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Six of the best golf rangefinders of 2024 laying on a table

The Best Golf Rangefinders of 2024: 22 Choices and Each One a Little Different

From best budget golf rangefinder to smart GPS hybrids the holy grail of lasers chock-full of all the golfing features — our golf guy Marc has put together a helluva list. The hunt for the best rangefinder for you starts here!

If you think all golf laser rangefinders work the same way, your thinking is outdated.

In fact, we’re almost to the point where no two rangefinders are the same.

Long gone are the days when a rangefinder was a simple point-and-shoot device capable of delivering a yardage and nothing more.

Today’s golf rangefinders are packed with features. You can still find the basic functionality of yesteryear’s lasers, but you can also get ones that will factor elevation and even weather, including wind speed and direction, into your yardages. Or rangefinders designed specifically for shaky hands. There’s lens quality and optics to consider. And there are even rangefinders that include GPS yardages to go along with the numbers that you shoot with the laser. The list of variables goes on from there and is more extensive than you might imagine.

The point is that a rangefinder is not just a rangefinder.

Which means that you might appreciate some help in navigating all the differences as you make your selections.

As always, we got you! Read on for our complete breakdown of the 22 best golf rangefinders of 2024.

Best Golf Rangefinders of 2024

Six golf rangefinder cases laying on a table

Bushnell Pro X3+: Best Overall 2024 Golf Rangefinder

This is the latest and greatest from Bushnell. And if you know rangefinders, you know that’s the same thing as saying this is the best golf rangefinder available today.

Bushnell has long been the undisputed leader in rangefinder technology and build quality. And with the Pro X3+, they’ve pulled out all the stops, throwing everything they’ve ever innovated along with the innovations that competitors came up with before them into this one ultimate rangefinder.

And, man, is it awesome! Here’s what we’ve got:

  • Wind speed and direction
  • Temperature
  • Barometric pressure
  • Slope
  • Locking slope-switch
  • Home elevation adjustment
  • Dual display with red or black settings
  • 7x magnification
  • Pinseeker with visual jolt
  • Integrated bite magnetic mount
  • Range of 5 to 1,300 Yards
  • Consistency within 1 Yard at 600-plus yards
  • Rubber-armored metal housing
  • IPX7 fully waterproof
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Bushnell golf app interaction
  • Premium carrying case
  • Washable microfiber cloth
  • CR2 Battery Included

The wind-speed and direction, temperature, and barometric pressure are game changers. When you combine that with the slope-adjusted yardages and absolutely perfect 7x optics, using this really is a golfer’s dream.

At $599.99, it’s not inexpensive. But you’re not going to find a better rangefinder in 2024.

Read our thorough Bushnell Pro X3+ review.

Bushnell Pro X3+ Price: $599.99

Shot Scope PRO ZR: Best Rangefinder Value of 2024

At $299.99, Shot Scope’s new flagship rangefinder punches way above its weight class. It may not be quite to the luxury level of a top-of-the-line Bushnell, but it also might be the best way that you can spend $300 on a rangefinder in 2024.

The Shot Scope Pro ZR rangefinder held in golf reviewer Marc's golf-gloved hand on the course

Shot Scope PRO ZR features include:

  • Target-lock vibration and rapid-fire technology
  • DuraShield hardshell exterior
  • Extra-strong built-in cart magnet
  • Ultra-clear LCD display
  • Adaptive slope technology
  • Red/Black dual optics
  • 6X magnification
  • 1,500 yards range
  • Free GPS maps
  • Replaceable battery

That’s a stout set of features for the price. And when you consider its durable build quality and above-average read-out speed, the case for the PRO ZR being the best value of the year gets even stronger.

Optics are good but not great when compared to something like a Bushnell or the Nikon COOLSHOT PROII Stabilized. But if you were never spoiled by those displays, you’d probably be completely satisfied with the PRO ZR.

Read our in-depth review of the Shot Scope PRO ZR.

Shot Scope PRO ZR Price: $299.99

Nikon COOLSHOT PROII Stabilized: Best Option for Shaky Hands

The Nikon COOLSHOT PROII Stabilized sitting in golf reviewer Marc's palm

One frustration for a lot of golfers is that it can sometimes be difficult to stabilize their rangefinder in their hands long enough to lock onto the small flag they’re shooting, especially if it’s flapping in the wind. The Nikon COOLSHOT PROII Stabilized addresses that exact issue. Finally, a rangefinder that, while light in the hand, provides a steadying influence when getting yardages.

