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The Bushnell Wingman View | Everything You Need to Know

Is the Bushnell Wingman View the Best Golf Cart Speaker So Far?

Yes, we think the Bushnell Wingman View is the best GPS Bluetooth speaker for golfers—especially those who like riding in carts.

Not that you won't love it if you prefer to carry or push your golf bag—you will.

But this golf speaker sticks right to the cart bar, giving you an easy-to-read visual of distances to the front, center, and back of the green.

Plus you get audible distances through the speaker.

You can listen to your favorite music or podcasts.

Make and take phone calls through it.

With its slick new design, this Bushnell Golf speaker will enhance your day on the course with fun and useful features—for only $200! At that price, it makes the coolest gift for a golfer you love. Even if that golfer is you!

Bushnell Wingman View Quick Links

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Wingman View Golf GPS Speaker — New Features

This 2023 Bushnell Gof Speaker has all the fun and functionality of the original Wingman, and then adds:

  • An easy-to-read LCD Screen to see as well as hear distances to the pin.
  • A sexy new design.
  • Audible 1st tee intros and sound bites.
  • Up to 6 audible and viewable hazard distances per hole.
  • A new remote with BITE magnetic mount.

New Bushnell Golf Speaker — Full List of Features

  • LCD Screen Provides Distance & Music Info
  • Audible Front, Center, and Back Distances
  • Up to 6 Viewable Hazard Distances per Hole
  • Premium Audio Quality
  • Audible Custom Messages on Command
  • Audible 1st Tee Introductions
  • Upgraded BITE Magnetic Cart Mount
  • Removable BITE Remote to Get GPS Distances & Control Music and Volume
  • TWS Speaker Pairing Technology
  • Built-in Microphone to Take & Make Calls
  • 10+ Hour Battery Life
  • USB and USB-C Ports for Charging Other Devices
  • Bushnell Mobile Golf App Included

Get Visual & Audible Distances

The Wingman View's new LCD screen provides distances to the front, middle, and back of the green along with hole information, music information, and battery life icon.

Also, get audible GPS distance readings through this Bushnell golf speaker by simply pressing the remote button. With 36,000+ courses worldwide, you'll be ready to go wherever you play!

Once paired with the free Bushnell Golf app, your course pops up on the app. Simply select your golf course and roll up to the tee box. Push the button on the remote and the Wingman View gives you your distances to the green. It conveniently auto advances to each hole.

It's easy to use, and you can even take incoming calls! Plus, it's loads of fun. Change the voice in settings, choose sound effects, or create custom messages for when you miss or do well on a shot.

You can even pair two speakers for stereo sound—if you really want to rock out in your golf cart! Or anywhere, because this speaker provides premium audio quality!

Bushnell BITE Magnetic Cart Mount & Magnetic Remote

Wingman View Magnet

This Bluetooth GPS speaker comes standard with Bushnell Golf’s Magnetic BITE technology, allowing the speaker to be secured to any golf cart without the need for an aftermarket accessory.

Bushnell Wingman Tour Remote

A removable magnetic BITE remote seamlessly secures the remote in the top of the unit and provides GPS Distances, full music control, and plays 1st tee introductions and custom messages at a touch of a button.

Bushnell Wingman View Battery Life & More

The rechargeable battery of the Wingman View is long-lasting and provides up to 10 hrs (typically 2 rounds of golf) on a charge.

Run out of phone or watch juice on the course? This Bushnell golf speaker also includes built-in USB and USB-C ports for charging other devices.

Additionally, you can also get True Wireless Stereo (TWS) pairing when you pair two Wingman Views together!  

Bushnell Golf App

You will need to use the Bushnell Golf app to get your GPS distances on you Wingman View speaker. Pair your speaker with the FREE Bushnell Golf app and:

  • Access to over 36,000+ professionally mapped golf courses worldwide. Front, center, back distances to the green, custom points and full-color 3D flyovers and graphic layouts of each hole plus shot distance and scorecard tracking.
  • Track your golf scores by entering your score on the golf course while you are playing, and the score will register on the app.
  • Get wireless updates of golf courses on your compatible GPS devices through a Bluetooth connection on your phone.
  • Get daily syncing of steps to your mobile phone, allowing daily progress tracking.

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