fēnix 7S Pro Solar multisport watch has a rugged yet sophisticated design for the woman who is always on the go, plays in all weather, and needs a watch that can keep up with her—and now it has a touchscreen!

It's a well-kept secret that most of Garmin's premium multisport watches have all the golfing features of at least the Approach S42 GPS golf watch!

For the woman who loves golf, leads an active lifestyle, and can't get enough outdoor recreation ... the fēnix 7S Pro premium outdoor watch can give her all the golf features, health-monitoring, fitness-tracking, and sport activity profiles she could want. Plus, it has ultra long, solar-charging battery life, so she can spend less time charging and more time doing!

Like the Approach S42 GPS golf watch, the fēnix 7S Pro has a beautiful 1.2" color sunlight-readable display—with a touchscreen. However, it's also tested to U.S. military standards for thermal, shock, and water resistance—so it's durable enough for the most extreme limits and adventures.

Because some women who love playing golf also like to push performance and endurance with a range of outdoor activities, this GPS multisport watch is loaded with safety and tracking features like group livetrack and incident detection; health-monitoring features like Body Battery and Women's Health for tracking menstrual cycles or pregnancy; sports profiles like surfing, backcountry skiing, and mountain biking; workout features for cardio, strength, yoga, and pilates; navigation tools such as point-to-point navigation, breadcrumb trail in real time, and preloaded topo, road, and trail maps ... and so much more!

This is the Garmin GPS premium multisport watch for women who love to golf—and anything else she feels like!

The Best Garmin Watch for Active Women Who Love Golf — The epix Pro

White with silver bezel 42 mm Garmin epix Pro (Gen 2) showing elevation on the display 

The Garmin epix Pro multisport GPS watch features a gorgeous touchscreen AMOLED display—and is now available in 3 sizes!

Smaller wrists can choose the epix Pro 42 mm with a 1.2” display—available in Standard and Sapphire models. Or opt for the 47 mm or 51 mm—for those who really want the real estate on that stunning screen!

It's a well-kept secret that most of Garmin's premium multisport watches have all the golfing features of the Approach S70 GPS golf watch. The epix Pro series watches are fully loaded with that fantastic Garmin golf tech!

For the woman who loves golf, is always on the go, and loves high-end training tools ... the epix Pro advanced GPS watch can give her all the golf features, health-monitoring, fitness-tracking, and sport activity she could want.

The PlayBetter Bottom Line on Garmin GPS Golf Watches for Women

Choose the Garmin Approach S42 if you want the more affordable Garmin golf watch for women with golfing features on the course, gorgeous style on your wrist, and everyday smart features—wherever you are!

You should choose the Garmin Approach S62 if you want a fully loaded golf watch with a larger display—plus a few more smartwatch and fitness features than the S42. This is also your target budget if you want the best but don’t want to drop over $600 on a golf watch.

You should choose the Garmin Approach S70 if you've got the budget for the best watch in golf. This golf watch is stunning in every way for women who demand premium golf features and want health and fitness tracking—all in an everyday smartwatch. 

You should choose the Garmin Venu 3/3S if you want a golf watch if you're willing to trade a few of the premium golf features for a watch with a speaker and a mic that allows you to use your smartphone through it. 

You should choose the Garmin fēnix 7s Pro if you want a golf watch in a very durable and sophisticated outdoor training smartwatch. It's the watch that does everything for the woman who does everything.  

You should choose the Garmin epix pro if you want a premium golf watch inside a premium multisport GPS watch with an AMOLED display—a brilliant-in-every-way watch for women who like the best on their wrist!

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