The PROII Stabilized also includes a bright OLED display and features beautiful crystal clear optics, some of the best of any of the rangefinders we’ve tested. What would you expect from a company known for camera lenses?

And finally, this golf rangefinder features slope adjusted yardage and is one of the absolute fastest at providing measurements.

Nikon COOLSHOT PROII Stabilized Price: $449.95

Blue Tees Series 3 Max: Best Looking Golf Rangefinder of 2024

The Blue Blue Tees Series 3 Max laying on its side

Best looking rangefinder? Yeah, that’s right. What’s so wrong about wanting to flash a little style out there on the golf course?

Not only is the Blue Tees Series 3 Max sleek and refined looking with great in-hand ergonomics, it comes with three different color options: Navy Blue, Black, or Pink.

But it wouldn’t make our best golf rangefinders of 2024 list if it wasn’t also a capable performer. And the Series 3 Max most certainly is that.

Features include:

  • Slope adjusted yardages
  • Magnetic cart mount
  • Auto-ambient display
  • Flag-lock pulse vibration
  • Ultra-clear display
  • 900-yard range
  • Water-resistance
  • More

Blue Tees Series 3 Max Price: $269.98

Precision Pro R1 Smart: Smartest Rangefinder of 2024

The Precision Pro R1 Smart golf laser rangefinder

What do you do when your golf rangefinder is smarter than you, the golfer? You embrace the fact and play more golf!

In all seriousness, this is one smart piece of equipment. It’s kind of like having a rangefinder, golf launch monitor, and hand-held GPS device all in one product.

So, what makes a “smart” rangefinder? Well, the Precision Pro R1 Smart pairs with the Precision Pro app to deliver advanced information to the rangefinder itself. So, when you look through the viewfinder, not only can you get pin-point distances, but you can push a button and then get data to the front, middle, and back of the green, plus a “plays-like” distance that includes wind speed and direction. You can even input your own ball speed, launch angle, and spin rate numbers into the Precision Pro app, and then the rangefinder will give you adjusted yardages based on your specific golf game. How smart is that?!

And the cool thing is that, unlike with other hybrid GPS/rangefinder products that require you to look through a viewfinder to get yardages and then a screen to get additional information, with the R1 Smart, everything is available through the viewfinder itself.

The Precision Pro R1 Smart retails for just $319.99! Imagine if all higher education costs were that affordable.

Precision Pro R1 Smart Price: $319.99

Precision Pro NX2: Best Budget Golf Rangefinder

There are a lot of cheap golf rangefinders that are not worth your consideration. The Precision Pro NX2 isn’t one of them. It’s not as tricked out as other options on this list, but for the price, it delivers plenty.

You won’t get slope with the NX2, but you will get 6x magnification, a 400-yard range, accuracy to within a yard, water resistance, and more. And all of those features work reliably. Nothing cheap about that.

Precision Pro NX2 Price: $169.99

Bushnell Tour V6/Tour V6 Shift: Best Rangefinders for Most Golfers

Tour V6 Shift golf rangefinder laying on a table

If you want a golf rangefinder that’s almost the very best but that doesn’t include all of the latest smart technology nor the price that goes along with all of that technology, this is the rangefinder for you to buy with absolute confidence.

Bushnell being Bushell, the Tour V6 (which does not include slope) and the V6 Shift (which does include slope) are super-high-build-quality lasers with incredibly fast readouts, pinpoint accuracy, beautiful 6x optics, a strong vibration target lock confirmation, and the patented built-in Bushnell BITE magnet.

You can go cheaper, and you most certainly can go more expensive, but you’re really not going to want for much if you go with the Bushnell Tour V6/V6 Shift. And, you can save some money and get the previous generation Bushnell Tour V5 or V5 Shift while supplies last.

