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The Bushnell overhead sign at the 2024 PGA Show

Bushnell Wingman 2 FIRST LOOK & Review — From the 2024 PGA Show!

Only Bushnell Golf could outdo one of its most popular pieces of golf tech. At last, there is a Wingman 2! Same sleek look with upgrades and new features. Find out how the best GPS speaker in golf just got better!

PGA SHOW VIDEO: PlayBetter Golf Reviewer Marc Interviews Ryne from Bushnell About New Golf Products!

Ah, the lauded Bushnell Wingman. The most popular GPS speaker in golf—and for good reason. It’s accurate, offers audible distances, provides excellent sound quality, has a remote small enough to go undetected in your pocket, doubles as a wireless bluetooth, is a ton of fun, and is super affordable at just $150. 

Surely nothing could replace it.

Except a Bushnell Wingman 2!

And the best brand in golf has done just that! 

Bushnell Golf announced the Wingman 2 GPS golf speaker at the 2024 PGA Show on January 24 where we have a team on the ground. We’re giving you a first look while our golf reviewer is checking out this new golf gadget to bring you even greater detail!

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Now, let’s look at that Wingman 2! 

New Features on the Bushnell Wingman 2

Front view of the Bushnell Wingman 2 at the 2024 PGA Show

As in the original and hugely popular Bushnell Wingman, you can:

  • Bushnell Golf Mobile App Included
  • Audible Front, Center, BAck Distances (from remote or speaker)

But the new Wingman 2 GPS speaker has some tech spit-shine on it we think you’re going love, such as:

  • Upgraded BITE Remote to get GPS distances
  • Upgraded, integrated BITE Magnetic Cart Mount
  • New Battery Life Indicator
  • Premium audio quality
  • First Tee Introductions & Custom Sound Bites
  • Wirelessly Pairs with Another Wingman2, View, or Mini for Surround Sound
  • Built-in Mic to take & make calls
  • New USB-C Charging Port
  • USB-A Power Bank
  • 14+ hour battery life (over 4 hours more than original Wingman!)
  • Access to 38,000 courses worldwide 

Bushnell Wingman 2 Price (vs original Wingman)

The original Bushnell Wingman started out as $199 and is now available (while supplies last) for $149.99.

So, the good news is … the 2024 Bushnell Wingman 2 will also be available for $149.00! (But not until sometime this spring; we’re hearing March. Fingers crossed!).

One reason the Bushnell Golf is a golfer go-to brand is that they offer some of the best golf tech in the industry, trusted by the pros, with high-quality and (I’ll say it) sexy style, and they somehow manage to offer pricing for the average golfer! How we do love Bushnell Golf at PlayBetter!

As a Golf Cart Bluetooth Speaker

Bushnell Wingman 2 view from above at the display at the 2024 PGA Show!

Ever wanted to listen to your tunes or tune in to your favorite podcaster while knocking out a round of golf? The experts at Bushnell Golf suspected as much when they created the Wingman GPS golf speaker several years back.

Now with the upgraded Wingman 2 model, you have the next level in wireless Bluetooth speaker technology for golfers!

Our partner and reviewer Gabe at Let's Play Thru gives the speaker quality a definite thumbs up, reporting that it has nice bass with sound that's not too overpowering, not too muddy, and nicely balanced. He said it's as solid as his stereo at home. But it's a Bushnell Golf gadget ... we expected as much!

Wingman 2 as a Audible Golf GPS

That's right, not only does this speaker add listening pleasure to your time on the course, it adds precision to your shots as a golf GPS unit. 

Paired with the revamped Bushnell Golf App, your course pops up on the app. Once you select your golf course and roll up to the tee box, simply push the button on the remote once, and the Wingman 2 tells you how far to the front center and back of the green and gives you an overview of what hazards you have out in front of you. 

Then it will auto advance to each successive hole and give you distances automatically as you approach the tee box.

What’s more? It gives you tee box instructions that are newly enhanced for easier use on the app. and loads of entertainment with custom sound bites! Who says golf can’t be serious AND fun!

Let’s Talk About That Remote

Bushnell Wingman 2 speaker on its side showing top remote in place at 2024 PGA Show

The convenient and easy-to-use redesigned Wingman 2 remote is upgraded to allow you to get GPS distances now—plus adjust volume, change songs, and play sound bites and 1st tee introductions.

Additionally, the remote is much more securely fastened to the device so that there is far less chance of it popping loose.

Bite Magnetic Cart Mount

The rear view of magnet on the Bushnell Wingman 2 at the PGA Show

Ride confidently with your golf cart speaker! The Wingman 2 features Bushnell’s franchise-feature BITE magnetic mount that allows you to easily attach it right on the cart bar.

And with this next-gen Bushnell favorite, the BITE magnet is A LOT stronger. Like, a lot! You practically have to use two hands to pull it off of the post it's sticking to. 

How Long Will the Wingman 2 Last?

The new Bushnell Wingman 2 gives you 14+ hours of battery life!

That’s 4 and some change more than the original Wingman battery life. And that’ll get you nearly 3 rounds. 

Bushnell has also added a battery-indicator light on the unit (it's the circle B under the other buttons on the speaker).

Plus, you can charge your phone with this unit in the micro port. And speaking of phones, you can take and make phone calls through your speaker. 

Like the game itself, golf tech just makes life better!

Can You Pair Two Wingman 2’s for Surround Sound?

Sure can. AND, now you can pair any Wingman speaker together, including the Wingman Mini and the Wingman View!

Bushnell Wingman 2 Review

Our golf reviewer Marc is at the 2024 PGA Show in Orlando getting up close and personal with this GPS golf speaker right now! That is, before it is even available. By the way, the Bushnell Wingman 2 is expected to be available sometime in March. We’ll keep you posted.

But once PlayBetter gets their hands on one, Marc will be testing the Wingman 2 out to bring you one of his honest, in-depth reviews. And, of course, he’ll follow up with a Wingman Mini and Wingman View comparison!  

So stay tuned by checking the PlayBetter Golf Blog, signing up for the newsletter (just drop your email in the form on this page), or follow us on social media (icons in the header and footer) — to find out when we have these products in stock or ready for pre-order!

And, don't forget to check out the two other new Bushnell Golf products being announced at the PGA Show: the Bushnell Pro X3 rangefinder and the Bushnell Phantom 3 GPS!

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