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Best Reviewed Golf Launch Monitor of 2022

Quick Look at PlayBetter's 3 Top-Selling Launch Monitors

Reviewed by Our Partner Gabe at Let's Play Thru!

Best Overall Launch Monitor Under $600

WHY? Most Data Points, Very Portable, Easy Setup, Accuracy, offers SIMULATION!

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Best Accuracy & Display for Under $500

WHY? Instant Readout, Audible Shot Callouts, Big Display, Durable, Remote for Club Changing

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Best Indoor Launch Monitor for Accuracy

WHY? Indoor Accuracy, Requires Less Space to Use, Robust Simulation Software Compatibility

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Heading into 2022 and wondering which golf launch monitor has gotten the best reveiw? Well, sit back, relax, grab a cold one, and get ready to be informed and entertained.

Watch our PlayBetter partner Gabe at Let's Play Thru review some of the best launch monitors in golf. When we get a new golf unit from one of our trusted brands, we immediately send it back out the door again for his honest and expert opinion. Then we pass on his reviews to you.

With launch monitors and simulators, we're looking at the categories you want to know about, such as ease of use, data points, data visualizations, accuracy, durability, portability, battery life, and special features.

In this post, you'll find reviews for these top golf launch monitors: Garmin Approach R10, SkyTrak, the Rapsodo MLM, the Swing Caddie SC300i, and the FlightScope Mevo and Mevo Plus.

And as more devices become available, we'll be adding them to list to keep you up to date (expect the Bushnell Launch Pro in the very near future!)

While you're at it, check out this video Gabe put together about the best golf launh monitor under $600

Best Reviewed Golf Launch
Monitors of 2022

Garmin Approach R10 Launch Monitor & Simulator — Best Data Points

Garmin Approach R10 Pros

  • The Approach R10 has club path, club face, and angle of attack metrics that you won't find on golf launch monitors/simulators for less than $5,000. Yes, that's a 5 with 3 zeros!
  • The Approach R10 has all the other metrics you could want, like ball speed, launch angle, launch direction, club head speed, back swing and down swing times, and more!
  • This personal golf launch monitor is highly accurate, especially outside. Our friend Gabe at Let's Play Thru tested it against other golf launch monitors and simulators, including SkyTrak, Mevo, and the GC2. Watch that Garmin Approach R10 review.
  • Get game modes with rich visual graphics and multiplayer games and challenges.
  • Garmin's own simulation on 42,000 courses worldwide and access to E6 Connect (for iOS and PC only). Also, the Approach R10 is now Awesome Golf compatible.
  • Super easy setup.
  • 10 hours of battery life.
  • Again ... it's only $600!!!

Approach R10 Cons

  • Gabe from Let's Play Thru found the indoor distances to be a little under what they would be on the range. He and we are confident that Garmin can adjust this with a firmware update.
  • The R10 does not have putting.
  • The E6 Connect simulation is currently not available (this could change) for Android users. However, it is compatible with PCs.
  • Because it does not have a camera, the Approach R10 will not auto-recognize your clubs.

Sold out

SkyTrak — Best Launch Monitor for Your Indoor Space & Accuracy

SkyTrak Portable Golf Launch Monitor Pros

  • Shot-Tracer gets views from two camera angles for enhanced feedback, providing better information than you would get playing at the course.
  • The SkyTrak has proven, excellent accuracy, especially indoors.
  • Multiple data points, including Ball Speed, Launch Angle, BackSpin, Side Spin and Carry Distance.
  • Get fun challenges like Closest to the Pin, Long Drive, and Target Practice.
  • The SkyTrak measures putting.
  • Play the most famous golf courses in the world—right from the comfort of your own home.
  • Customize you SkyTrak experience by inputting a series of desired variables and environmental factors such as weather and course conditions.
  • SkyTrak also includes robust simulation software compatibility, including the Golf Club 2019, TrueGolf E6 Connect, Creative Golf, Fitness Golf, and ProTee Play for PC.

SkyTrak Cons

  • It's no longer the most affordable golf launch monitor and simulator.
  • It doesn't have Club Path metrics.
  • The SkyTrak golf launch monitor and simulator battery life is only 5 hours.

