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Garmin Approach R10 FAQs | Golf Launch Monitor and Simulator Answers!

Everything You Want to Know About the Garmin Approach R10 and More!

You've got questions, so we've created this post of Garmin Approach R10 FAQs! We get it—before you drop $600 on a golf launch monitor and simulator, even if it is priced WAY lower that the competition, you've got a few questions first! We hope our R10 FAQ will help you on your path to buying the right launch monitor, home golf simulator, swing trainer ... whatever makes most sense to help you play better. So, browse through this PlayBetter FAQ and get to know the Approach R10 portable launch monitor. If you like, bounce over to PlayBetter's Garmin Approach R10 comparison table, and see the price, metrics, and features side-by-side with other launch monitors and home golf simulators. And lastly, feel free to leave any questions in comments, and we will answer and put them in the mix!


Garmin Approach R10 Unit and Setup Questions

What's in the Approach R10 box?

Approach R10 Launch Monitor Only

  • Approach R10 Launch Monitor
  • Tripod Stand
  • Phone Mount
  • Carry Case
  • microUSB Cable
  • Documentation

Model: 010-02356-00


Approach R10 Portable Charger & Large Case Bundle also includes

  • PlayBetter 5000mAh Portable Charger
  • PlayBetter Car/Wall USB Charging Adapters

Approach R10 Gift Box Bundle also includes

*Packed in our stunning PlayBetter Black Gift Box with Red Ribbon*

  • PlayBetter Car/Wall USB Charging Adapters
  • PlayBetter 5000mAh Portable Charger

How big is the R10 device?

3.5" x 2.8" x 1" (88.5 x 70.25 x 25 mm) without tripod—about the size of a deck of cards.

How difficult is the Approach R10 to set up? 

It's 3 super easy steps!

  1. Ensure the tripod mount is free of any debris.
  2. Insert the top of the tripod mount into the back of the device. The tripod mount is magnetic and holds the device in place. NOTE: The tripod mount can only be installed one way. If it is not fully seated in the back of the device, you have installed it using the wrong orientation.
  3. Open the tripod legs so they are fully extended.

Do I need a mobile device to use the Garmin Approach R10?

Yes, you need a mobile device to use the Approach R10. You will need to download the Garmin Golf App from either the App Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android).

How do I pair my smartphone with the R10 launch monitor?

To use this device, you must pair it with the Garmin Golf app.

  1. From the app store on your smartphone, install and open the Garmin Golf app.
  2. Bring your smartphone near your device.
  3. Press the button to turn on your device.

    The first time you turn on the device, it automatically enters pairing mode, and the status LED is solid blue.

    TIP: You can hold the button while the device is off until the status LED turns solid blue to manually enter pairing mode.
  4. From the menu in the app, select Garmin Devices > Add Device, and follow the on-screen instructions.

How much space is required to use the Approach R10 indoors & outdoors?

You'll need to place the unit 6-8' behind you and allow for 8'+ of space in front for ball flight measurements. NOTE: If you are using a golf mat, make sure the bottom edge of the device sits above the mat.

Is this device picky on how high it is off the floor?

The tripod should be on a level, stable surface and on the same surface as the ball. If you are using a golf mat, make sure the bottom edge of the device sits above the mat.

Can the Garmin Approach R10 be used by right-handed or left-handed golfers?

Yes! It can be used by right-handed and left-handed golfers.

How does the Garmin Approach R10 connect to my device?

The Approach R10 golf launch monitor uses Bluetooth to connect.

Does the R10 also measure in metric?

Yes, the units can be changed from Imperial to Metric.

How do I know how much battery power I have?

You can view the remaining battery power of the device when it is connected to the Garmin Golf app.

Can I use the device radar features while the device is charging?


Can I view the remaining battery power of the R10 during a simulator session?


Can the Garmin Approach R10 be used with multiple players?

Yes! The Approach R10 can be used in multi-player mode with up to 4 players.

How do I use the phone mount?

