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The Foresight Sports tent at the 2024 PGA Show Demo Day

Foresight Sports QuadMax Golf Launch Monitor — FIRST LOOK from the 2024 PGA Show!

The pinnacle of performance analysis for golfers just shot way up with this next-level GCQuad from Foresight Sports—the QuadMAX! How could they possibly improve on the best launch monitor in golf, you ask? Stand by for answers!

The QuadMAX—Foresight Sport’s new flagship launch monitor— was announced on January 23, 2024 at the PGA Show in Orlando. And everyone from Tour players to golf fanatics are itching to test it out and learn more about it!

While you’ll recognize the iconic shape of the GCQuad, the QuadMAX assertively sports a new style and color—along with some amazing new features that really elevate this new standard of golf launch monitors to an unexpected level—that has Pro Golfers who have tested it already “keyed in on a favorite new feature,” according to Mark Gerent, Foresight Sports Tour Rep.

So … what do next-level golf tech features look like, how is the QuadMAX different from the GCQuad, what kind of data does it offer, what kind of budget to you have to have to more-than-dream of having this launch monitor in your home golf simulator, and when is Foresight Sports making it available? 

We’re letting you know below. 

And more importantly, we’ve got a team on the ground in Orlando for the PGA Show, including our in-house golf reviewer, Marc. He will be updating us on the QuadMAX or other noteworthy product announcements that will be shaking up the 2024 golf season!

And follow us on social media (icons at top right on this page!) or YouTube—as our team will be pumping out updates from the PGA Show all week long!

What You Need to Know About the 2024 QuadMAX 

One of several QuadMAX golf launch monitors at the Foresight Sports display at the PGA Show on Demo Day
A tabletop of NEW QuadMAX GLMs! At the Foresight Sports spot at the 2024 PGA Show Demo Day!

Foresight Sports packed even more into this quadrascopic launch monitor’s compact, ruggedized form factor, including:

New Feature: Touchscreen Display
Why It’s Amazing:
This gives the golfer considerably improved usability, even allowing them to use the next new feature: MyTiles.

New Feature: MyTiles Software
Why It’s Amazing: This new software feature allows users to customize the on-screen data they wish to view and prioritize. Foresight Sports procured this wish-list request from top instructors and Tour players seeking to focus on only certain launch variables during lessons and practice. It’s this kind of consideration that keeps this brand at the top of the rapidly growing golf tech industry!

New Feature: Internal Memory Capture
Why It’s Amazing: This QuadMAX feature allows shot and session data to be captured in the launch monitor’s internal memory for later offload and analysis via the Foresight Sports app. If you’re a golfer interested in avoiding distractions from phones and tablets during practice, you’ll find this especially useful. The internal memory is so hardcore, it can store data for up to two billion shots, enough to keep a golfer hitting a ball every second non-stop for more than 60 years.

New Feature: More Data Parameters
Why It’s Amazing: With QuadMAX, players get even more game-changing performance data parameters, including: 

  • Ball Apex (the highest point the golf ball travels into the air)
  • Descent Angle (your ball’s landing angle; often overlooked in the quest for the green!)
  • Ball Offline from Target (the distance the ball is offline from the target line.
  • PLUS, there's a new club metric in the works for later in 2024! If you purchased the QuadMAX before its release, it will be available in a firmware update.

New Feature: Swing Speed (no ball needed!)
Why It’s Amazing: Golfers who want speed training will love QuadMAX’s ability to measure swing speed without the need for a ball to be struck. This feature even functions when using a speed training aid (with reflective marker) rather than a golf club!

New Feature: Improved Battery Life
Why It’s Amazing: The QuadMAX further legitimizes the “MAX” portion of its appellation with a 15% larger battery for notably increased battery life.

New Feature: More Lightweight
Why It’s Amazing: Even though this next-gen Quad launch monitor has a larger battery, the pros at Foresight Sports were able to decrease its weight by 15% due to magnesium internals! 

QuadMAX Golf Launch Monitor Data Parameters

Top view of the new touchscreen with finger touching on the Foresight Sports QuadMAX golf launch monitor

Let’s take a close look at the performance data this golf game-improvement machine can churn out (and store) with the utmost accuracy powered by four cameras!

