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Garmin Venu 2 FAQs

Everything You Want to Know About the Garmin Venu 2/2S Premium Multisport Watch!

We created this juicy Garmin Venu 2 FAQ for people like us, who want to know more before we buy the product or the hype! We're glad to report that the Venu 2/2S premium GPS fitness watch lives up to the hype, especially as a high-end sport smartwatch for a not-so-high-end price. The Garmin Venu 2 has made updates that increase accuracy and provide more options in size, style, and workout features. Read on to find out more about this gorgeous GPS multisport watch and then shuffle over to the PlayBetter store to get a closer look at options and some of our useful and fun bundles!


Garmin Venu 2/2S Specs, Form Factor, and Design Questions

What's the difference between the Venu 2 and the Venu 2S?

The main difference is size. The Venu 2S is for smaller wrists or people who want a more classic size. It is also available in more color schemes. The Venu 2 is larger and is available in 2 colors.

Venu 2 Size/Color Options

Display: 1.3" (33.0 mm) diameter

Physical Size:  45.4 x 45.4 x 12.2 mm

Fits wrists with a circumference of 135-200 mm

Color Options:

    • Silver Stainless Steel Bezel with Granite Blue Case and Silicone Band

    • Slate Stainless Steel Bezel with Black Case and Silicone Band

Venu 2S Size/Color Options

Display: 1.1" (27.9 mm) diameter

Physical Size:  40.4 x 40.4 x 12.1 mm

Fits wrists with a circumference of 110-175 mm

Color Options:

    • Slate Stainless Steel Bezel with Graphite Case and Silicone Band

    • Light Gold Stainless Steel Bezel with Light Sand Case and Silicone Band

    • Silver Stainless Steel Bezel with Mist Gray Case and Silicone Band

    • Rose Gold Stainless Steel Bezel with White Case and Silicone Band

What is the Garmin Venu 2/2S lens made of?

Corning® Gorilla® Glass 3

What type of display does the Venu 2/2S have? 

AMOLED optional always-on mode.

What kind of bezel does the Venu 2/2S have?

Stainless Steel.

What is the Venu 2/2S multisport watch case and strap material?

Case: fiber-reinforced polymer: Strap: silicone

Is the Venu 2/2S a touchscreen?

Yes. The Venu 2/2S has a touchscreen display.

Does the Venu 2/2S have a color display?

Yes. The Venu 2 and Venu 2S have AMOLED color displays.

What Is an AMOLED display?

AMOLED displays allow for more control over each pixel, resulting in richer blacks and power economy in darker watch faces. Viewing angles are better too, which is just one of the reasons this next-generation Venu 2/2S is marketed for active lifestyles.

The original Venu multisport watch (2019) was the first Garmin watch to have an AMOLED display.

What Is the display resolution of the Garmin Venu 2/2S?

Venu 2 resolution: 416 x 416 pixels

Venu 2S resolution: 360 x 360 pixels

How much does the Venu 2/2S weigh?

With the Venu collection, you get the same feature-rich GPS fitness watch with the size option that fits you.

The Venu 2 weighs in a 49 g. A bigger size (if you don't want it on your wrist) has its advantages, such as larger screen (nice for on-screen workout animations), more battery life, and more music storage.

The Venu 2S weighs a lighter 38.2 g, the advantage of which is a better form factor for smaller wrists and a less noticeable multisport watch if you are someone who doesn't like to feel any "extras" during their workout or activity.

How much battery power does the Venu 2/2S have?

The Venu 2S:

Smartwatch mode: Up to 10 days
Battery saver smartwatch mode: Up to 11 days
GPS mode with music: Up to 7 hours
GPS mode without music: Up to 19 hours

The Venu 2:

Smartwatch mode: Up to 11 days
Battery saver smartwatch mode: Up to 12 days
GPS mode with music: Up to 8 hours
GPS mode without music: Up to 22 hours

Do certain features cause the battery to drain more quickly?

Yes. GPS, music, and always on display all have an effect on battery life.

Is there a battery saving mode on the Venu 2/2S?

