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Why Should Be Your Golf Store? Here's 12 Great Reasons.

Of course we want you to shop on the PlayBetter Golf Store for all your golf gear and gadgets. But why should you make us your go-to golf store?

In this article, we're teeing up the top 12 legit reasons you'll be glad you made PlayBetter your online golf store.

We've already got a very favorable track record (or should we say low handicap) with customers—and we can prove it with 97% positive ratings!

You could spend a lot of time shopping around on different golf websites. Or you can just hop on PlayBetter's golf store, where you'll find all your golf needs (and desires) under one virtual roof, 24/7, with fast, FREE shipping!

Read on for 12 reasons why!

3 Super Quick and Legit Reasons to Use the PlayBetter Golf Store

Highest Quality!

Product quality, customer service, and product knowledge you can count on! From the brands that we carry to the people that we hire, quality is at the forefront of the PlayBetter Golf Store. The proof is in our reviews!


The more choices we give you, the more strokes you can take off your game! If it's high-quality golf gear and tech you're after, you'll find a wide range on PlayBetter!

One Stop!

Yes. You should shop around. With PlayBetter's Golf Store, you can do just that on one online store! We have the best prices on the best and latest golf gadgets (and a used warehouse). Go where you can find variety and trust in one place, 24/7!

1. Get a Variety of Latest Golf Tech, Golf Gear, and More!

On the PlayBetter Golf Store you will find an impressive variety of the best golf technology, golf gear, golf training aids, and more!

Looking for a golf laser rangefinder? Shop the highest-quality basic, mid-range, and high-end golf rangefinders on from brands like Bushnell, Garmin, Nikon, Leupold, Tasco, and more!

Got your eye on golf GPS units? We've got the best the industry can offer in watches, handhelds—even a GPS speaker that plays music and and a rangefinder/GPS hybrid!

Take strokes off your game with some truly innovative golf technology. has golf simulators, golf launch monitors, and GPS watches loaded with golfing features for days!

Every golfer can benefit from the right golf training tools. The PlayBetter Golf Store has putting mats, putting trainers, and swing trainers, so you can practice where you need it!

You want top-of-the-line essentials, and we've got 'em! Apparel, bags, balls, clubs, and shoes—Shop the PlayBetter Golf Store for authentic brands like Puma, Sun Mountain, Volvik, and Bridgestone!

2. Count on a Variety of the Best Golf Brands

When you shop on the PlayBetter Golf Store, you'll see that it's stocked with the best, authentic brands that have a reputation for high-quality products, innovative technology, and design that is thoughtful and stylish.

Golfers are always seeking perfection and tend to want "the best". The brands we offer understand that every golfer wants to practice and play like a pro. PlayBetter and the brands we carry provide golf technology and gear at a variety of price points without sacrificing high-end quality.

Brands like Bushnell and Voice Caddie have tour-tested, pro-grade technology, used by the pros and available to amateurs—some at very affordable prices. SkyTrak offers an in-home golf launch monitor and simulator that would have cost ten times more a decade ago. Garmin's Approach golf watch lineup is onpoint, and they offer one in every price range.

The point is, the brands we offer aren't just the best quality—they've made it so the best technology is available to every kind of golfer. Some of our remarkable golf brands include:

    • Garmin
    • Bushnell
    • Leupold
    • Nikon
    • Voice Caddie
    • Dakine
    • Rapsodo
    • SkyTrak
    • Arccos
    • Tasco
    • Bridgestone
    • Puma
    • Cobra
    • Eyeline
    • Sun Mountain
    • MGI
    • Calloway
    • ECCO
    • Wilson
    • SIG10
    • Volvik
    • Wellputt
    • GolfBuddy
    • PhiGolf
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3. Get FREE 2-Day Shipping

Aside from it being sweet perk of buying on the PlayBetter Golf Store ... there's not too much more to say about this one. You buy something on, you get FREE 2-day shipping. Plain and simple.

4. How Does FREE 60-Day Returns Sound?

Not zero days. Not 30 days. But FREE 60-day returns ... no questions asked.

We know you really want that new golf gadget. And we believe our brands are the best. So, we're not afraid of implementing a 60-day no-return policy at no cost to you.

