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The New SkyTrak+ vs the Original SkyTrak | Should You Upgrade?

The Original SkyTrak Launch Monitor & Golf Simulator Gets a Major Overhaul!

The time has come to compare the original SkyTrak to the NEW and improved 2023 SkyTrak+!  

In 2014, SkyTrak released the first personal launch monitor of its kind. And golfers everywhere found the dream of a home golf simulator was a real possibility!

Nine years later, the much-anticipated SkyTrak+ has been announced on May 4, 2023—with product availability estimated for May 19!

Recently acquired by GOLFTEC, this next-gen take on the popular golf game improvement device is loaded with new parameters, souped-up tech, upgraded functionality, refreshed design—oh, and the ability to play on over 100,000 golf courses across the BEST simulation software in the industry!

Read on to compare the original SkyTrak launch monitor and golf simulator with the new and improved SkyTrak+! And see if it's the game-improvement golf tech you've been waiting for!

The NEW SkyTrak+ Benefits Quick List!

  1. Virtually no delay! See your shot faster with the new SkyTrak!
  2. 2023 SkyTrak+ now features Club Data! Get advanced Club Head Speed, Smash Factor, Club Path and Face Angle—including Face to Path and Face to Target—that was not available before!
  3. Improved accuracy from the best of both worlds! This golf launch monitor includes photometric tech AND dual-doppler radar technology!
  4. A better outdoor experience! Now a great indoor and outdoor golf launch monitor!
  5. Now Owned by GOLFTEC! This NEW SkyTrak unit has been designed for BOTH professional-grade improvement + amazing simulation!
  6. New Shot Optimizer Interface! Get commentary by #22 golf instructor in the world—Nick Clearwater!
  7. Simulation Software for an Amazing Value! Only $249/year and you get 15 E6 and 15 WGT courses for iOS or 15 E6 courses for PC.
  8. None of that Stickers Business! Skip the stickers on balls or clubs. No need for special balls either!

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SkyTrak+ Launch Monitor & Golf Simulator Quick Links

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The NEW SkyTrak+ vs SkyTrak—What's the Same?

The original SkyTrak is known for its accuracy and as being the launch monitor with the most third-party simulation software compatibility.

This popular golf device is easy to set up and offers so many ways to play by yourself or with a group of people. Since the beginning, it's been a favorite centerpiece in many golfers' home golf studios.

None of that goes away with the 2023 SkyTrak+. In fact, it's just for starters and gets a whole lot better!

The new SkyTrak+ has all the same must have data parameters as the original:

  • Ball Speed
  • Launch Angle
  • Backspin
  • Side Spin
  • Side Angle
  • Carry Distance
  • Roll Out and Total Distance
  • Distance Offline
  • Clubhead Speed
  • Angle of Descent
  • 3D Flight Path

Now, read on to see ALL the upgrades and new features!

2023 SkyTrak+ vs 2014 SkyTrak—What's Different?

The one big change that had to happen in order to bring us the new SkyTrak+ was the aquiring of SkyTrak by GOLFTEC.


Because GOLFTEC brought AI and machine learning models created by a legit rocket scientist and PhD researchers.

Not only do you get improved tech and functionality with this new brand partnership with the most popular launch monitor and simulator in golf.

Check out EVERYTHING the new SkyTrak+ offers:

  • Faster response times with no delay after your shot!
  • New advanced Club Data includes Club Head Speed, Smash Factor, Club Path and Face Angle—with Face to Path and Face to Target!
  • Improved accuracy with updated photometric tech + the addition of dual doppler radar!
  • The best golf launch monitor performance indoor and outdoors!
  • This NEW SkyTrak unit has been designed for BOTH professional-grade improvement + amazing simulation!
  • An exciting new Shot Optimizer Interface includes commentary by #22 golf instructor in the world—Nick Clearwater!
  • An Amazing Value on simulation software. Only $249/year for 15 E6 and 15 WGT courses for iOS or 15 E6 courses for PC.
  • No stickers or special balls needed!

About SkyTrak+'s Advanced Club Data

The new SkyTrak+ now offers Club Path features. Check out what you get and what you can do with these highly accurate numbers!

Club Path is the direction the club head is moving relative to the target line. This has a major influence on the curve and Side Spin of your shots. An in-to-out path of around 4 degrees is suggested as a starting point for hitting high draws that end up in the fairway or next to the flag.

Face to Path is the biggest factor in determining which direction your shot curves, as well as how much. It's the difference between Face Angle and Club Path. Mastering a consistent relationship of Face to Path is a major milestone for improving your game.

Face to Target is the direction the club face is pointed to the right or the left of the target at impact. It's most responsible for the Side Angle of your shots. To hit a draw, you want the Face to Target open to curve toward the target. The opposite holds true for hitting fades.

Smash Factor is a ratio that defines how effectively energy is transferred from the club into the ball. The formula is Ball Speed divided by Clubhead Speed. The higher the Smash Factor, the more effective the energy transfer was.

What's the Price Difference?

SkyTrak (2014) Price: $1,995

SkyTrak+ (2023) Price: $2,995

Yes, the new SkyTrak+ is $1,000 more than the original.

However, with all the new and improved technology, functionality, simulator value, and club data parameters, the price is absolutely on par with this caliber of high-end launch monitor.

It comes in between the $4,000 Bushnell Launch Pro and the $2,200 FlightScope Mevo+ (without the Pro Package or Face Impact Location software upgrade on the Mevo+ which is and additional $1,5000).  

Should You Upgrade to the New SkyTrak+?

If you already purchased the original SkyTrak for $2,000, you already have a great launch monitor and golf simulator, for that price range.

However, if you've had it for several years, it might be time to get a new centerpiece for your home golf studio anyway—and if you've read the information above, there are some pretty compelling reasons to get the 2023 SkyTrak+.

If you've never owned a SkyTrak and are in the market for a golf launch monitor that provides a professional game-improvement experience indoors and out, and you want amazing simulation value and options—the SkyTrak+ might be the device you've been looking for!

How & When Can I Get the 2023 SkyTrak+?

Check out our SkyTrak+ product page to get yours with FREE 2-day shipping & FREE 30-day returns.

Looking to get an affordable SkyTrak+ home studio package?

Go to our SkyTrak+ Net Return packages or ...

For everything you need for a complete golf simulator, check out our SkyTrak+ SimStudio™ packages.

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