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Bushnell Wingman Review | Best Golf Cart Bluetooth Speaker

We Review the Bushnell Wingman GPS Golf Speaker. Let's Rock!

Why are we reviewing the Bushnell Wingman golf bluetooth speaker? Well ... Want to listen to your favorite tunes or podcasts anywhere—including on the golf course? Want super accurate distances to the green and hazards? Want this golf speaker to magnetically stick to your golf cart and announce GPS distances and more?

Thought so. In this article, we're going over all the remarkable features this unique golf GPS speaker offers and what you can do with it—all for the super low price of $149.99! There's really no reason not to have one. It cost less than many bluetooth speakers, offers more convenience, and gives you golf yardage and more on the course!

After our partner Gabe at Let's Play Thru was finished reviewing the wingman (see video), he was sold. We're confident that after you check it out, you will be too.

If you're a golfer, there's really no reason not to buy a Bushnell Wingman!

Bushnell Golf Wingman Features — Quick and Dirty Facts

It's a Bluetooth Speaker!

It's an Audible Golf GPS!

Get Accurate Distances with the Wingman!

This GPS Speaker Is Super-Simple to Use!

Wingman's Magnet Easily Mounts to Your Golf Cart!

This Golf Speaker Comes with an Easy-to-Carry Remote!

Get 2 Wingmans & Get Stereo!

You Can Customize This GPS Speaker!

Get Your Golf Soundtrack with a Wingman Magnetic
Speaker for Your Golf Cart

What Can You Do with the Bushnell Wingman?

It's a Golf Cart Bluetooth Speaker

Ever wanted to listen to your tunes or tune in to your favorite podcaster while knocking out a round of golf? The folks at Bushnell have got you covered with the Wingman golf GPS speaker, and man does it have some sound quality! Our partner and reviewer Gabe at Let's Play Thru gives it a definite thumbs up, reporting that it has nice bass with sound that's not too overpowering, not too muddy, and nicely balanced. He said it's as solid as his stereo at home. But it's a Bushnell Golf gadget ... we expected as much!

The Wingman Is Also an Audible Golf GPS!

That's right, not only does this speaker add music to your time on the course, it adds precision to your shots as a golf GPS handheld. Paired with the Bushnell Golf app, your course pops up on the app. Once you select your golf course and roll up to the tee box, simply push the button on the remote once, and the Wingman tells you how far to the front center and back of the green and gives you an overview of what hazards you have out in front of you. Then it will auto advance to the each successive hole and give you distances automatically as you approach the tee box.

The Results Are In! The Wingman Is Accurate!

In his review, Gabe found that "the distances are dead on." Again, it's what you'd expect from Bushnell Golf. But we had to see it for ourselves, considering how unique, fun, casual-seeming, and AFFORDABLE, this GPS speaker is.

Since the Wingman golf speaker is used through the free Bushnell Golf app, it's easy to see how this GPS is so precise. As with their other GPS products, the app offers:

  • Access to over 36,000+ professionally mapped golf courses worldwide. Front, center, back distances to the green, custom points and full-color 3D flyovers and graphic layouts of each hole plus shot distance and scorecard tracking.
  • Track your golf scores by entering your score on the golf course while you are playing, and the score will register on the app.
  • Get wireless updates of golf courses on your compatible GPS devices through a Bluetooth connection on your phone.
  • Analyze your swing speed and tempo using the Swing Pro feature on your Bushnell Golf device.
  • Provides daily syncing of steps to your mobile phone, allowing daily progress tracking.

All this for $150. Wow!

The Bushnell Golf Wingman Is Easy to Use!

In his review, Gabe found it super easy and convenient to use. Here's the gist of it:

  1. First, fully charge your Wingman. (A full charge lasts about 10 hours.)
  2. This is cool! The “OUT” micro USB port can be used to recharge your phone if necessary while away from other power sources.
  3. Hold the Power button on the Wingman until the startup sound is heard and Indicator Ring flashes orange.
  4. Make sure the Wingman is within 10meters/32 feet from your mobile device. Activate Bluetooth® on your smartphone and select Wingman to pair (Indicator Ring stops flashing when paired with phone). Once paired, music played on your phone will be heard on the Wingman. The Wingman can memorize up to 8 paired devices. The Wingman will shut off after 15 minutes in pairing mode if no devices have been paired, as a power saving feature.
  5. Use the big fat Plus and Minus buttons to adjust speaker volume up or down. Press the Play button to pause music, press again to resume. Press and hold the Plus button to advance to the next track. Press and Hold the Minus button to start a track over from the beginning.
  6. The Wingman has a microphone which allows you to take incoming calls. To answer an incoming call, press the Play button. To reject an incoming call, Press and hold the Play button. To end a call, press Play. To redial the last called number, press and hold the Play button.

BITE Magnetic Mount for Convenience!

So another cool thing about many Bushnell Golf products, like their rangefinders, is that they use BITE magnetic mount technology. And the Wingman speaker is no exception. This allows you to easy stick your speaker onto the cart and pull it off whenever you want. So you're probably wondering (we did), does it stay put? According to Gabe, it has "a nice firm seal that's not going anywhere." Music to our ears!

There's also a removable clip on bottom of the device where you can pull out a strap you can use to hand the Wingman from your golf bag, or anything else.

As an aside, the Bushnell speaker is also water resistant with a water rating of IPX6 water rating, meaning it can take splashes and rain, but shouldn't be submerged.

You Get an Easy-to-Carry Remote!

Bushnell made it ultra easy to use and store your golf GPS speaker remote. Simply push the button on the detachable remote to get audible front, center, and back distances from 36,000+ courses worldwide through the Wingman.

Imagine walking up to the tee box at your golf course, while your favorite playlist plays, hitting a simple remote button, and getting accurate audible GPS from the speaker on your golf cart or golf club bag. For $149.99, you won't have to imagine it anymore.

The Bushnell Wingman has a CR2032 Li-metal non-rechargeable “coin cell” battery. And if you should lose your remote, you can replace it for $14.99. 

Get 2 Wingman Speakers & Get Stereo Sound!

One Bushnell Wingman will get you all the awesomeness you've see so far. Two of them will get you all that in stereo. That's right, buy two Bushnell golf speakers, and Wingman’s TWS technology enables you to use the two Wingman speakers paired via Bluetooth to create a wireless dual channel system, delivering true stereo sound. Setup is easy and you'll have stereo on the golf course, at work, on the beach—wherever you go!

And when you buy with PlayBetter, you can get our protective neoprene pouch for only $10 more! So you can take your speakers with you everywhere.

Customize Your GPS Speaker!

The Wingman offers even more fun and entertainment by letting you personalize your golf experience!

You can change the voice in settings, choose sound effects, or create custom messages for when you miss or do well.

When you press and hold the remote, the Wingman will play the set sound effect, which can be a custom message, golf clap, or applause. You can even create a custom message for when you complete the course or miss the ball.

Sold out

The PlayBetter Bottom Line on the Wingman Speaker

We highly recommend this one-of-a-kind GPS golf speaker!

Not only is it a high-quality bluetooth speaker you can use to listen to your favorite music or podcast anywhere, it gives you audible GPS distances to the green and to hazards on the golf course.

It's got a convenient remote and magnet for your golf cart, and is super easy to setup and use!

And for the freaky low price of $149.99, it's a no-brainer and makes a great gift for any golfer!

Check out our very reasonable Wingman bundles on the PlayBetter Golf Store today!

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