If it's got to come back, you must have a good reason, and you don't have to explain it to us. (But we know you're gonna love it).

5. Friendly, Knowledgeable Customer Service

Not only do we keep our customer service teed-up at the PlayBetter Golf Store, we know our products inside and out, back and forth. We know that if unmatched, authentic customer service and product knowledge are par for the course at, then we'll likely see you again.

We value your time and investment in the products that you have purchased at our golf store and are aware that a bad customer experience usually stems from service and not the product. We know that sometimes problems have to be solved. We're up for the challenge and will listen and respond quickly.

We welcome any questions, Monday–Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., at 888-738-5527, or via email 24/7 at

6. Access to Awesome Accessory and Gift Bundles

Give someone a gift. Give yourself a gift. Do either or both with the PlayBetter Golf Store's accessory and gift bundles.

Sending someone the special gift of golf? Most of our products come with gift box add-ons at a ridiculously low cost. Our black box and red ribbon combo are a classic, sleek way to deliver your loved one's golf gift in style. also features many different accessory bundles with most of our golf products as well. For just a little more you can get accessories that will come in handy and avoid having to purchase them separately.

Treat someone. Treat yourself. With bundles at the PlayBetter Golf Store!

7. Best Prices—Guaranteed!  

At the PlayBetter Golf Store, we sell the latest brands at the best prices. And when we can mark them down, we do! We know we have a lot of competition, especially with all the high-end golf technology and gear that we offer. So, when we have the chance to make the price-tag more attractive, we do it!

Be sure to subscribe to our email list (see the footer of this page), so that we can let you know about upcoming sales and product launches!  

8. We'll Keep You Up-to-Date on the PlayBetter Blog

From golf product announcements to launches to recommendations, the name of the game is keeping you informed on the PlayBetter blog.

Sure, you can click around our collections pages and compare products, or you can check out some of our comparisons blogs like:

COROS vs Garmin Watches


Garmin Venu 2 vs Apple Watch 6

Or get great golf gift ideas from articles like:

Best Golf GPS Watch for Dad on Father's Day

The Best Garmin Watches for Women

We also provide update reviews on next-gen golf gadgets so you know what's new and improved, like in the Swing Caddie SC300i update review.

The golf industry has a lot of great products to offer. In the PlayBetter blog, we try to break it down so that you can find the one that will benefit you and knock some numbers of your score!

9. Products Ship from Maryland Right Here in the USA

Get a little nervous about ordering a product from some faraway land? Authenticity is always on the line when you don't quite know where your golf product is coming from. The PlayBetter Golf Store is a real warehouse with a storefront in Baltimore, Maryland—and all of our authentic products ship from there. Comforting, isn't it?  

10. Shop 24/7 on the PlayBetter Online Golf Store

It's 3 a.m. You can't sleep. You could make a sandwich. Or you could compare golf laser rangefinders on the PlayBetter Golf Store. Maybe make a purchase and get back to sweet dreams about taking strokes off your game. And you can still eat the sandwich if you want. is your trusted online golf store that is here for you 24/7. Go ahead, shop while you're at work ... we won't tell. Treat yourself to a top-notch golf gift anytime. We're here so you can always be playing better, even when you're not on the course!

11. RePlay Golf Warehouse—Deals on Open Box/Used

Love a great deal? Check out the RePlay Golf Warehouse on Find the golf device you want for just a little less in our collection of used, open box, and certified refurbished items.

All of our RePlay Warehouse Certified Products come in original packaging with all accessories and documentation and are 100% eligible for our Free 60-Day Return Policy. If you are not satisfied with the product for any reason, you can return it for free.

Get anything from golf GPS watches to golf laser rangefinders to GPS handhelds at a discount from brands like Garmin, Bushnell, and Nikon!

12. PlayBetter Offers Other Sports Gear Too!

If you're a passionate golfer, chances are you're passionate about some other things as well, like fitness or cycling.

Beyond the PlayBetter Golf Store, you'll find other gleaming gadgets and fascinating training technology like running watches, cycling computers, dive computer watches, power meter pedals, military tactical watches, ATV GPS and more!

Discover more great gear for you passion with pro-athlete backed brands like Garmin, COROS, and Polar.

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