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Precision Pro NX10 vs Bushnell, Blue Tees, Shot Scope, Nikon, & Voice Caddie!

Updated September 7, 2022 to add the new Bushnell Pro X3

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The Precision Pro NX10 Rangefinder Comparison — Identifying 2022’s Best Rangefinder for the Money

Buy Precision Pro NX10 Rangefinder

Pinpoint accuracy, slope adjustment, AND golf’s only customizable rangefinder! For just $279.99?! Too good to be true? Let’s find out.

Buy Bushnell Golf Rangefinders

Buy what the pros use! Bushnell has long been the leading rangefinder brand, and for very good reason.

Buy Blue Tees S3 Max Golf Laser Rangefinder

Fast, accurate results, a magnetic mount, and an auto-ambient display make the S3 Max a legit best golf rangefinder 2022 candidate.

Buy Shot Scope Pro LX+ Rangefidner + GPS

Can’t decide between rangefinder and golf GPS? Get the best of both! Buy a golf rangefinder with a built-in GPS display.


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Precision Pro NX10

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Precision Pro R1 Smart

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Precisiopn Pro NX9 with Slope

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Precision Pro NX10 vs Precision Pro NX9 Rangefinder

Here we go, golf world! You can now personalize your golf rangefinder!

What was already the best budget golf rangefinder with slope in the Precision Pro NX9 is now customizable with the upgraded NX10!

Add a customizable faceplate to your new NX10. Get creative! Favorite team? Company logo? Home course insignia? You identify the logo, and Precision Pro can outfit you with interchangeable skins that slide on easily and are held in place by a magnet.

Performance-wise, the NX9 and NX10 are similarly outstanding. Both deliver top golf rangefinder performance at a very competitive price, earning them each consideration for best value golf rangefinder.

Each rangefinder offers:

  • Incredible accuracy
  • Speedy feedback
  • Magnetic grip
  • Excellent optics
  • Vibration confirmation when you hit the target

But the Precision Pro NX10 rangefinder gets the edge for best golf rangefinder for the money because of the super-cool option to add some personality to your golf tech. Also, the numbers in the NX10 display are less cluttered, easier to read, and more crisper than with the NX9.

Precision Pro NX10 vs Blue Tees Series 3 Max

Two of the sleekest-looking rangefinders on the market. But only one of these gives you the option to make it look even better!

Blue Tees upped their game considerably between their Series 2 and Series 3 Max editions. Better fit and finish, an easier-to-operate focus ring, and a less-cluttered auto ambient display are all upgrades with the Series 3 Max.

This new Series 3 product can certainly be considered a great value. But then there’s the Precision Pro NX10…

For even less money—in fact, for considerably less money than some of the leading brands —you can get most of the same features and performance in the Precision Pro NX10 rangefinder. This thing is a smokin’ hot deal!

Enjoy the pinpoint accuracy, super-quick readouts, magnetic mount, crystal-clear optics, and vibration feedback that’s made the Precision Pro NX10 a popular pick for best value golf rangefinder and even overall best golf rangefinder 2022.

Precision Pro NX10 Golf Rangefinder vs Bushnell Tour V5

Similar price points, but the NX10 includes slope for no additional cost!

Those golfers who don’t need or want slope-adjusted yardages can save money and still access all of the performance hallmarks that make Bushnell a legendary golf rangefinder brand. The Tour V5 delivers accuracy and precision within a yard, integrated BITE magnetic technology that allows you to easily grab and reattach the rangefinder to a cart, vivid color with 6x magnification, and it’s tournament legal—and $100 less expensive—with no slope setting.

If you’re looking for that same Bushnell reliability but want the slope-adjusted yardages, you can upgrade to the Tour V5 Shift.

Or, you can go with the most talked about golf rangefinder up-and-comer, the Precision Pro NX10. Not only will you get Incredible accuracy, speedy feedback, magnetic grip, excellent optics, vibration confirmation when you hit the target, and slope adjustment, but you’ll have the option to personalize your rangefinder with removable, customizable magnetic skins!

Precision Pro NX10 vs Shot Scope LX/LX+ Rangefinders

Two of the most interesting and best golf rangefinder options!

Want a golf laser rangefinder totally different from what your buddies have? Precision Pro and Shot Scope are two brands thinking outside the box.

With the Shot Scope LX+, you get not just a rangefinder but also a GPS display. That’s totally next level! Like the best of a rangefinder and golf watch combined! The GPS unit, preloaded with more than 36,000 courses, is also detachable so that you can conveniently carry it anywhere on the course. Or choose the less-expensive LX model, which does not include the GPS unit.

And of course the Precision Pro NX10 rangefinder gives you the opportunity to add some style to your game with customizable magnetic faceplate skins. Show some personality out on the course!

Both of these rangefinders deliver much more than gadgetry. Each is renowned for accuracy, build quality, optics, slope calculation, and range.

Precision Pro NX10 vs Precision Pro R1 Smart Rangefinder

Customized style or customized data—which feature is more important to you?

Precision Pro’s product line has evolved from what began as a cheap rangefinder option to what is now vying for best golf rangefinder. And their two flagship products—the Pro NX10 and Pro R1 Smart—are the culmination of that evolution.

The Precision Pro R1 Smart uses a proprietary MYSLOPE technology that combines your unique performance data with environmental variables to produce the best golf rangefinder with slope.

“Smart” is an understatement! The R1 Smart actually takes into account your launch angle, spin rate, ball speed and the current temperature, humidity, and altitude. The result is a game-changing level of accuracy applied to every course, club, and swing—specific to you!

The Precision Pro NX10 improves on the build and design of the NX9 but now brings a completely unique experience to golf—the ability to personalize your rangefinder with custom skins!

