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MGI Ai Navigator GPS+ Electric Golf Push Cart with Remote Control (36-Hole Battery)

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Attention all golf enthusiasts! Get ready to elevate your game with the MGI Ai Navigator GPS+ - the latest addition to our MGI product line. With an array of next-level features, this modern four-wheel design is the perfect caddy for your next game.

Your ultimate golfing companion packed with electric caddy advancements

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MGI Ai Navigator GPS+

24V 380Wh Lithium Battery, 36 Hole, & Battery Charger

Remote Control with Lithium Battery

USB Cord for Remote Charging (AC Adaptor Not Included)

+BONUS Accessories Worth $99 (Drink Bottle Holder, Umbrella Holder, & Phone Holder)

PlayBetter Extra Large Golf Caddy Towel (+$10)**Optional Upgrade not included in standard packaging.**

Effortlessly Navigate the Course with Advanced GPS Technology

The MGI AI Navigator GPS+ is your ultimate golfing companion, equipped with advanced GPS technology that takes your game to the next level.

This sleek device provides accurate and real-time information about the course, giving you precise distances to hazards, greens, and layup points.

With its intuitive touchscreen display, you can easily navigate through the course and plan your shots strategically.

Stay one step ahead with the MGI AI Navigator GPS+ and experience golfing like never before!

Maximize Performance with Shot Tracking and Statistics

Take control of your game and maximize your performance with the MGI AI Navigator GPS+'s shot tracking and statistics feature.

This innovative device allows you to track your shots effortlessly, providing valuable insights into your game. Analyze your distances, shot dispersion, and club performance to identify areas for improvement.

With comprehensive statistics at your fingertips, you can make informed decisions on the course and fine-tune your strategy. Elevate your game with the MGI AI Navigator GPS+ and unlock your full potential!

Stay Connected and Informed with Smart Notifications

The MGI AI Navigator GPS+ keeps you connected and informed throughout your round with its smart notifications feature.

Sync it with your smartphone and receive notifications for calls, messages, and other important alerts right on your wrist. Stay in touch with friends, family, and colleagues without the need to constantly check your phone.

With the MGI AI Navigator GPS+, you can stay connected on and off the course while focusing on your game.

Enjoy Seamless Play with Long-Lasting Battery Life

Play with peace of mind knowing that the MGI AI Navigator GPS+ offers exceptional battery life to keep up with your golfing adventures.

This device boasts a long-lasting battery that can easily handle multiple rounds of golf on a single charge. Say goodbye to the anxiety of running out of battery mid-round.

With the MGI AI Navigator GPS+, you can enjoy uninterrupted play and stay focused on your game without worrying about battery life.

Experience seamless golfing with the MGI AI Navigator GPS+!

MGI Ai Navigator GPS+ FAQs

Additional Information on MGI Ai Navigator GPS+ Electric Golf Push Cart with Remote Control (36-Hole Battery)


  • Open Dimensions: 45.6' x 22.6' x 39.3' inches
  • Folded Dimensions (Inverted Rear Wheels): 24.4' x 18.1' x 15.3' inches
  • Weight (No Battery): 33.28lbs
  • Weight (With Battery): 39lbs