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Bushnell Pro X3 Review | Best Golf Rangefinder of 2022?

Meet Gabe from Let's Play Thru — Our Go-To Golf Guy!

Very soon, our partner, Gabe, at Let's Play Thru is going to launch his Bushnell Pro X3 review—and we're super-excited to get his feedback.

When it comes to rangefinders, golf watches, launch monitors, Gabe from Let's Play Thru is our go-to guy.

Until his video review drops, we're discussing the features in this 2022 Bushnell golf rangefinder and bringing back the Pro XE review as a placeholder, since the Pro X3 is basically the same product amplified by some cool new features.

Full disclosure, we do sponsor many of Gabe's videos, and he is one of our affiliate partners. But as you can see for yourself, he is not a promotional puppet for our products. He gives his honest opinions along with those special touches of insights only an experienced golfer and product reviewer can offer.

And we think his video production is pretty freaking slick, as well!

Subscribe to his YouTube channel, Let's Play Thru, to know when the Pro X3 and loads of other golf reviews roll out!

COMING SOON! Bushnell Pro X3 Review from Gabe at Let's Play Thru!

Check Out His Bushnell Pro XE Review for Now

Bushnell Pro X3 New Features

Okay, so what's new on the Bushnell Pro X3 golf rangefinder?

Well, let's begin with a list of what you do get, which is everything you got on Bushnell's previous flagship rangefinder, the Pro XE:

  • Pinseeker with Visual Jolt
  • Integrated BITE magnectic cart mount
  • IPX7 fully waterproof
  • Rubber armored metal housing
  • Proven accuracy, speed, and power with a 600-yard range to a flag
  • 7X magnification
  • Bluetooth connectivity to mobile app
  • Legal for tournament play (when slope mode is disabled)

You couldn't ask for more, right? Turns out you can. To this already high-end feature list, Bushnell packs three new features into the Pro X3, which include:

  • Home Elevation, which lets you factor in the elevation where you play golf the most when getting your slope-adjusted distances with Bushnell's Elements technology.
  • A new Dual Display that gives you the option to toggle between a bright orange or crisp black display setting in the viewfinder.
  • Finally, a new locking mechanism in the slope switch (now on the the front top of the device) keeps you tournament legal when you need it.

Bushnell Pro X3 Price

Anybody who is familiar knows that Bushnell Golf gadgets don't come cheap. They dominate the rangefinder space in the market, arguably so with their proven accuracy and build quality—and it doesn't hurt that it's the brand you see most often in the hands of pros.

So, you might expect this new top-of-the-line Bushnell slope rangefinder with enhanced features to have an enhanced price tag as well, right?


The Pro X3 is only $50 more than the Pro XE.

Bushnell Pro X3 Price: $599.99

Still on the high-end, yes. But if you want to forego a few features, you can still get a damn-fine rangefinder with the mid-range priced Bushnell Tour V5 series.

Home Elevation Added to Bushnell's Patented Slope Technology

Want a golf laser rangefinder that knows where you live? Like the elevation of where you live?

With the new Home Elevation feature on the new Bushnell Pro X3, you can get Slope with Elements compensated distances (factoring in temperature and barometric pressure) with the elevation of your main golf course automatically accounted for.

Does this technology work? If you've ever used a Pro XE, you know that the optics are incredible and the accuracy is as good as it gets.

If you watch Gabe's Bushnell Pro XE review above, you'll see him use it and say that it is spot on, over and over again.

Now, we can't wait to hear what he has to say about the Pro X3 with this new addition to Bushnell's patented slope technology. Stay tuned!

What's New in the Pro X3 Viewfinder

With this next-generation Bushnell golf rangefinder, they took the display experience next-level with the new Dual Display feature.

Whether you're out the links on an ideally bright day or trying to get a round in under an ominous sky before the storm arrives, if you've got a high-end rangefinder in your hand, you want the best view possible.

Now you can toggle between two displays in the viewfinder of the Pro X3 to see your target and get your yardages how you prefer.

With already superior optics and 7X magnification, now you get to choose the easiest view when ranging the flag.

Is It the Best Golf Rangefinder for Tournament Legal Play?

One question we see a lot with golf rangefinders is "Is it tournament legal?"

Most quality slope rangefinders have a switch that will quickly turn it off and on with either an LED light or a bright color that indicates that slope is disabled when it needs to be for tournament play.

With the Pro X3, Bushnell has relocated the slope switch from the side of the device to the top front—and it has a locking mechanism now for no sloppy mistakes.

If you play in a lot of tournaments, this might be your rangefinder jam right here.

Who's This Bushnell Golf Laser Rangefinder For?

Well, we'd say, you've got to love high-end golf tech. You like how it feels in your hand, you like how the technology is as good as it gets, you like that it's used by the pros, and you don't mind paying for it.

If you fall into that category, the 2022 Bushnell Pro X3 is bound to be a great choice for you. Bushnell Golf products have been around a long time serving pros and average golfers alike.

If you like what you see here but are on the fence about the cost, you might consider purchasing it with the Affirm option on PlayBetter. You can get it now for 3 interest-free payments of $200, 6 interest-free payments of $100, or 12 $55 monthly payments with only around $50 interest tacked on.

Or, check out some of our other excellent, more affodable golf rangefinders on PlayBetter where you'll get free 2-day shipping and free 60-day returns—no questions asked!

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