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The Best Golf GPS to Buy in 2022. We Introduce You to the Best Golf Watches and Handhelds Available Right Now.

Best Garmin Golf Watch

Put an armada of golf features on your wrist—including a virtual caddie—with the 1.3" touchscreen display Garmin Approach S62.

Best Golf GPS Handheld

Know every detail from you to the green on the SkyCaddie® SX550 TOURBOOK golf GPS handheld with huge 5.5" full color display.

Best Value Golf GPS Watch

Get pure golf value in the almost ridiculously insightful Voice Caddie T9 GPS golf watch that performs like the best without costing it!

The Best Golf GPS—On Your Wrist or in Your Hand!

Best Overall Golf Watch — Garmin Approach S62

Put the potential on your wrist to actually improve your game with the Garmin Approach S62 golf watch.

AutoShot feature allows this GPS wearable to learn how far you hit your clubs.

The Virtual Caddie factors in wind and suggests clubs based on what you normally hit.

You can even get Green Contour to know the slope direction of the green with a Garmin Golf membership ($100/year or $10/month).

Pinch and swipe around each hole on this GPS watch's large touchscreen to find yardages to hazards and layup spots—and so much more!

Check out real reviews on our product page!

Best Golf GPS Handheld Display — SkyCaddie SX550 TOURBOOK™

Put the beautiful and powerful advanced features of the SkyCaddie SX550 TOURBOOK GPS in your hand.

The folks at SkyCaddie actually walk each course in their system. So, not only do you get 35,000 worldwide golf courses preloaded on this puppy, you can do things like manually position the cursor to get custom distances to any point on the course.

And the smart SX550 is going to give you a lot of information about the hole and your relation to it with a superfast processor on a gorgeous 5.5" color touchscreen.

Automatically re-orient the golf hole from your position to the green with Dynamic HoleVue® as you progress from the tee.

Know the exact shape of the green with distances to the front, back, and any other custom point, as well as the green depth.

And this is just the tip of the features iceberg for this handheld golf GPS.

Best Golf Watch for the Money — Voice Caddie T9

There's not a more sensible way to spend $350 on a golf GPS than with the Voice Caddie T9.

So what do you get?

Like the Garmin Approach S62, this golf watch is smart enough to know when you've taken a shot. But, it can do putt tracking without an additional tracking sensor.

And no more manually entering your score. The T9 handles it for you, even on the putting green.

Plus, this gorgeous yardage watch comes with a swing tempo mode to help improve your swing consistency.

But this isn't it—not by a long shot. If you're serious about a golf watch, the T9 is a real contender in the best category!

Read real reviews on our product page!

Best Looking Golf GPS Watch — SkyCaddie® LX5/LX5C

If you want the best display in a golf GPS watch, the SkyCaddie LX5/LX5C is where it's at.

And when you buy the LX5C model, you put a sharper looking ceramic bezel on your wrist—for one of the best looking watches on the market.

Swipe, pinch, and drag around the screen to get distances to hazards and layup targets along with standard front, middle, and back GPS distances.

This ultra-fast golf watch provides bright, crisp overviews of each hole, using SkyCaddie's stunning HoleVue and Intelligreen® imagery.

Plus, it's stuffed with over 35,000 golf courses around the planet, personally walked by the SkyCaddie team.

Golf GPS Handheld + Launch Monitor — Garmin Approach® G80

There's nothing like the Garmin Approach G80 in golf—offering golf GPS and launch monitor features in one slim and sleek handheld device.

Look at these feature sets and find a reason not to want this brilliant golf gadget:

Launch Monitor Features:

  • Club Head Speed, Ball Speed, Smash Factor, Estimated Distance
  • Warm-Up Mode, Virtual Round, Target Practice, Practice and Game Modes (includes warm-up, virtual round, target practice, and tempo training)

GPS Features

  • Preloaded with 42,000 courses worldwide
  • Accurate Back, Middle, Front yardages; distances to layups/doglegs
  • Scorekeeping on Garmin Golf, stat tracking
  • Auto course view updates
  • Green View with manual pin position, Garmin AutoShot, PinPointer, PlaysLike distance (slope), Virtual Caddie
  • Swing tempo and tempo training

Best Mid-Range Price Golf GPS Devices

Best Mid-Range Golf Watch — Garmin Approach® S42

Get loads of Garmin golf features on the course and all-day style with the Approach S42 golf GPS smartwatch.

Got dinner plans after a round or two? This golf watch transitions beautifully from work to course to nightlife with 3 stylish color palettes: rose gold bezel/light sand band, polished silver bezel/white band, gunmetal bezel/black band.

Not only will you get your distances to the green, but hazard and dogleg detection along with PlayLike Distances for slope compensation.

This golf watch will also learn your distances for each club with AutoShot, while Green View manual pin drag and drop lets you increase your accuracy.

Learn about more features, including smart and fitness functions, from this Garmin watch you'll love having on your wrist all day.

Check out real reviews on our product page.

Best Mid-Range Handheld Golf GPS — SkyCaddie SX400

Make informed decisions from the tee to the green with this smart golf GPS handheld.

The SX400 is SkyCaddie's more compact GPS device that still gives you 4" of stunning HD color touchscreen.

Simply double-tap or pinch and zoom HoleVue to know the critical distances to all hazards, carries, and layups.

Intelligreen technology auto-rotates the exact shape of the green to match your angle of approach—plus much more with Dynamic HoleVue, Dynamic RangeVue, and Pinpoint technology.

Find out how shot tracking, digital scoring, and intelligent automation can give you the information you need to play better.

GPS Golf Watch with Shot Tracking — Shot Scope V3

Track every one of your shots and review game-changing data for a crazy-good value!

The Shot Scope V3, itself, gives you fairly staight-forward front/center/back yardages plus distances to all hazards.

