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Bushnell Launch Pro Update: Price, Data, & Subscription Changes

Bushnell Launch Pro Update: Price, Data, & Subscription Changes

Bushnell changed it up again, offering a less expensive entry point into owning a Launch Pro golf launch monitor, plus more simulation in a more affordable, streamlined software package! We share all the details below!

Two Data Options. Streamlined Software Package. More Simulation. Same Outstanding Foresight Technology.

Why did Bushnell change up the purchase configuration of the Launch Pro launch monitor and—for the third time now—their software subscription packaging? 

Word on the street is that they listened to customer feedback.

Some golfers wanted to own this top-shelf launch monitor but didn’t feel they needed all the stuff right away. Not everyone wants club metrics. And sometimes, it can take a minute to build a home golf simulator. (Although … PlayBetter does have high-quality, complete golf simulator packages that take less than an hour for one person to assemble. We even have one bundled with a Launch Pro—you should definitely check these SimStudios out!) 

Okay, enough of the sales pitch and back to the matter at hand—the new Launch Pro options.

Well, let’s start with how you buy the actual golf launch monitor now. You have two options with vastly different price points. 

The Ball Data Only Launch Pro $1,999.99 — A Less Expensive Entry Point

At $2,000, the Ball Data Only option is a whopping $1,500 less than the previous single option that included some club data and unlocked more with purchase of a subscription plan.

Now, what each launch monitor measures is no longer tied to any subscription plan. 

If you purchase the Ball Data Only model—it is a straight golf launch monitor that measures the following ball and launch metrics:

  • Carry Distance
  • Ball Speed
  • Total Spin
  • Horizontal Launch Angle
  • Vertical Launch Angle
  • Back Spin
  • Side Spin
  • Spin Tilt Axis
  • Includes Barometer

Without the software package (more on that in a minute), the Launch Pro functions as a golf launch monitor with numbers on the unit’s display only—no online or on-screen readouts on devices. It’s just you and the machine. 

List of data available with both the Ball Only Launch Pro and the Ball and Club Enabled Launch Pro

The Ball & Club Data Launch Pro $3,499.99 — Gimme My Club Data!

It used to be that you could only get club data on a personal launch monitor at much higher price points. And even with the previous Launch Pro, at this same price—$3,500—you didn’t get all of the club metrics with the Launch Pro until you purchased a subscription.

With this Launch Pro option, you’ll get all the ball metrics listed above, the barometer, plus, when you use one of the included club stickers, it will measure:

  • Club Head Speed*
  • Smash Factor
  • Club Path*
  • Angle of Attack*

This version also functions strictly as a golf launch monitor until you purchase the Gold software package for $499/year—about which we are giving you all the details below!

Other than the pre-programmed data configuration, these units are exactly the same and they are identical to the previous Launch Pro units. They’re just configured differently in what they can do in order to serve two budget tiers. 

*Requires Club Stickers (included with purchase)

The Cool Thing Whichever Launch Pro Configuration You Choose

Both of these Bushnell Launch Pro configurations—the Ball Data Only or the Ball & Club Data—come with a 14-day free trial of the Gold software package.

This lets you test-drive simulation with access to FSX Play, FSX2020, 25 top-rated courses, and access to third-party software.

MOREOVER, if you decide to ease in with the Ball Data Only Launch Pro, you get a 14-day free trial of the club data as well. If within that free trial you decide you want the club metrics, you can upgrade for $1,499.99. However, if you update after the 14-day trial is up, it will cost you $1,749.00 more. So basically, $250 more to take as much time as you want to decide if the club data is a necessity. But cool that Bushnell lets you take it for a spin!

Golfer in a PlayBetter SimStudio complete golf simulator with a projector and Launch Pro in the foreground

PlayBetter Bushnell Launch Pro SimStudio

Even Cooler — A Streamlined (Less Expensive) Software Package with More Simulation Options!