Yes. Enabling Battery Saver mode changes the behavior of the watch and disables specific functionality to prolong battery life, such as Gesture mode, Pulse Ox mode, Wi-Fi usage, music playback, and Auto Activity Start. It also lowers power on watch face, display brightness, and display timeout.

Is the Venu 2/2S water resistant?

Yes, it is rated to 5 ATM which means it can withstand pressures equivalent to a depth of 50 meters and is resistant to splashes, rain or snow, showering, swimming, diving into water, snorkeling.

How much memory/history storage does my Venu 2/2S have?

200 hours of activity data.

Garmin Venu 2 Collection New Features FAQs

Does the Garmin Venu 2/2S offer more size options than the previous Venu model?

Yes. The previous Venu had one display size: 1.2". The Venu 2 collection offers 2 sizes: Venu—1.3" (33.0 mm) diameter and the Venu 2S—1.1" (27.9 mm) diameter.

Does the Venu 2/2S fitness watch offer more color scheme options?

Yes! The smaller Venu 2S model includes:

    • Slate Stainless Steel Bezel with Graphite Case and Silicone Band

    • Light Gold Stainless Steel Bezel with Light Sand Case and Silicone Band

    • Silver Stainless Steel Bezel with Mist Gray Case and Silicone Band

    • Rose Gold Stainless Steel Bezel with White Case and Silicone Band

The larger display Venu 2 sports watch offers:

    • Silver Stainless Steel Bezel with Granite Blue Case and Silicone Band

    • Slate Stainless Steel Bezel with Black Case and Silicone Band

Can you get sleep data with the Venu 2/2S?

The Venu 2/2S provides advanced sleep monitoring that tracks light, deep, and REM sleep stages as well as movement, pulse ox, and respiration. With new sleep score powered by Firstbeat Analytics, users receive a score based on the quality and quantity of the previous night’s sleep. These details plus personalized insights on how to improve sleep quality are viewable on the watch itself as well as in Garmin Connect.

Does the Venu 2/2S have an updated wrist-based heart rate monitor?

The Venu 2 is the first Garmin watch to have the latest version 4 of the Garmin Elevate heart sensor (2021).  

Is Garmin's verson 4 Elevate heart rate sensor more accurate?

It is! with more infrared sensors and sensor paths added, it has greater accuracy with heart rate and Pulse Ox.

What is Pulse Ox?

Pulse Ox is also known as SpO2 and is the metric used to measure blood oxygen saturation.

Does the Garmin Venu 2/2S offer Pulse Ox?

Yes. The Venu 2 Series added Pulse Ox for 24/7 blood oxygen saturation monitoring.

What is Fitness Age?

The Garmin Venu 2/2S now comes with a Fitness Age widget which reinterprets your VO2 Max score in terms of age to make it more relatable by estimating the body’s age using chronological age, activity, resting heart rate, and either body fat % or BMI.

What is the new Health Snapshot widget on the Venu2/2S?

Health Snapshot allows you to log, record, and share key health stats. This is convenient for showing results to your doctor or keeping yourself and/or friends in a workout or health challenge group accountable.

Does the Venu 2/2S offer any new activity profiles? 

Yes! The Venu 2 Seris porvides new activity profiles for HIIT, indoor climbing, bouldering, and hiking.

Are there any new on-screen workout animations?

The Venu 2/2S fitness watch has new HIIT workouts with on-screen animations!

What other enhanced features will I find in the Venu 2/2S multisport watch?

Other new enhancements to the Venu 2 Collection include a strength training profile with muscle map graphics and expanded workout capabilities and enhanced battery life with rapid recharging and battery saver mode (Venu 2: Up to 11 days in smartwatch mode; Venu 2S: Up to 10 days in smartwatch mode).

Garmin Venu 2/2S GPS Training, Health, and Fitness Tracking FAQs

What activity tracking features are included in the Venu 2/2S GPS smartwatch?

Metrics for activity tracking in the Venu 2/2S include step counter, move bar (after a period of inactivity), auto goal (learns your activity and sets daily goal), calories burned, floors climbed, distance traveled, intensity minutes, Trueup™ (lets you switch between compatible devices* and keeps your data in sync), Move IQ™ (automatically detects familiar exercise events and displays it in your timeline), and the Garmin Connect™ Challenges App.