Before with a fully decked-out GCQuad, you had these metrics at your disposal:

  • Launch Angle
  • Side Angle
  • Ball Speed
  • Total Spin
  • Carry
  • Side Spin/Spin Axis
  • Club Head Speed 
  • Smash Factor 
  • Club Path 
  • Angle of Attack 
  • Loft/Lie 
  • Face Angle 
  • Impact Location 
  • Closure Rate 

Now the Foresight Sports QuadMAX adds on:

  • Ball Apex 
  • Descent Angle
  • Ball Offline from Target 

What About the QuadMAX as a Home Golf Simulator?

Yes. Just yes. If money were not an issue—this is the holy grail for virtual golf entertainment and practice at home. It would make going to work difficult and coming home at the end of each day like a trip to paradise.

Simulator-wise, with one of these puppies in your garage golf simulator, basement, or golf shed, you’ll be able to use all of the following:

  • FSX Play Software
  • FSX 2020 Software
  • 25 Golf Courses
  • FSX Pro Performance Software
  • Awesome Golf—Lifetime Membership
  • Integration with Third-Party Sim Software:
    • GSPro
    • E6 Connect
    • Creative Golf
    • Swing Catalyst
  • Foresight Fairgrounds
  • 2-Year Warranty
  • Power Adapter & Cable
  • USB-C Cable
  • Alignment Stick
  • Club Markers

If you have ever used or seen FSX software run in a simulator, you know it’s beautifully realistic enough to strike awe in the heart of any golfer. We’re talking about the best golf tech brand here; there isn’t an aspect of performance improvement or golf entertainment experiences where Foresight Sports is not leading.

Price & Availability 

The QuadMAX on the range at the 2024 PGA Show for Demo Day next to Foresight sign and golf balls

The QuadMAX on Demo Day at the 2024 PGA Show! Tour players are gravitating to the Foresight Sports tent!

You can purchase the QuadMAX with ball and club data for $19,999. If you want the putting add-ons it will be an additional $2,500, bringing the grand total of a fully loaded unit to $22,499. 

A fully loaded GCQuad was once $21,500, but can still be picked up for $19,999 on PlayBetter for a limited time. Again, this is the GCQuad, which won’t have all the new updates of the QuadMAX, but is still an amazing golf launch monitor for serious game improvement and to be used as a centerpiece for your home golf simulator.  

As for availability … Foresight’s new flagship launch monitor is being previewed at the PGA Show, where PlayBetter has a team on the ground! The QuadMAX is expected to be available for purchase on in February 2024.

QuadMAX vs GCQuad

Rear view of Three QuadMAX golf launch monitors and a GC3 on a table at the Foresight Sports tent at the 2024 PGA Show

Look at the beautiful new beauties! The QuadMAX showing off the new form factor at the Foresight Sport tent on Demo Day!

Let’s review the main differences between the Foresight Sports GQuad—which was already The Standard in golf performance analysis—and the new 2024 QuadMAX!

  • New look with a rugged, compact form factor!
  • New touchscreen display.
  • MyTiles software feature—to customize your preferred shown data—in app or on the device screen!
  • Four more data parameters: Ball Apex, Descent Angle, and Ball Offline from Target.
  • Internal memory that’ll save your session.
  • Swing speed detection without the need of a ball! 
  • Increased battery life!
  • Lighter Weight = More Portability!

The Recap on the QuadMAX Golf Launch Monitor

 Golfer on golf course post swing with his golf bag and the Foresight Sports QuadMAX golf launch monitor

The golfer shopping for this launch monitor has one major thing in common with Foresight Sports: They don’t take performance improvement or virtual golf experience at home lightly!

If you want the best feedback on your swing with ball and club metrics powered by a 4-camera system that is the apex of accuracy in the golf tech industry, the QuadMAX is the new standard.

If a touchscreen and customizable on-screen data tiles, along with more parameters fits the bill, look no further.

If you want unbeatable simulation options, the buck stops at Foresight Sports

If the QuadMAX is out of your budgetary reach, keep in mind its amazing little siblings—the GC3 and Bushnell Launch Pro—both powered by the same Foresight Sports technology!

Stay tuned via the PlayBetter golf blog and social media (icons in upper right column). And if you are not signed up for our golf newsletter, it’s a great way to get golf tech updates straight to your inbox. Simply subscribe in the signup provided on this page! 

We will have more QuadMAX and golf tech intel flowing in from the PGA Show all week!

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