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All four FlightScope Mevo golf launch monitors on display at the 2024 PGA Show

In-Person Look at FlightScope Mevo Plus Limited Edition and New Software: Even Cooler Than Expected!

Our in-house golf reviewer Marc has boots on the ground in Orlando and just got insider info on the new Limited Edition Mevo+ golf launch monitor from a FlightScope Golf rep. See what he found out!

PGA SHOW VIDEO: Golf Reviewer Marc & Chris (PlayBetter Director of Growth) Testing the FlightScope Mevo+ Limited Edition

FlightScope Mevo+ Limited Edition

The new FlightScope Mevo+ Limited Edition sitting on fake grass in front of a FlightScope sign at the 2024 PGA Show

Here in Orlando at the 2024 PGA Show, we’ve now had a chance to get hands-on for the first time with the new FlightScope Mevo+ golf launch monitor and FlightScope’s new software innovations. And while the announcement of these new releases did a lot to build anticipation, the actual benefits are even better than we anticipated.

First some news about just how limited the new Limited Edition will be:

While FlightScope was not willing to announce an official estimation of number of units to be manufactured, word is that these new Limited Edition Mevo Plus units may not be available much longer than through the first quarter of this year. Again, that’s not yet an official projection, but it is reason to act fast if this new product is of interest.

Mevo Plus Limited Edition Features

To recap, the new Mevo Plus Limited Edition includes:

  • New front panel and new color scheme
  • Comes preloaded with Mevo+ Pro Package and Face Impact Location software.
  • Includes exclusive iOS/PC E6 Connect package of 12 courses that cannot be purchased separately or elsewhere, including:
    • Pebble Beach
    • The Old Course at St Andrews
    • Bethpage Black
    • Bay Hill
    • Harbour Town
    • The Greenbrier
    • The Belfry
    • Banff Springs
    • Panther Lake
    • Aviara
    • Wade Hampton
    • Oslo Golf Club

It’s basically everything the standard Mevo+ launch monitor can do except for now the upgrades — the Mevo+ Pro Package and Face Impact Location — come preloaded and with a savings. The Limited Edition Mevo+ costs $200 less than if you bought those upgrade packages individually. But on top of that, you get big-time sim golf courses like Pebble Beach, the Old Course at St Andrews, Bethpage Black, and Harbour Town — courses you can’t get through the normal Mevo+.

FlightScope Golf Simulator at PGA Show

E6 Connect's Pebble Beach golf course on the FlightScope Golf simulator at the 2024 PGA Show

And, of course we got to see some of the Free E6 Connect courses in action in the FlightScope Golf simulator at the show! The image above is of Pebble Beach—now included only with the Mevo+ Limited Edition!

FlightScope Golf on Benefits of Golf Tech & Software

Alex Trujilo, Business Development with FlightScope, noted the game-improvement opportunities that these included-with-the-Mevo+-Limited-Edition features offer.

“The consumer is getting so educated about the data around golf, that these packages are really for anyone,” Trujillo said. “I always use the analogy of if you broke your arm, you know your arm is broken. But you’re going to go to the doctor and they’re going to put you in an X-Ray machine or MRI to figure out exactly where your arm is broken. And that’s what this technology does. It gives you an in-depth look at what is really actually happening in your golf swing. You can pinpoint your answers much quicker.”

Of specific interest to a wide range of players is the Face Impact Location software, Trujillo said.

“That can absolutely benefit anybody,” he said. “Before we had Face Impact, you might hit a shot and think, ‘Oh, that felt pretty good, I must have hit it in the center of the clubface.’ But now we can see that you actually hit it a bit on the toe. So then if you adjust to actually hit it in the center, you see how much better the shot can be.”

FlightScope Golf rep pointing at the new Mevo+ Limited Edition in a display case of all four FlightScope golf launch monitors

New Software Innovations Address Mevo Plus Alignment Issues

We knew that these FlightScope software packages were cool, but after seeing it in-person, we now know that it’s way cooler than even expected.

Here’s what we already knew:

  • FlightScope Badger AI will allow users to gain access to sophisticated guidance, including tailored recommendations for online courses, instructive YouTube videos, detailed explanations of data metrics, benchmarks against PGA and LPGA standards, and more. It even provides tailored advice for fine-tuning golf equipment to maximize performance.
  • FlightScope Shot Tracer means you’ll now be able to take a video of your swing, and then in the FS Golf app, you’ll be able to get a ball flight trace with data overlaid on top of the video.
  • Environmental Optimizer for Mevo+ in the FS Golf App means you’ll now be able to calculate the impacts of altitude, humidity, air temperature, wind speed, wind direction, and landing height. That means that you can change your effective environment without actually changing locations. You can now prepare for whatever types of conditions and gain an understanding of how climate variables affect your golf shots.
  • FlightScope Planning Tool allows you to prepare for the weather conditions at an upcoming destination. Using your data and the local weather forecast for wherever you’re heading, you can now calculate carry distances for up to three days in advance on any golf course in the world.
  • Swing Trainer for Mevo, Mevo+, and X3 allows you to monitor your swing speeds without having to hit an actual ball. This is a great option for people working on improving their swing speeds. You can use this tool with your normal golf clubs or with swing speed trainers like the Stack system or Swing Speed Sticks. If you want to hit it further, this is how you do it.

But what we didn’t know is that FlightScope has developed a new means of aligning the device for pinpoint accuracy. We’ll have much more on this to come, but for now, just understand that one of the biggest complaints or pain points with the Mevo+ launch monitor has been addressed and what was already a great product is getting better and better.

Keep it right here as we’ll have more real-time 2024 PGA Show updates coming. 

About PlayBetter Golf Reviewer Marc Sheforgen

Marc Sheforgen is a golf writer whose passion for the game far exceeds his ability to play it well. Marc covers all things golf, from product reviews and equipment recommendations to event coverage and tournament analysis. When he’s not playing, watching, or writing about golf, he enjoys traveling (often golf-related), youth sports coaching, volunteering, and record collecting.

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