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Nikon COOLSHOT 50i Golf Rangefinder | What You Need to Know

Introducing the Nikon's COOLSHOT 50i Golf Laser Rangefinder with Slope

We just can't say enough about all the user-requested feature upgrades in the Nikon COOLSHOT 50i rangefinder—but we're going to try to do it justice.

The versatility of this golf rangefinder puts it in a league of its own. Next to all other laser rangefinders in its price range—it really is a steal!

Precision, technology, ease-of-use, style, brilliant ergonomics, superior optics, price, warranty—whatever angle you look at it from, this next-gen Nikon rangefinder for golf is attractive!

Want to see this best value golf rangefinder in action? Watch a Nikon COOLSHOT 50i review from our go-to guy, Gabe at Let's Play Thru!


(To delve in further, enjoy the whole article below!)

Short on time? Here's the 3 things you need to know about this tournament legal rangefinder with slope:

    • You're Going to Love the Magnet — For some golfers, this is the favorite feature! Because your awesome golf technology should never slow you down on the course. With the Nikon COOLSHOT 50i mounted on your cart or bag, you can grab it, get uber-fast measurements, stick it back on, and move onto your next shot!
    • Dual LOCKED ON technology by Nikon takes the guesswork out of targeting the pin. And this model has its very own version: Dual LOCKED ON QUAKE. You get a visual confirmation of the flagstick along with a gentle vibration. Factor in Nikon’s legacy of sport optics, and you get a glorious field of view with a luminous, easily visible red OLED display. Once you look through this gorgeous laser rangefinder, you'll be spoiled by that Nikon sightline!

    • One of the Best Warranties You'll Find — Nikon knows, if you're going to drop a few bills on a golf gadget, you want it to work season after season—guaranteed. With a 5-year warranty, you can trust that your COOLSHOT 50i is going to be giving you an edge on the course for years to come!

A Premium Rangefinder at an Attractive Price

You don't want to drop $600.00 on a high-end golf rangefinder. But you want more from a device than mostly accurate measurements .

When searching for the best golf laser rangefinder for the best price, it's important to examine how the features, quality, and warranty add up next to the price tag.

In this article, we break down the stack of features that make this specific Nikon rangefinder worth every penny and more. We discuss how it can add accuracy to your shot and take strokes off your score.

Read on to learn more about the inimitable value of this lightweight, user-friendly golf device that will help you find those next-level moments on the course.  

The Nikon COOLSHOT 50i Rangefinder Features

Nikon's NEW Mounting Magnet

This new feature lets you grab and go like a pro. Safely and securely connect your COOLSHOT 50i to your cart or even your bag carrier with the integrated built-in mounting magnet.

Quickly Target and Measure What You Want

This lightweight rangefinder offers quick, precise measurements every time without slowing down your game. Survey your surroundings (for up to 8 seconds) to get exact distance to trees, water features, sand traps and other hazards.

Confirm Your Target with DUAL LOCKED ON Technology

The COOLSHOT 50i features its own version of this technology — DUAL LOCKED ON QUAKE. Skip guessing the distance with visual and vibrating confirmation of your target.

Golf Rangefinder with Slope

Choose ID (incline/decline) mode, and the measurement will factor in slope, crucial for uphill and downhill shots. An onboard Actual Distance Indicator (ADI) LED signals compliance, making your COOLSHOT 50i tournament legal.

Precision and Accuracy Galore

With a measurement range of 6-1,200 yards, accuracy of ±1m/yd, 6X magnification, and rainproof construction, this golf rangefinder will give you the edge you need to level-up your game.

Nikon Rangefinder Battery Life

Takes 1 CR2 Lithium Battery (DC 3V) with automatic power shut-off (after approx. 8 sec. unoperated). You can expect around 13,000 actuations.

A Nikon Rangefinder with NEW Mounting Magnet!

Versatile, Sexy, Rugged

Don't you love it when your golf gadget is everything in one? Nikon's innovative built-in mounting magnet in the COOLSHOT 50i is not just hyper-useful ... it's game-changing. Let's just run down the list of how:

  • You literally have accurate measurements within reach at all times.
  • It's out of your way when you don't need it.
  • You don't have to take it in and out of a case, your bag, or a pocket before and after each shot.
  • It's not much bigger than a smartphone and weighs in at 6.3 oz—with a mounting magnet in it!
  • It shuts itself off after 8 seconds, so you literally only have to stick it back your cart or clubs—no wasting your rangefinder battery!
  • It's rugged enough to ride around the course all day—even in the rain—like a dog just happy to be there.
  • Yet, its sleek style looks good in your hand.
  • Your focus is on shot options, not "Where's my rangefinder?"
  • Keep the game moving when you're not fumbling around with a golf gadget.

So, basically, when your feature-rich rangefinder is conveniently ready but out of the way, you're attention is where it should be—on your golf game.

This Golf Rangefinder Lets You Double Down on Your Target

Okay, so this Nikon Rangefinder is versatile for days. Now let's talk about a golf gadget's primary purpose: accuracy.

In his review video, Gabe found the accuracy to be spot on!

Nikon golf rangefinders continue to take distance guesswork out of the equation through continual perfection of their Dual LOCKED ON technology. The COOLSHOT 50i has its own unique version of this technology: Dual LOCKED ON QUAKE. You get both visual confirmation of the flagstick along with a gentle vibration, so you don’t ever have to guess when targeting the pin.

Nikon’s Legacy of Optical Excellence

Nikon’s legacy of sports and recreational optics takes the precision of the COOLSHOT 50i to a whole other level. Count on a bright field of view and a luminous, easily visible red OLED display. Plus, an integrated automatic brightness adjustment function is built in to fine tune the display brightness according to the surrounding ambient light level. Basically, this device enhances your view of the environment you’re playing in — providing a sort of technical natural selection on the course, if you will.

It also has 6x magnification and crisp, easy to read target lines and numerical data. Furthermore, there’s a rear diopter ring to dial in focus for how you like to hold the unit to your eye.

But that's not all ...

Speed and Accuracy You Can Count On  

Keep your game moving and improving! This lightweight golf rangefinder offers quick, precise measurements every time—within 1 yard up to 100 yards and within 2 yards from 100 to 1,000 yards. (It's measurement range is 6–1,200 yards.)

You can also survey your surroundings (for up to 8 seconds) to get exact distance to trees, water features, sand traps, and other hazards.

If you want accurate, fast readings while not getting bogged down with equipment at each hole—not to mention the best rangefinder at this price—the Nikon COOLSHOT 50i is the way to go, handsdown!

Killer Golf Rangefinder Design

Along with its versatility and gorgeous optics, this stylish golf rangefinder has premium construction.

You can feel the quality of the compact and lightweight form-factor in your hand, and its sleek design helps you look the role you came to play.


Our Final Thoughts

If you're looking for a feature-rich golf laser rangefinder at an attractive price—with a sleek new look thrown in—the Nikon COOLSHOT 50i should be at the top of your list.

Nikon has gone all out to put thoughtful features and design into this gorgeous golf gadget. Not only will you add a whole other level of precision, accuracy, and confidence to every shot, but it comes with a 5-year warranty.

There's no downside to this investment in your golf game—except for your competitors.

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