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Available in three sizes to ensure that it fits comfortably and works best for you
Use with any club, driver through putter
Understand and enforce how your arms and body work together for an effective swing

Impact Ball Golf Swing Trainer

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Impact Ball Golf Swing Trainer

Improve Your Swing at Impact

The Impact Ball golf swing trainer focuses on your body mechanics, your stance and arm movement in particular, by training you to use your arms, shoulders, and torso in harmony. It puts your weight where it belongs and prevents your wrists from moving too much, ultimately helping you increase distance, square the club face and hit it pure. The Impact Ball is proven to significantly improve every aspect of your game, from drive to chip and pitch to putt.

impact-ball-golf-swing.jpgSimple and Effective
The Impact Ball is tailored to fit between your arms. By keeping the ball in place during your swing, you teach your arms, torso and shoulders to work together.

Muscle Memory
At first, using the Impact Ball may seem uncomfortable, but after using it consistently, your body will translate the feel and movement of the Impact Ball to your swing on the course. 

Best Fit For You
The Impact Ball golf swing trainer is available in large, medium and small to ensure that it fits comfortably and works best for you.

Choose which size is best for you!
Large (Men's): 67" and taller
Medium (Women's): 60" to 70" heights
Small (Junior): 64" or under

Check out some Impact Ball reviews from Golf Pros!:
"The one constant of all good ball strikers is their position at impact. The club is descending, the handle leads, and their weight is on their left side. Most amateurs have their weight back, head down, and wrists flipping at the ball. The Impact Ball gets my students to look and feel like a tour player at impact with very little direction." - Michael T. Merrill, Director of Instruction, The Nantucket Golf School

"I've been amazed at how quickly using the Impact Ball has helped my students achieve more consistent results. This is the best aid I've used to date to teach students how to correctly use their chest, arms, and body without being restricted." - Suzy Whaley, LPGA Professional

"The Impact Ball is a great way to feel what it is like to strike the ball solidly. It is simple to use and players of all skill level will see results with this product." - Charlie King, Golf Professional

"I used the Impact Ball with one of my best players, and saw a dramatic improvement in his pitching and chipping." - Jerry Tucker, Golf Professional

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