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Cobra KING Wedge with SNAKEBITE Grooves

by Cobra
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The KING COBRA Wedge features a nostalgic throwback KING COBRA, reminiscent of the rich history and evolution of the brand. The wedge features a new SNAKEBITE groove design (in traditional & full face groove lengths) that is engineered to maximize spin and fittingly produce more ‘BITE’ around the greens.


The KING COBRA Wedge features a new SNAKEBITE Groove design that is engineered with sharper and deeper grooves to maximize spin and fittingly produce more ‘BITE’ around the greens.

A new SNAKEBITE groove design uses a re-engineered cutting method that replaces tools more frequently to tighten groove tolerances, maximize groove volume, and create the sharpest and most accurate groove possible. The new design results in 11% deeper grooves, and 40% sharper groove edges to impart maximum spin on the ball.


  • Groove Shape: Narrow & Deep
  • Lofts: 48°, 50°, 52°, 54°
  • Performance: Traditional grooves are narrower and deeper to optimize spin on lower lofted wedges that are used with a square or delofted face.


  • Groove Shape: Wide & Shallow
  • Lofts: 56°, 58°, 60°
  • Performance: Wider and shallower full-face grooves that extend to the toe create more spin on shots with an open face when the ball is more likely to make contact with the toe area.

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    • VERSATILE - Heel and toe relief provides versatility to play shots with an open face, while a center notch keeps the leading edge closer to the ground without adding effective bounce.
      • Swing Type: Shallow / Neutral / Digger
      • Turf Conditions: Medium / Firm
    • WIDELOW GRIND - A wide, low bounce sole works its magic out of soft bunkers and medium rough, preventing the leading edge from digging.
      • Swing Type: Neutral / Digger
      • Turf Conditions: Soft / Medium
    • CLASSIC GRIND - A medium-width sole with high bounce and trailing edge relief works well for neutral to steeper swings and a variety of course conditions. With minimal heel and toe relief this grind is best suited for full swing and longer pitch shots.
      • Swing Type: Neutral / Digger
      • Turf Conditions: Soft / Medium / Firm
    • KING COBRA Wedge with SNAKEBITE Grooves

    Model: W6101RSS48V000