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Leupold GX-6c Laser Golf Rangefinder

by Leupold
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Hit the ball with total confidence with Leupold's GX-6c laser rangefinder

Featuring the unbeatable combination of Flag Lock Technology and Image Stabilization Technology, you are ready to conquer every game with this golf rangefinder. The Flag Lock Technology finds, identifies, and locks in on the Flag and delivers the exact yardage to the hole with an audible tone; while the Image Stabilization Technology reduces sudden and unnecessary movements so you can focus on getting accurate ranges.


Leupold Golf is proud to introduce the Leupold GX-6c Laser Rangefinder with Flag Lock Technology and Image Stabilization Technology in one beautiful package!

For the first time in the history of Rangefinders developed for Ultimate Golf Course Performance, the Leupold GX-6c actually finds, identifies and locks in on the Flag and then lets you know with an audible tone that you have the exact yardage to the hole. No locking on rocks, trees, bunker rakes anymore. The GX-6c locks on the Flag and nothing else.

How else can you improve on the best? Image Stabilization Technology!

Image Stabilization Technology drastically reduces movement caused by crosswinds, rain and shaky hands; stabilizing both the image and the laser. The Leupold GX-6c delivers accurate ranges by getting your target on the first try, no matter the conditions.

Leupold’s exclusive True Golf Range and Club Selector Technologies provide personalized ranges and club recommendations based on your hitting strength, slope, and environmental conditions. Waterproof, adjustable reticles for every eye, club selector based on your personal yardage, the GX-6c provides the same incredible performance and durability throughout the entire Leupold line. Leupold continues to deliver the speed of our other GX rangefinders while delivering improved accuracy and efficiency so you can golf with total confidence, shot after shot

  • Delivers the true distance to the flag by incorporating elevation changes and atmospheric conditions with True Golf Range (TGR) technology.
  • Flag Lock identifies the pin from the obstacles around it, like trees and bushes, and uses the information to accurately locate and lock on to the pin.
  • Receive screen alerts when the rangefinder locks onto the prism with Prism Lock, instantly displaying the distance, and speeding up the pace of play.
  • Makes club recommendations based on your normal striking distance and the TGR of your shot. It’s like having your own caddie who knows your every shot.
  • Delivers fast, accurate readings with our Digitally enhanced Accuracy (DNA) ranging engine.
  • PinHunter 3 eliminates false readings caused by background obstacles like bushes and trees, making zeroing-in on the flag fast and easy.
  • Multiple quick readings in one easy sweep with the press of a button, the GX-6c continuously updates with laser-accurate ranges making it easy to plot your strategy off the tee.
  • Image Stabilization technology drastically reduces movement caused by shaky hands and stabilizes both the image and the laser to deliver accurate ranges.

    Leupold GX-6c Rangefinder Only

    • GX-6c Laser Golf Rangefinder
    • Carrying Case
    • CR123 Lithium Battery
    • Manual

      Model: 0303170204963

      Leupold GX-6c Rangefinder Bundle also includes

      • PlayBetter Microfiber Cleaning Towel (Black)
      • Extra CR123 Battery