Bushnell Tour V6 Shift (with Slope) Price: $399.99

Bushnell Tour V6 (without Slope) Price: $299.99

Bushnell Tour V5 Shift (with Slope) Price: $319.99

Bushnell Tour V5 (without Slope) Price: $249.99

Voice Caddie SL3 and SL2: Best Hybrid Rangefinders of 2024

View of the viewfinder on the Voice Caddie SL3 golf rangefinder

An active hybrid GPS laser rangefinder, the Voice Caddie SL3 combines traditional rangefinder functionality with a high-resolution, bright, multi-color OLED touchscreen display that includes dynamic green undulation, putt distance measurements, course layout graphics, and slope-adjusted distance yardages.

Sometimes you want more than just a yardage number, and the SL3 gives you some incredibly useful information to help you play your best golf. With outstanding optical clarity, advanced stabilization, and an ultra-high-speed processor, the SL3 is one of the most advanced rangefinders on the market.

It’s also worth noting that the SL3 and the previous generation Voice Caddie SL2 provide very strong vibration (or haptic) feedback when it locks onto a target. Our friend Gabe from the Let’s Play Thru YouTube channel said of the SL2, “I’ve had a lot of rangefinders with haptic feedback. This is the strongest feeling haptic feedback that I’ve ever felt.”

Both the SL2 and SL3 are also two of the classiest-looking rangefinders available. They just look like the high-end rangefinders that they are.

Voice Caddie SL3 Price: $599.99

Voice Caddie SL2 Price: $599.99

Precision Pro NX9: An All-Around Workhorse

The Precision Pro NX9 is one of those products that’s not quite the very best in any one category but is solid in every single one of them. It’s the perfect option for someone who wants a very functional, well-built golf rangefinder but doesn’t want to spend the extra couple hundred dollars it would take to achieve noticeable improvements.

The NX9 delivers very accurate slope-adjusted yardages quickly but is also available in a Non-Slope option. It gives you a solid and reassuring vibration jolt when you hit your target, and it’s got a built-in magnet. Build quality and durability are exceptional and rival even mighty Bushnell.

Precision Pro NX9 w/ Slope Price: $269.99

Precision Pro NX9 w/o Slope Price: $219.99

Garmin Approach Z82: A Golf Rangefinder Trendsetter

The Garmin Approach Z82 leaning on the wall at PlayBetter

Most golfers know Garmin as the leaders in golf watch manufacturing. But with their Approach Z82 rangefinder, they’ve figured out a way to pack the golf GPS capabilities that you get in Garmin golf watches into a golf rangefinder. And the results are so good that other manufacturers are coming to the market with copycat versions of their own.

The Z82 is absolutely stuffed with technology. First of all, you’ve got your traditional golf laser rangefinder functionality. The gun is quick, accurate, and features above-average optics.

But on top of that, you get GPS features like a hole map, distances to hazards, a green contour map, plays-like distances, and even wind speed and direction. And what’s really cool is that all of that information is displayed in full color in the viewfinder itself.

Golf tech nerds will love the Garmin Approach Z82!

Garmin Approach Z82 Price: $599.99

Shot Scope PRO LX+: Best Rangefinder With Removable Handheld GPS

The Shot Scope Pro LX in golf reviewer Marc's open hand above a wooden floor

The Shot Scope PRO LX+ packs not one, not two, but THREE products into one. That’s right: The LX+ is a golf rangefinder, a golf GPS, and a performance tracker! And all for less than $400!

You can shoot your numbers with a laser, consult a GPS for your front/middle/back distances, and track your on-course statistics. All in one unit. The PRO LX+ comes with 16 tracking tags so that you can get more than 100 performance stats to help you analyze your game.

And one really cool feature for many golfers is that the GPS unit can detach from the rangefinder so that you can get quick numbers without having to pull out the laser. There are times on the golf course when a rangefinder is best. And there are times when a hand-held GPS is best. With the LX+, you’ve got both advantages whenever you want them.

If you like the Shot Scope fit and finish and laser functionality but don’t want or need the GPS or performance tracking, Shot Scope offers the PRO LX, which is among the very few budget rangefinders that are actually worth buying.

Shot Scope PRO LX+ Price: $369.99

Shot Scope PRO LX Price: $269.99

Voice Caddie EL1: Golf Rangefinder with Slope for Under $200!

The Voice Caddie EL1 offers old-school rangefinder simplicity but with a bit of a modern twist. And that’s the slope-adjusted yardage functionality. To get slope measurements in a high-quality, durable product from a reputable manufacturer for just $199.99 is a steal!