You can use the phone mount and bag clip to attach your paired smartphone to your golf bag for convenient viewing and interaction with the Garmin Golf app. The phone mount is compatible with smartphones in portrait view with widths between 58 mm (2.3 in.) and 90 mm (3.5 in.). The phone mount should only be attached when your golf bag is stationary.

How it works:

  1. Insert the bag clip ball mount into the back of the phone mount until it clicks into place.
  2. Pull the adjustable side of the phone mount outward.
  3. Position your smartphone within the phone mount.
  4. Release the adjustable side of the phone mount to secure your smartphone in place.
  5. Clip the bag clip to the top of your golf bag.
    NOTE: Your smartphone should sit below the top of the bag to avoid making contact with your golf clubs.

How much battery life does the Approach R10 provide?

The R10 golf launch monitor and simulator has 10 hours of battery runtime.

Questions About the Garmin Golf App and the R10

What is the Garmin Golf app for?

The Garmin Golf app allows you to view detailed statistics and shot analyses that are recorded on your Approach device.

Can I view the Garmin Golf app content on a larger display?

For viewing on a larger display, you can mirror the Garmin Golf app to a compatible smart TV using the screen mirroring function on your smartphone.

Can I play on virtual golf courses in the Garmin Golf app?

With a Garmin Golf subscription, golfers can compete with each other at over 42,000 virtual courses with Home Tee Hero simulator and participate in a weekly virtual tournament. The subscription can be purchased through the app.

How much is a Garmin Golf premium app subscription?

It's very reasonable. Monthly: $9.99. Annually: $99.99

What do you get with the Garmin Golf app subscription?

  • Upload scorecards from a compatible device
  • Review shot history from a compatible device
  • Review performance stats
  • Participate in weekly leaderboards
  • Create tournaments
  • Save driving range sessions from a compatible device
  • 30-day Garmin Golf membership trial
  • Home Tee Hero virtual rounds on 42,000+ courses
  • Store video clips of your shots in the cloud
  • Subscription is only available for Approach R10 customers

Is the subscription only available for Approach R10 customers?

Yes. Subscription for premium app features is only available for Approach R10 customers.

Do I get a free premium app subscription trial with my R10 purchase?

Yes. You get a 30-day Garmin Golf membership trial with your Approach R10 launch monitor.

Using the Approach R10 Golf Launch Monitor

Is the Garmin Approach R10 accurate?

The Approach R10 is accurate to +/- 5 yards. We'll have more comparison data vs SkyTrak, Flightscope Mevo, Swing Caddie SC300i and more from Lets Play Thru soon!

What kind of technology does the Approach R10 use to measure shots?

3-Receiver Doppler Radar Technology

Does the R10  give voice feedback on the range? How quickly does it give audible feedback?

Yes! The Approach R10 provides voice feedback and it happens within about 1 second of the shot.

Will the Garmin Approach R10 show shot shape when used indoors?

Yes! The Approach R10 will absolutely show shot shape when used indoors on a net or impact screen.

Can I use foam balls with the Garmin Approach R10? Do I have to use markings or stickers on the ball with the Approach R10?

No on both accounts. You cannot use foam balls with the Approach R10 (you must use regular golf balls) and you do not need to have any markings on the ball.

Does the R10 give club head data? Swing path & attack angel?

Yes! It gives the following:

  • Club head speed (+/- 3mph)
  • Club path (+/- 2 degrees)
  • Angle of attack (+/- 1 degree)

And it gives club face angle (+/- 2 degrees) from calculations drawn from metrics taken.

For all other metrics, how the R10 provides them, and a comparison table feel free to check out our Garmin Approach R10 article.

Does Garmin Approach R10 golf launch monitor measure angle of attack or does is estimate?

It measures it! For all other metrics, how the R10 provides them, and a comparison table feel free to check out our Garmin Approach R10 article.

How easy it is to switch between clubs? Or does the R10 recognize clubs automatically?

It's VERY easy. One button press to bring up the selector and one to choose the club. The unit does not have a camera, so it will not autodetect clubs. The camera used is the one on the mobile device you pair the unit to.

Can you use this portable golf launch monitor as a swing speed radar?