But it's the Shot Scope system of shot tracking that you get with this golf GPS watch that makes it a different beast.

With the accompanying shot tacking tags (16 come with) that screw into the butt of your clubs, the V3 will track golf shots for all your clubs that you will be able to review on Shot Scope's online portal.

There are no subscriptions fees and this watch is preloaded with 36,000 course maps.

Find out more about how this affordable GPS golf watch can teach you about your game.

Best Golf GPS Under $200

Best Golf GPS Speaker — Bushnell Wingman

The Bushnell Wingman bluetooth speaker is one of the best golf gifts you can give yourself—or a golfing loved one!

Our go-to golf reviewer, Gabe at Let's Play Thru, says the distances on the Wingman are dead on and the sound quality is solid.

So what all can you do with this GPS golf speaker?

Play your favorite tunes or podcast on the course. Get audible GPS distances called out to you through the speaker. Stick it to your cart with the tight magnetic mount.

Plus it comes with a highly pocketable remote and it works with the Bushnell app that offers 36,000+ professionally mapped golf courses worldwide, full-color 3D flyovers and graphic layouts of each hole, shot distance and scorecard tracking, and swing speed and tempo using the Swing Pro feature.

Find out more about this fun and unique golf gadget that is easy to set up and use anywhere!

Other Best GPS Bluetooth Speaker — Precision Pro® Ace

Get more than music and distances—get personalized distances based on how you play!

Driven by Precision Pro's MySlope technology, the ACE Smart golf speaker provides personalized layups and personalized distances based on your ball data.

Simply pair your phone to enjoy your music and all the smart features—for more control, better swings, and loads of fun! Features include:

  • MySlope personalized data for more accurate distances for YOU!
  • Audible GPS distances
  • Never lose your ACE with Find My Precision Pro
  • Magnetic grip that sticks to any metal
  • GPS speaker remote control in your pocket
  • Golf shot celebration!

Learn more about this cool golf GPS speaker that makes itself unique to you!

Most Affordable Golf GPS Watch — Bushnell ION Edge

A solid golf watch that does the basics very well for a lot less!

The Bushnell ION Edge is the budget golf GPS watch for the golfer who wants everything they need without all the stuff they don't.

For just $150 you get front/center/back yardages, scorekeeping, a green view, moveable pin placement, distances up to six hazards or layups per hole, and a 15-hour battery life.

We've shown you the golf watches that do more. But if that's not what you need, this golf watch is a real solid deal.

Plus, get free 2-day shipping, free 60-day returns, and the option to make four interest-free payments on PlayBetter today!

Most Affordable GPS Golf Handheld — Bushnell Phantom 2

With a larger display and increased font size, the Bushnell Phantom 2 golf GPS handheld makes distance easy!

See yardage to the middle, front, and back of the green at a glance with this lightweight, compact GPS that is always within reach.

The BITE magnet on the Phantom 2 GPS is stronger, allowing it to stay put as it rides along on your cart, your clubs, or even your belt buckle.

Get up to 18 hours of battery life—enough for 4 rounds of golf.

Did you show up to the course and forgot to charge your golf GPS?

The Bushnell Phantom 2 compact GPS can now function while charging. Simply plug into the USB port on your golf cart—and charge and play away!

Smash the button to find out more about this super handy and affordable golf gadget! And see real customer reviews on our product pages!

Best Strictly Golf GPS Watch — Garmin Approach S12

Get reliable Garmin golf technology for much less with the $199 Approach S12 GPS golf watch.

Get Garmin-level accuracy with distances to the main features of every hole.

Plus, the Approach S12 gives you the same 42,000 preloaded courses as with the S42 and S62. And you'll have the same scoring system as those more advanced watches.

If you don't have the budget for all the fancy features, you’re still going to get a quality yardage watch that will deliver tons of game-enhancement features.

See more, including verified customer reviews, on this Garmin wearable that will cost you less!

Most Affordable Garmin GPS for Golf — Approach G12

The Garmin Approach G12's design offers a high-resolution screen that’s easily readable on even the sunniest days.

Mount this thin and compact golf GPS wherever you need it with the built-in clip and lanyard loop.

Count on Garmin accuracy and a big numbers mode for easy to read distances to the front, middle, and back of the green.

Get the true shape of each green on the course and drag and drop the pin for greater accuracy. Plus, get digital scoring and 42,000 preloaded courses worldwide.

It pairs with Approach CT10 club tracking sensors (sold separately) and also with the Garmin Golf app for strokes gained analysis, to participate in leaderboards and tournaments and to gain more data about your game.

See how this little device can do a lot for your game!

Most Comfortable Golf Watch — Shot Scope G3

The Shot Scope G3 may be light in design (only 41 g), but it's no lightweight when it comes to performance!

It's a highly accurate GPS golf watch with distances to front/center/back and hazards available in yards or meters.

It’s preloaded with more than 36,000 courses worldwide and has free firmware updates.

The daylight readable color screen is perfect on the course with easy-to-navigate buttons.

And the price is easy on your budget for only $160!

Best Budget Golf Watch — Voice Caddie A2 Hybrid

The Voice Caddie golf watch with more than the essentials but without the high-end price!

Count on accurate yardages to front/center/back and to all hazards and bunkers.

This stylish, white-band golf watch GPS also gives you green undulation, a color touchscreen, customizable pin placement, and slope calculation.

Now for the "Hybrid" part. You can choose between Auto Slope Mode (for instant slope-compensated distances) or Tournament Mode for straight actual distances.

And get smart course management with Smart Course View and take advantage of Course Zoom, Aim Point, Drive Landing Area, and Shot Distance.

Hit the button to check out the Voice Caddie A2 Hybrid and customer reviews.