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New Rapsodo MLM2PRO with Golf Simulation

Rapsodo announces new MLM2PRO™ with golf simulation at 2023 PGA Show. Now for iOS and Android.

A Very Different Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor

The Rapsodo MLM2PRO™ was announced on January 25 while making its official debut at the 2023 PGA show in Orlando, with availability this spring.

Many of you may know the original Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor (MLM), an iOS-only golf gadget, designed using radar technology and machine learning allowing golfers to analyze their swing by monitoring metrics like distance, ball speed, smash factor with data visualization, club gapping, shot dispersion, and more.

This original personal golf launch monitor was a favorite among My Golf Spy and Golf Digest lists. Now, the new MLM2PRO™ is the official personal launch monitor of Golf Digest’s Hot List. It will provide the same industry leading data with additional metrics to further enhance the user’s experience.

New features include measured spin metrics and full golf simulation features. The MLM2PRO™ uses two new dual cameras and is compatible with both iOS and Android devices.

Read on for all the details!

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New Rapsodo MLM2PRO | Everything You Need to Know

New Rapsodo MLM2PRO vs Rapsodo MLM

The new Rapsodo golf launch monitor is not just for iPhone users anymore—anyone can benefit from the upgrades on the MLM2PRO.

So, here are the main differences:

  • Available for iOS and Android
  • Dual Optical Camera Vision combines two cameras along with radar technology to monitor your swing
  • Adds golf simulation with 30K courses, virtual driving range, and third-party simulation software compatible
  • Adds Spin Rate, Spin Axis, and Descent Angle
  • Vastly improved video analysis and data visualization
  • A new golf app
  • Comes with special Callaway golf balls for precise spin measurement
  • No longer have to use with your phone and use up its battery
  • The Rapsodo MLM2PRO price is $699.99

We go over all these upgrade below.

2 High Speed Cameras + Radar Technology

The MLM2PRO™ has two built-in cameras, offering a major upgrade from the original MLM ,which required the iOS device camera to track ball flight. The inclusion of the cameras opens up the MLM2PRO™ to both Android and iOS platforms.

  • The two cameras serve different purposes. The wide-angle "Shot Vision" camera is used to record a swing video with shot trace on every shot.
  • The 240-fps high speed shutter "Impact Vision" camera captures a series of photographs that are visualized in the MLM2PRO Mobile App as a short video—allowing players to view their impact on every swing. The Rapsodo Swing Vision feature pairs the MLM2PRO™ with a phone or tablet to have multiple angles of each golf swing, allowing golfers to capture down-the-line and face-on swing replay videos so they can get more out of their practice time.

Rapsodo MLM2PRO Golf Launch Monitor Data Points

Between the Dual Camera Vision and the Doppler Radar technology, this Rapsodo launch monitor is going to show you a lot about your shot.

The MLM2PRO offers 13 measured and calculated metrics.

Here are the measured metrics:

  1. Spin Rate
  2. Spin Axis
  3. Ball Speed
  4. Club Speed
  5. Launch Angle
  6. Launch Direction

These are the calculated data points on this Rapsodo:

  1. Carry Distance
  2. Total Distance
  3. Descent Angle
  4. Apex
  5. Shot Type
  6. Side Carry
  7. Smash Factor

The Rapsodo Launch Monitor Now with Golf Simulation!

With the MLM2PRO™, Rapsodo introduces golf simulation including Rapsodo Range, a virtual driving range, and Rapsodo Courses, which will consist of over 30k courses globally.

Rapsodo Range will provide trajectory and shot trace indoors, while Rapsodo Courses gives you the ability to practice on your local course ahead of a big event or play a nationally recognized course on your bucket list.

Rapsodo is offering thousands of course options through their MLM2PRO™ Premium Membership, so you will have an extensive list to select from and play virtually anywhere in the world.

Additionally, the MLM2PRO™ is compatible with multiple simulation software providers, including E6 Connect and Awesome Golf to give you more variety for game improvement and entertainment.

More integrations are scheduled to add to MLM2PRO™ users’ subscription options.

Premium Golf Membership — Your First Year Free

While the Rapsodo MLM2PRO doesn't require that you have the premium membership, if you want to take advantage of most of the features that set this golf launch monitor and simulator apart, you'll need it.

The membership is $200. But the good news is that you get the first year free. Here are all the benefits with the membership:

  • Cloud video storage (10,000 videos)
  • Slow motion replay
  • Session insights
  • Rapsodo Combine
  • Spin Rate, Spin Axis (Callaway® RPT™ Ball)
  • Rapsodo Courses
  • Rapsodo Range
  • Impact Vision
  • Dual Camera

So if you want the standout features of this new Rapsodo launch monitor, know that you'll need to subscribe to the membership that will cost you $200 after the first year.

New Rapsodo MLM, New Golf App

If you are wondering if you can upload your info from your MLM to the MLM2PRO, it's not going to be possible.

This revamped launch monitor and home golf simulator uses a different app.

And fortunately, it's available for iOS and Android now.

You will be able to download the MLM2PRO app on the App Store or on the Google Play Store.

Partnership with Callaway

This 2023 portable golf launch monitor provides even more advanced data for golfers to analyze. In total, the MLM2PRO™ will report six measured metrics within 13 core metrics including new data points like descent angle, spin rate, and spin axis.

The ability to measure both spin metrics is an invaluable addition to the latest golf monitor, and was made possible through a partnership with Callaway Golf. The Impact Vision camera in the MLM2PRO™ records and processes images of the ball’s rotation to measure the ball's spin rate and spin axis. Adding these key metrics improves the ability to determine overall carry distance and path.

You'll get 3 Callaway® RPT™ Balls with your purchase of the MLM2PRO.

Another Launch Monitor/Simulator Under $1,000

Along with the Swing Caddie SC4, the new Rapsodo MLM2PRO is going to upset the revolution that the Garmin Approach R10 started.

Before this year, the Garmin R10 was the only golf launch monitor under $1,000 to offer simulation.

This year at the 2023 PGA Show, two major golf brands unveiled golf launch monitors in this same category: the MLM2PRO from Rapsodo for $699.99 and the Swing Caddie SC4 from Voice Caddie for only $549.

This next-gen Rapsodo MLM will be available by March 31.

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