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The Rapsodo MLM2PRO laying with its carrying case and radar capture balls on a desk

Rapsodo MLM2PRO Launch Monitor Update: New Target Range Feature Enhances Game-Improvement Opportunities

More proof that Rapsodo is committed to continuously improving and enhancing the MLM2PRO — the best most affordable launch monitor offering simulation in 2024! As usual, Marc has all the details below!

If you didn’t already know it, we love and highly recommend the Rapsodo MLM2PRO launch monitor.

That’s because, for just $699.99, you get a device that’s as portable as anything available, as accurate as anything close to its price point, and — with an impressive suite of data metrics and two built-in cameras to go along with the Doppler radar tracking — a launch monitor that can legitimately help you play better golf.

That’s a lot to love, which is how the Rapsodo ended up as our top pick in 2024’s best low-cost golf launch monitor options.

Well, now it’s even better. And the price remains the same. In other words, even more to love!

Rapsodo just announced the addition of their Target Range feature. It may not be quite as exciting as all of the things this Rapsodo MLM2PRO launch monitor already can do, but it is an excellent addition to a compelling bundle of selling points.

If you already own an MLM2PRO, this is nothing but great news. And if you’re trying to decide whether to get one, this might be the enhancement to push you over the edge. 

Let’s take a look at what Rapsodo Target Range is all about.

What Is Rapsodo Target Range? 

Software shot from the new Rapsodo Target Range feature

If you’ve seen an MLM2PRO in use or have researched this golf launch monitor, you know that it presents a lot of game-improvement features. Driving ranges, shot storage, a shot tracer, video playback of both full swing and impact, insights, and much more.

MLM2PRO golf launch monitor data includes:

  • Carry distance 
  • Total distance
  • Side carry
  • Club speed 
  • Ball speed 
  • Smash factor
  • Launch direction 
  • Launch angle 
  • Spin rate 
  • Descent angle
  • Spin axis 
  • Apex
  • Shot type

You can put all of that data to use in driving range settings, combines challenges, gamified practice, and golf simulation on courses from E6 Connect and Awesome Golf.

Now, Rapsodo Target Range adds a variety of new greens and fairway targets to provide an even more realistic practice experience.

You’ll be able to choose from three different tee box angles for 72 unique target distances and four fairways. Each shot is individually tracked for carry distance, total distance, and proximity to the selected target. And you can chart your improvement. Your percentage of targets hit, your best shot at each target, your average proximity to the target, and your average carry distances are all tracked for your review.

Target Range also includes multiple short game targets to help you dial in your wedges from 30 to 100 yards.

The Rapsodo Target Range feature is one that will require a premium subscription, which after a free first year is $199 annually. Given that most of the best Rapsodo features and functionality do require that subscription, this new addition does at least better justify that annual investment. 

The Rapsodo MLM2PRO launch monitor standing on a gray surface (photo by Ryan at PlayBetter)

Rapsodo Proving They’re Committed To Continuous Product Improvement

Just since the end of 2023, Rapsodo has rolled out at least six improvements to their MLM2PRO launch monitor. You’ve got:

  • The new Rapsodo Range feature
  • A new deal with Titleist for an RPT ball to go along with the Callaway option
  • An improved alignment feature
  • Swing speed training
  • Elevation and multiplayer option added to Rapsodo Courses, the included animated simulator experience
  • The introduction of R-Cloud, a new web platform that allows MLM2PRO users to access their data and videos on their PC or tablet

It’s good news when you see a golf launch monitor and simulator company that’s continuing to invest in their product. While it’s true that subscriptions are a part of the price for the majority of the best golf launch monitors, it’s an easier pill to swallow if you know you’re paying for continuous improvements.

Rapsodo Range Means Another Reason To Buy the Rapsodo MLM2PRO Launch Monitor

The Rapsodo MLM2PRO was already a winner in our book. For $699.99, it offers exceptional value and makes it a very strong option if you’re shopping for a golf launch monitor that won’t cost a fortune.

There really weren’t any reasons not to consider the MLM2PRO launch monitor before this latest improvement. But now, with Rapsodo Range, the value is even better.

The Rapsodo MLM2PRO isn’t the only great affordable golf launch monitor option. But for many golfers, it’s likely to be their best choice.

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