So, you may or may not recall, since its release, Bushnell has offered a couple of subscription plan variations for the Launch Pro. 

First it was the Basic, Silver, and Gold plans. Or you could unlock it to make it virtually the same as a GC3. Then they reduced the plans to just Basic and Gold—and fiddled with the features that came with each package.

It could be a bit confusing. Now, it’s just one simple package.

In partnership with Foresight Sports, Bushnell has streamlined the software package for the Launch Pro to a single Gold software package. And instead of $699/year, it is now a $499 annual subscription—and it has gotten so much better!

Now, with your purchase of a Bushnell Launch Pro and the Gold software package, you will have access to FSX Play, FSX2020, 25 top courses, save sessions, create players, record unlimited unique clubs, track rounds, online game play and contests, 3D ball flight, and more! You will also have FSX Pro for iPad.

You will also have access to these third-party simulation software options:

  • Awesome Golf (auto-included with your NEW Gold software package) 
  • GSPro ($250 add-on)
  • Creative Golf ( Includes Creative 3D, Golfisimo, and Course Library; $1,200 add-on)
  • E6 Connect (Coming soon)
  • Swing Catalyst ($149 add-on)

These third-party simulation options can only run if you have FSX Play/FSX2020—which are included with a Gold software purchase.

NOTE: If you have an older version of the Gold Package, you can add Awesome Golf and GSPro for $250 each.


Whether you prefer a simple setup in your garage or a fully customized indoor simulator room, the Launch Pro is the perfect solution for your home golf simulator studio. 

Notes: Gaming PC & TV/Projector are needed for simulation. Launch Pro software currently only works in the United States.

25 Golf Courses with Bushnell Launch Pro Gold Software Package

  1. Beaver Hills Country Club (2020/Play)
  2. Blue Bayou (2020/Play)
  3. Butterfield Country Club - Blue/Red (2020/Play)
  4. Broken Tree Golf Course (2020/Play)
  5. Linfield National Golf Club (2020/Play)
  6. Willow Crest Golf Club (2020/Play)
  7. Tall Pines Golf Club (2020/Play)
  8. Teton Pines (2020/Play)
  9. The Farms Golf Club (2020/Play)
  10. Kinsale Golf & Fitness Club (2020/Play)
  11. Awbrey Glen Golf Course (Play Only)
  12. Barren Boulders Executive (Play Only)
  13. Black Rock Golf Course (Play Only)
  14. Detroit Country Club (Pine to Palm) (Play Only)
  15. Glen Flora Country Club (Play Only)
  16. Greencastle Golf Club (Play Only)
  17. Meadowbrook Country Club (Play Only)
  18. Mill Creek (Play Only)
  19. Potter's Park Golf Course (Play Only)
  20. Prairie Bluff Golf Club (Play Only)
  21. Sunnyside Golf & Country Club (Play Only
  22. The Bedens Brook Club (Play Only)
  23. Twin Run Golf Course (Play Only)
  24. Wellington National Golf Club (Play Only)
  25. Tropical Paradise Executive (Play Only)

Let’s Recap on the Bushnell Launch Pro Golf Launch Monitor  Update

Bushnell Launch Pro at the golf range with a pyramid of golf balls

Your options are:

  • Get a strictly golf launch monitor Launch Pro with Ball Data Only configured for $1,999.99. (Comes with a 14-day free trial of the Gold software package and the club data upgrade.)
  • Get a strictly golf launch monitor Launch Pro with Ball & Club Data configured for $3,499.99. (Comes with a 14-day free trial of the Gold software package.)
  • Add simulation capability by purchasing the Gold software package. Once your free trial is up, until you purchase a Gold software package for $499/year, you will not have any simulation or online connection with the unit. It will only function as a launch monitor (except for during the free 14-day trial).

Hopefully, this cleared things up, but if you have any questions about the new Bushnell Launch Pro configurations or prices—or any other golf gadget-related questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

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