Not only that, but it comes in two color options, including Black and Mint. The Mint option might make it the most distinctive looking rangefinder on the market.

With 6x magnification, a 1,000-yard range, and vibration alert when you lock on your target, there’s a lot to like here for not a lot of money.

Voice Caddie EL1 Price: $199.99

Nikon COOLSHOT 50i: Best Rangefinder Optics

Nikon COOLSHOT 50i Golf Laser Rangefinder - 2021 Release - Front Angle

If display optics are your primary buying concern, look no further than Nikon. Nobody does optics better than Nikon, and the COOLSHOT 50i takes what was already good and makes it even better.

The COOLSHOT 50i includes Nikon’s DUAL LOCKED ON technology, a built-in mounting magnet, enhanced measurement range, and slope adjustment.

But it’s that crystal clear, beautiful image that’s the real show-stopper here.

Nikon COOLSHOT 50i Price: $299.95

Voice Caddie TL1: The Fastest Rangefinder of 2024 

PlayBetter golf reviewer Marc holding the Voice Caddie TL1 golf rangefinder at the course

The main point of golf rangefinders is to get accurate yardages quickly. And no golf rangefinder gets those numbers faster than the Voice Caddie TL1.

Anyone who’s used a rangefinder understands the difference that even a second or two makes when waiting for your rangefinders to hit a target. That’s an absolute non-issue with the TL1. It locks onto a target, gives an actual and slope-adjusted yardage, and delivers a confirming jolt all in not time flat.

The TL1 also delivers among the best rangefinder optics and build quality. And it’s designed to compensate for shaky hands or a moving target.

Read our complete review of the Voice Caddie TL1.

Voice Caddie TL1 Price: $449.99

Precision Pro NX10: Golf’s Only Customizable Rangefinder

With the Precision Pro NX10, you can customize the look to make it whatever you want. How cool is that?!

Customers can choose from pre-selected NX10 skin options like:

  • No Design
  • Camo (extra $20)
  • USA Flag (extra $20)
  • Blue Palm/Pink Floral ($20)

Or, if you want to get creative and add a skin that represents your team, company, home course, or whatever else, Precision Pro can do it. You identify the logo, and Precision Pro can outfit you with interchangeable skins that slide on easily and are held in place by a magnet.

Performance-wise, the NX10 delivers incredible accuracy, speedy feedback, magnetic grip, excellent optics, vibration confirmation when you hit your target, and slope adjustment — all for just $300!

Precision Pro NX10 Price: $299.99

Shot Scope PRO L2: Most Affordable Rangefinder Worth Owning

It’s kind of crazy to think that, for $149.99, you can get a golf rangefinder with:

  • Adaptive slope technology
  • Strong built-in magnet to attach to cart
  • Target-lock vibration
  • Distances in yards or meters
  • Range of 700 yards
  • 6x magnification
  • Precision clear lens
  • Adjustable eyepiece
  • Accuracy to within 1 yard
  • Water-resistant
  • 24-month warranty
  • Replaceable CR2-3V battery

The Shot Scope PRO L2 may not include every last modern feature, and its build quality and optics might not rival the top-of-the-line lasers, but for $149.99, to get a rangefinder that works very well and delivers this much is pretty outstanding. A lot of golfers don’t need anything more than this.

Available in Blue or Gray.

Shot Scope PRO L2 Price: $149.99\

Six of the best golf rangefinders laid out on a table by golf reviewer Marc

Finding the Best Rangefinder Comes Down To Preferred Features and Budget

The best golf rangefinder of 2024 is on this list. But the reason we’ve included 22 options is because the best rangefinder for you might not be the same as for the next golfer. It really boils down to what features you want and what you want to spend.

If you want all of the latest-and-greatest technology, including wind speed and direction, club recommendations, green undulation maps, and more, there are options for you here.

And if you just want a reliable, accurate, well-built laser for less than $200, those choices are here for you also.

So whether it’s speed, optics, brand reputation, customizability, steadying for shaky hands, or built-in GPS functionality that’s most important to you, there’s an excellent option, and you don’t have to look any further than this list.

Or, if you’re more of a golf watch kind of golfer, check out our best of 2024 selections for that category.

Be sure to subscribe to the PlayBetter golf email newsletters to get all of our product reviews, recommendations, tips from teaching pros, and so much more.

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