Precision Pro NX10 vs Nikon COOLSHOT 50i Golf Laser

Beautiful—inside and out!

If display optics are your primary buying concern, look no further than Nikon. Nobody does optics better than Nikon, and the COOLSHOT 50i takes what was already good and makes it even better.

But while Nikon may deliver that inner-beauty, the Precision Pro NX10 shows us that sometimes beauty being skin deep isn’t such a bad thing. That’s because the NX10 allows golfers the opportunity to display their personality with personalized, removable skins. Show off your school, company, or club pride!

Each of these rangefinders deliver high-end features at an affordable price.

The COOLSHOT 50i includes Nikon’s DUAL LOCKED ON technology, a built-in mounting magnet, enhanced measurement range, and slope adjustment.

With the Precision Pro NX10 rangefinder, you get the customizable skins plus pinpoint accuracy, super-quick readouts, magnetic mount, slope adjustment, and vibration feedback when you lock onto your target.

Precision Pro NX10 vs Bushnell Pro XE

The brand you know and trust or the contender for the throne?

Buying a Bushnell golf rangefinder is never going to be a bad idea. They are, without question, the leaders in the rangefinder space. And the Bushnell Pro XE is their top-of-the-line product, trusted by 97% of PGA Tour pros.

The Pro XE delivers slope-adjusted yardage, pinseeker technology with a visual jolt, 7x magnification for quick and easy focus on the target, waterproofing, a magnet to attach to your cart, and so much more.


What if we told you that you could get that same next-level performance for less money AND that you could customize the look of your rangefinder?

That’s exactly what the Precision Pro NX10 delivers and it’s got the golf world buzzing. Enjoy:

  • The option for personalized, removable magnetic faceplate skins
  • Incredible accuracy
  • Speedy feedback
  • Magnetic grip
  • Excellent optics
  • Vibration confirmation when you hit the target

Precision Pro NX10 vs Bushnell Pro X3—Best Golf Rangefinder 2022

The #1 rangefinder in golf vs the up-and-comer.

The world's most trusted rangefinder just got better. There's no playing around when Bushnell enhances their already advanced and proven technology. The Bushnell Pro X3 is their 2022 flagship product, and you know it comes with accuracy, power, and features you won't find in other rangefinders.

The Pro X3 delivers everything the Pro XE does, with some solid upgrades, including Home Elevation added to their Slope with Elements technology that will adjust your distances based on where you play golf the most.

However, we already told you above that you can get that similar performance in termis of accuracy, speed, and build quality for less money AND that you can customize the Precision Pro NX10.

Main differences between these two are:

  • The Bushnell has patented slope technology unique to only it.
  • The Pro X3 offers Dual Display for optimum visibility in a variety of conditions.
  • The 2022 Bushnell rangefinder has a locking shift-switch to keep you tournament legal when it counts.
  • The Precision Pro is customizable—super cool!
  • The NX10 only cost $299.99 for the slope version, while you'll drop $600 on the Pro X3.

Precision Pro NX10 Laser Rangefinder vs Garmin Approach Z82

Two top-of-the-line golf rangefinders, each with a distinct differentiator.

If the Precision Pro NX10 isn’t the best affordable golf rangefinder, we’d like to see what is. What other product combines best-in-class performance—including pinpoint accuracy, super-quick readouts, a magnetic mount, crystal-clear optics and vibration feedback—with personalized style? None! The NX10 is the first golf rangefinder to introduce customizable, removable faceplate skins. Now golfers can add their personality to their rangefinders.

And on the subject of uniqueness, the Garmin Approach Z82 has got a cool trick up its sleeve. Retaining all the same awesome features of the Z80, the Z82 now lets you see a full-color CourseView and GreenView overlay of the hole you’re playing. It’s a super cool piece of technology that leverages Garmin’s best-in-class GPS usage.

Precision Pro and Garmin are two of the leading innovators in golf tech. Either one of these products puts you well ahead of the game.

Precision Pro NX10 vs Nikon COOLSHOT Pro II Stabilized

Be the King of Bling or Steady Eddie!

Precision Pro and Nikon have filled two huge voids in the golf rangefinder product class.

With the NX10, Precision Pro has brought some much needed style to the rangefinder game. Now, golfers can personalize their rangefinders with magnetic, removable skins.

And don’t think for a second that style means sacrificing performance. You’ll get pinpoint accuracy, super-quick readouts, magnetic mount, and vibration feedback.

With the Nikon COOLSHOT Pro II Stabilized, golfers with unsteady hands finally get some relief! Nikon’s Stabilized technology means that even with shaky hands, you can still lock onto the flagstick for dead-on accurate yardages. And once you do lock onto your target, you’ll enjoy Nikon’s industry-leading optics.

Precision Pro NX10 vs Voice Caddie SL2 Golf Laser Rangefinders

Two of the best-looking golf rangefinders!

The Voice Caddie SL2 brings a much-need classic, understated aesthetic to the high-end golf rangefinder game. So often, these top golf rangefinder options look so modern and futuristic. The SL2 brings a refreshing touch of class.

Beyond that, the SL2 is a leading candidate for best golf rangefinder with slope as it is a hybrid device that combines a laser with a built-in GPS. That means advanced features like dynamic green undulation, course layout graphics, distance readings, 6x magnification, slope compensation, two-color OED displays, and more!

And getting back to looks, there’s no product that can touch the Precision Pro NX10. It is the first and only golf rangefinder with the option to change out faceplate skins. That’s right, you can customize your look with easy-on-and-off magnetic faceplates to accompany pinpoint accuracy, super-quick readouts, a magnetic mount, and vibration feedback.

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