What gym and fitness features are in the Garmin Venu 2/2S?

Workouts in the Venu 2/2S include: cardio, strength, HIIT, yoga, pilates, as well as on-screen workout animations, on-screen workout muscle maps, and automatic rep counting.

What training features are included in the Venu 2/2S?

The Venu 2 Series multisport watches offer:

    • HR Zones
    • HR Alerts
    • HR Calories
    • % HR Max
    • HR Broadcast (broadcasts over ANT+ to paired device)
    • Respiration rate during exercise
    • GPS speed and distance
    • Customized data pages
    • Customizable activity profiles
    • Auto Pause®
    • Advanced workouts
    • Downloadable training plans
    • Auto Lap®
    • Manual Lap
    • VO2 Max (run)
    • Touch and/or button lock
    • Auto scroll
    • Activity history on watch
    • Physio Trueup

Are running features included on this multisport watch?

Yes! They include profiles for running, indoor track running, treadmill running; GPS-based distance, time, and pace; cadence (real-time # of steps per minute); run workouts; foot pod capability.

Is it possible to manually pause/resume your runs with the Venu 2 Series GPS sport watches?

Yes! You can manually pause and resume your runs with the top right button.

Does the Venu 2/2S have golfing features?

Yes! It has the following golf features:

    • Yardage to F/M/B of the green
    • Yardage to doglegs/layups
    • Measures shot distance from anywhere on the course
    • Digital scorecard
    • Stat tracking (strokes, putts per round, greens and fairways hits)
    • Garmin Autoshot™
    • Green View with manual pin position
    • Hazards and course targets
    • Pinpointer
    • Round timer/odometer
    • Automatic club tracking compatible

What cycling features does the Venu 2/2S offer?

The Venu 2/2S GPS watch has biking and indoor biking profiles, alerts, Varia™ radar and light compatibility, speed and cadence sensor support.

Does the Venu 2 Series come with swimming features?

Yes! It has a profile and metrics for pool swimming. It also has stroke type detection, a basic rest timer (up from 0), time and distance alerts, and underwater wrist-based heart rate.

What outdoor recreation features can I get on the Venu 2/2S?

The Venu 2 Series includes profiles for hiking, indoor climbing, bouldering, skiing, snowboarding, XC skiing, stand up paddleboarding, and rowing. It also offers back to start, total ascent/descent, area calculation, hunt/fish calendar, and sun and moon information.

Venu 2/2S Daily Smart Features and Sensors FAQs

Does the Garmin Venu 2/2S have accurate GPS?

Yes! The Venu 2 Series multisport watches have excellent GPS-tracking accuracy thanks to multi-GNSS (multiple global satellite systems) including GPS, GLONASS, and Galileo!

Does the Venu 2/2S have other sensors for tracking?

It does! The Venu 2/2S GPS smartwatch also has a barometer altimeter, compass, gyroscope, accelerometer, thermometer, and ambient light sensor.

What kind of connectivity does the Venu 2/2S use?

Bluetooth®, ANT+®, and Wi-Fi®

Can I put any watch face on my Venu 2/2S?

Yes. You can download watch faces, data fields, widgets, and apps with Connect IQ.

Do I get smart notifications with Venu 2 Series watches?


What kind of music features do I get with the Venu 2/2S?

You can control music on your phone and your watch, and the Venu 2/2S stores up to 650 songs.

Can I use Garmin Pay™ with this Garmin watch?

Yes! Pay right from your wrist.

What is LiveTrack?

LiveTrack, included on your Venu 2/2S, is a Garmin safety and connectivity feature that creates a real-time view of your location during an activity, so friends and family can follow along.

What is Incident Detection?

Incident Detection is a safety feature that enables, if an incident occurs, the Garmin Connect app on your paired smartphone to send an automated text message and email with your name and GPS location to up to three of your emergency contacts. Incident Detection is included on all Venu 2 Series watches.

What is Assistance?

If anything should happen when you're on the go, activating the assistance feature will discreetly send a message with your real-time location to your preloaded chosen contacts, making it easier for help to find you. This feature comes with the Venu 2/2S.

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