Sold out

Rapsodo — Best Data Visualization in a Golf Launch Monitor

Rapsodo MLM Pros

  • The Rapsodo Golf Launch has key features you'll love like smart club recognition, shot tracer, GPS shot map, video playback, club gapping, interactive game/sharing, shot library, indoor/outdoor net with select iOS devices.
  • Metrics that include distance, ball speed, club speed, smash factor, launch angle, and launch direction.
  • The Rapsodo works anywhere you can hit balls!
  • A unique experience for iPhone users!
  • Gabe calls the interface on the Rapsodo "an absolute pleasure to use." It has a great map overview of where all shots land out on the practice range. It shows the data points and the stats range, which is easy to compile. Overall, it is graphically great design.

Rapsodo Cons

  • The Rapsodo is limited to iPhones only.
  • Has limited metrics compared to the R10 and SkyTrak.
  • The Rapsodo MLM is not compatible with golf simulation.

Sold out

Swing Caddie SC300i — Best Accuracy in an Affordable Launch Monitor

Swing Caddie SC300i Pros

  • Gabe found this one to be extremely accurate throughout his bag, from driver all the way down to wedge. He verified his readings on the range with his rangefinder, and found the SC300i to do a bang-up job!
  • Instant on-screen readouts of your shot.
  • Shows you 6 key data parameters on the screen of the golf launch monitor unit, including distance, smash factor, swing speed, ball speed, launch angle, apex, and spin rate (in app).
  • You have the option to see your data in real-time in the app installed on your smartphone if you prefer.
  • Swing video with auto recording.
  • Several ways to analyze your swing in the MySwingCaddie app
  • Newly updated and tested Doppler radar and barometric pressure sensors.
  • The Voice Output feature announces shot distance automatically after each shot, so you don’t have to walk over to the device to read it each time you hit.
  • The SC300i golf launch monitor includes a remote so that you can change mode, club, or target distance without having to walk to the monitor each time between shots.
  • Long battery life of 12 hours.

SC300i Golf Launch Monitor Cons

  • Although it has the requisite basics, the Swing Caddie SC300i doesn't have quite the amount of metrics as the R10 or the Skytrak, which may be appealing to some who don't want devices overcrowded with numbers, along with the comparatively lower price.
  • Not compatible with simulators.
  • Other than that, we've got nothing. We love this golf launch monitor!

Sold out

FlightScope Mevo Plus — Easy to Use & Most Fun with a GLM & Simulator

Mevo+ Golf Launch Monitor and Simulator Pros

  • 16 of the most important data parameters: Carry Distance, Club Head Speed, Smash Factor, Apex Height, Flight Time, Ball Speed, Vertical Launch Angle, Horizontal Launch Angle, Lateral Landing, Angle of Attack, Total Distance, Roll Distance, Spin Axis, Spin Rate, Spin Loft, and Shot Shape
  • Can be used indoor or outdoors
  • Numbers rival many high-end monitors
  • Great for Simulator Use
  • Comes with very good simulation software; 5 free E6 Connect courses
  • No subscription fees

FightScope Mevo+ Cons

  • Requires a minimum of 8 feet behind the ball
  • Requires stickers on golf ball to measure spin
  • Launch Monitor will work with less space but will be completely inaccurate
  • Battery Life can be low for a long day at the range

Sold out

FlightScope Mevo — Highly Affordable & Portable Golf Launch Monitor

Mevo Portable Launch Monitor Pros

  • 8 basic essential data parameters: Carry Distance, Club Head Speed, Ball Speed, Smash Factor, Vertical Launch Angle, Spin Rate, Apex Height, and Flight Time
  • On the affordable end of the high-quality launch monitor spectrum
  • Can be used indoor or outdoors
  • Very accurate numbers
  • Portable and Pocketable: 3.55" x 2.76" x 1.8" (90 x 70 x 30mm)
  • Long battery life: up to 4 hours on a full charge
  • No subscription fees

FightScope Mevo Cons

  • Requires 4-7 Feet behind the ball
  • Launch Angles can read slightly higher
  • Can be hard to use indoors due to space required
  • Can't be used with simulator software

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