The Garmin Approach R10
Launch Monitor and Simulator

Don't wait to get your hands on the best value launch monitor yet. For under $600 you get a very sweet suite of golf performance data parameters, including detailed club path metrics, hyper easy usability, and golf simulation features. Not since SkyTrak hit the market in 2014, has any piece of golf technology hit the industry like the Garmin Approach R10 for a price well under its competitors. Order yours today on PlayBetter!


Stock is controlled by the manufacturer and is subject to change. Availability will be extremely limited into 2022. Preorders shipped in order received.

The Approach R10 Is a Launch Monitor

The Garmin Approach R10 portable golf launch monitor and simulator is only $600 and offers more features that competitors don't, like:

  • More precision with metrics such as launch direction, club path, face angle, angle of attack, swing tempo, and apex height.

  • Measures horizontal and vertical launch angles and estimates spin based on club path and horizontal movement.

  • The Garmin Approach R10 gives you a robust 10 hours of battery life.

  • Like all Garmin devices, the Approach R10 launch monitor is water resistant—rated to IPX7.

  • Again, it's 1/4 the cost of comparable personal launch monitors and home golf simulators.

The R10 Is a Golf Simulator You Can Use at Home or
On the Golf Course!

Use the Approach R10 Simulator and turn your basement or backyard into a golf course! Or take it out to the driving range—this portable launch monitor and simulator goes everywhere!

  • Game modes with rich visual graphics and multiplayer games and challenges.

  • The Virtual Driving Range tracks detailed stats on every shot for your review and analysis.

  • Get Garmin's Home Tee Hero through the Garmin Golf app premium subscription and choose from more than 42,000 courses in all and invite friends to play along!

  • Play E6 Connect on your Approach R10 through the Garmin Golf app and easily play their photorealistic courses whenever you want. (E6 Connect subscriptions sold separately).

It's A Launch Monitor and a Simulator for Less than $600!

The R10 is highly portable—about the size
of a deck of cards!

Measures data you could only previously get on on
high-end launch monitors!

Provides golf simulation with Home Tee Hero
and E6 Connect!

The Approach R10 Is Super Easy to Set Up!

With the Approach R10, you are 3 easy steps from go-time with your new personal launch monitor and golf simulator!

Step 1 
Pair your R10 with the Garmin Golf app

Step 2
Install the tripod mount

Step 3
Prepare to hit a shot

Amazing Data Parameters & Accuracy!

Measured Metrics:

    • Ball speed (+/- 1mp)
    • Launch angle (+/- 1 degree)
    • Launch direction (+/- 1 degree)
    • Club head speed (+/- 3mph)
    • Club path (+/- 2 degrees)
    • Back swing and down swing times (+/- 0.05 sec)
    • Angle of attack (+/- 1 degree)

Other Metrics Shown from Calculations of R10:

    • Club face angle (+/- 2 degrees)
    • Spin rate
    • Spin axis
    • Observed ball flight range

Metrics Shown in the Golf App:

    • Carry distance (+/- 5 yards)
    • Total distance (+/- 10 yards)
    • Smash factor
    • Swing tempo
    • Apex height (+/- 10 feet)

Get Affordable, Easy Golf Simulation!

The Approach R10 portable launch monitor and simulator offers 2 simulation software options:

  • Garmin's Home Tee Hero that requires an active Garmin Golf Premium Subscription for a very reasonable $9.99 per month or $99.99 per year. Get over 42,000 courses for you to play (with up to four players).

  • TruGolf's E6 Connect is highly customizable and has some of the most photo-realistic graphics you'll find. It offers various course simulations, minigames, training aids, tournaments, multiplayer formats, and more. Purchase a full E6 license—a one-time $2500 for PC and $1500 for iOS, or purchase a subscription package for $300 USD/yr or $600 USD/yr.

Find out more on the PlayBetter Golf Store!

See Club Performance!

Get Swing Capture!

Play Tournaments & Share!

Order Your Garmin Approach R10 Launch Monitor & Simulator
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Want to improve your golf game without spending thousands on other high-end launch monitors and simulators?

Then the Garmin Approach R10 at $600 is a perfect fit for you! But you'll want to get yours ordered—limited quantities are expected to be available through the holidays and will be shipped in the order they are received!

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