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COROS APEX Pro Review | Get a Runner's Perspective on This Premium Lightweight Multisport GPS Watch

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Watch a COROS APEX Pro Review Video

Now Showing: Dave from Chase the Summit (who runs 40-70 miles a week) tells all about the APEX Pro and tests it against a Garmin fēnix.  

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Watch a COROS APEX Pro Review with Dave at Chase the Summit!

APEX Pro Price, Size, & Colors

In June of 2019, COROS released their best running watch yet—the APEX Pro.

This premium multisport watch is super reliable, lightweight, and ready to go right out of the box with beastly battery life.

Runners will love it, because its accuracy and durability will now only cost you $399—compared the APEX Pro's original price tag of $499.

For size, you're looking at a 1.2" touchscreen display on a 47 x 47 x 13.4mm case. And if you want a lighter running watch, the APEX Pro only wieghs 59g with silicone strap and 49g with nylon watch band.

Out of box, this COROS GPS watch is available in 3 colors: Black, White, and Lime Green with a Silver bezel. However, the APEX Pro uses quick release bands, so you can change it up with other bands.

And if you want to give the COROS APEX Pro a shot, you can get it on with FREE 2-day shipping and FREE 60-day returns—no hassle and risk free!

For full product specs visit our COROS product specification page.

COROS APEX Pro vs Garmin Multisport Watches

When it comes to what matters—accuracy, durability, and design—the COROS APEX Pro running watch can hang with the best of them.

In his review, Dave talks about and tests the APEX Pro against a Garmin fēnix 6.

When it comes to accuracy in GPS, heart rate monitor, and elevation profile, both of these premium multisport watches are great options.

However, when it comes to Garmin watches, you are going to get more out of their higher-end watches, including full-color topo maps, on-watch music, Wi-Fi, and the ability to add more to your watch from the Connect IQ store.

This, of course, is reflected in the price. The fēnix 6 costed a bit more than the APEX Pro when it first came online, but now the APEX Pro price has gone down, while new feature-loaded, high-end Garmin GPS watches have gone up.

It just depends on if you want to pay for the extras, or get a solid running watch that is easy to use, very reliable, and ready to go out of the box!

COROS Watches Durable, Premium Design

The sapphire crystal glass, titanium bezel, and aluminum back case cover on the APEX Pro make it a very durable watch. No scratches in this COROS watch's future!

At 49–59g, depending on your watch band, this multisport watch is substantially lighter than the competition.

Because of its light weight and minimalistic design, wearability on the APEX Pro is excellent. It's comfortable to sleep in and, according to Dave, "even running with it, you sort of forget it's there."

The 22mm quick release watch band makes it easy to change it up color-wise.

Three-button operation and touchscreen make it easy to use. The top button is a dedicated light button, the middle is the Select and Digital Dial that allows you do navigate the watch, and the bottom is a dedicated back button.

The touch-enabled screen is limited to certain activities and comes in most handy with navigation.

COROS APEX Pro Display

The display on the COROS APEX Pro is a 1.2" memory-in-pixel LCD touchscreen.

It's topped with scratch-resistant sapphire glass.

Dave found that it produced a slightly dimmer result, which he guesses may be due to the thickness of the sapphire glass.

It's not a dealbreaker and is still perfectly functional, but just not quite as bright as some of the other watches he uses.

APEX Pro User Interface & Ease of Use

Many runners will appreciate that this COROS watch is straightforward to use right out of the box.

You'll be going within minutes of downloading the app and setting your personal preferences. No bogged down options and features to wade through.

Plus, the two-button along with Digiatl Dial design is super intuitive.

From the homepage on the display, you can immediately start scrolling through the widgets. They include phone notifications, temperature, barometer with forecast and storm alert (new), elevation, heart rate, and a summary of your day displaying calories burned, steps, active time, and stairs climbed.

Widgets on your APEX Pro come predefined. You can't add or remove them.

Within the widgets is where you can begin using the touchscreen. You will need to go in and enable touchscreen if you want to use it during activities.

Activities on the COROS APEX Pro Running Watch

From the watch face on the COROS APEX Pro, clicking down once on the Digital Dial will bring you into the activities selection page.

Activities on this mulitsport GPS watch are also predefined. You can't add to or remove any of them. They include:

  • Run
  • Indoor Run
  • Trail Run
  • Track Run
  • Mountain Climb
  • Hike
  • Bike
  • Indoor Bike
  • Pool Swim
  • Open Water
  • Triathlon
  • Gym Cardio
  • GPS Cardio

Within the Activities app, you can also access the AI Trianer. This gives you a view of your current stamina and your recovery level.

Below that is a list of all your recent activities which you can dive deeper into for more stats.

COROS APEX Pro Maps & Navigation

Within the quick select menu, you can access the navigation settings on your APEX Pro.

Navigation on this COROS watch is pretty simple. Once you've synced a route on your device from within the app, you can access it by holding the back button and going into your quick selection menu. Next, you go into navi settings, select your course, and simply hit start course.

Within this menu, you can also access an elevation profile of the course and view a breadcrumb map of the course.

Once you've started a course, you will gain some more data pages. The map of your current position is the one that Dave found the most useful.

Keep in mind that maps on the APEX Pro are not topographic—no names of roads or trails.

It's basically a breadcrumb trail with your position on it, showing as an arrow.

You can also route back to start, should you lose your way.

The COROS App Experience

From within the COROS app, you can fully customize the watch face on the APEX Pro from a large list of preconfigured watch faces.

You also use the app to customize your data pages for activities, and there's a pretty substantial list of data fields to choose from.

On the main page of the app, you'll find your active energy. This consists of calories burned, exercise time, steps, heart rate, sleep, training load, fitness index, and fitness level. View all of this data in graphical form by week, month, or year.

Next, you'll be able to check out all your recent activities. Dave finds it to be very user friendly. Plus, diving into a particular activity will give you a wealth of details and stats about it.

From the profile page, you can set up integration with third-party apps like Strava—and the integration is really good!

This is also where you will import routes for navigation.

See it work in Dave's COROS APEX Pro review video.

APEX Pro GPS, Elevation, & Heart Rate Accuracy

The COROS APEX Pro gets props in all three of these categories.

As far as GPS accuracy out on a run, Dave found it to be on par with the Garmin fēnix 6.

When it came to the elevation readings, the COROS watch seemed to be recording it differently than the Garmin. But overall it was consistant and reliable.

For the most part, the heart rate data was very consistant between the APEX Pro and the Garmin watch.

Check out Dave's APEX Pro review video to see his data in all of these areas!

COROS APEX Pro Battery Life

Our guy Dave who reviews all of our running watches, loves the battery life on COROS watches. And since he runs 100-milers, he's a good source for feedback on this feature.

And the COROS APEX Pro battery life lives up to this brand's specialty in this area with numbers that look like this:

  • Daily Use: 30 days
  • Standard Full GPS: 40 hours
  • UltraMax GPS Mode: 75 hours

Should You Buy the COROS APEX Pro?

Buy the COROS APEX Pro GPS running watch if:

  • You want a ton of battery life.
  • You like a lightweight running watch.
  • Premium build quality is important.
  • You want a premium multisport watch that is intuitive and easy to use.
  • You've got the budget for a $400 watch (we use Affirm for a layaway-style plan on PlayBetter!).
  • Highly accurate GPS, heart rate, and elevation are on your list!

Probably not your watch if:

  • You've got a lower budget.
  • You want more robust mapping.
  • You want to be able to add and remove activity profiles.

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