No. A ball needs to be used since it's a Doppler-based unit.

Am I able to customize club lofts?

No. In simulation mode it doesn't even ask what club you're hitting. On the range you can specify, but more for your own data.

Is there a delay after you hit before you see the shot ?

Very minimal. Nearly instantaneous, according to our friend Gabe at Let's Play Thru!

Does the Approach R10 measure Spin Rate and Spin Axis?

No, the R10 does not measure Spin Rate and Spin Axis, but it does estimate it from the metrics it does measure. For all other metrics, how the R10 provides them, and a comparison table feel free to check out our Garmin Approach R10 article.

Can the R10 launch monitor overlay a shot tracer onto your video?

No, it cannot.

Does the R10 provide lateral dispersion in range mode for several shots?

Yes, you can see an overview of the dispersion. Then you can bounce into each shot and see that data. It's really useful.

Can I record my swings with the R10 paired with my phone and the Garmin Golf app?

Yes! See and analyze your own swing with automatically recorded video clips that feature your real stats overlaid on each shot.

What kind of camera angle setup do you need with the R10?

The nice thing about the Garmin Approach R10 is that it does not have a camera, it uses your device that it is paired to through the Garmin Golf app, and you can set it up wherever you like to record your swings, or wherever your coach may want if you share data.

Do  Almost Golf Balls work with the Approach R10 personal launch monitor? 

We had our partner Gabe at Let's Play Thru! test it out and he found that while the device will pick them up, distances will be considerably lower than actual golf balls, just like real life.

Can you project app to a screen or HDTV?

While there are no outputs built into the unit, you can mirror the app. You can also use a projector when running the e6 Connect software on a laptop or desktop computer.

Is there a native iPad app and can it do landscape mode?

At this time (August 2021) there is no native iPad app.

Using the R10 Golf Simulator Features

What simulator software is compatible with the Approach R10?

  • Garmin Golf App (native)
  • TruGolf E6

What is Home Tee Hero?

The Home Tee Hero mode allows you to play a virtual round of golf at a course rendered with 3D technology. There are over 42,000 courses available. It is a simulator feature included in the Garmin Golf app subscription.

What is Driving Range Mode?

The Driving Range mode allows you to practice on a virtual driving range, and provides detailed metrics for every shot. It is a simulator feature included in the Garmin Golf app subscription.

What is Weekly Tournament?

You can compete in a virtual tournament against other golfers around the world on different courses each week. You can play in each weekly tournament as many times as you want. All scores are posted on the leaderboard. It is a simulator feature included in the Garmin Golf app subscription.

Do I get TruGolf E6 Connect through the Garmin Golf app?

The E6 CONNECT library of content is available to you via Approach R10. Easily play their photorealistic courses whenever you want. Works with PC and iOS versions. Get started with five free courses on the iOS version. Visit the E6 CONNECT website for more details.

  1. In the Garmin Golf app, select Golf Sim > TruGolf E6 Connect > Play on iOS.
  2. Follow the on-screen instructions.

You can view all of your recorded shots in detailed, high-definition graphics on your E6 Connect software. Go to for more information about purchasing a subscription, downloading the desktop application, and installing the mobile app on your compatible smartphone.

Is E6 Connect only available for R10 paired with iOS device?

Currently you can only use the E6 simulation with an iOS device or on your PC, but not Android devices.

Is E6Connect subscription-based?

Subscription is not mandatory on E6 Connect, but what you can do for free is limited.

Does the Approach R10 come with a subscription to TruGolf E6 Connect?

Currently, the Garmin Approach is expected to come with a free 5-course E6 Connect bundle for iOS devices and your PC, but not Android phones.

Can you set up the Garmin Approach R10 simulator with a projector?

With E6 you can for sure. With Garmin, you'll need to mirror it with Airplay or the Android equivalent.

Can the R10 be connected to a flat screen TV?

Yes, you could screen mirror. And with E6 Connect you'll be able to project.

Does putting work when using the R10 in a course simulation?

No. Once you hit the green, there's no putting out and you move on to the next hole.

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