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2023 SkyTrak+ vs Bushnell Launch Pro vs FlightScope Mevo+ Comparison

We Compare the NEW Heavily Upgraded SkyTrak+ with the BEST Launch Monitors in Golf

When it comes to golf launch monitors, in 2023 you have so many choices, and at PlayBetter, we pride ourselves on only offering the best—like the exciting, recently announced SkyTrak+!

This much-anticipated golf game improvement device is loaded with new parameters, souped-up tech, upgraded functionality, refreshed design—oh, and the ability to play on over 100,000 golf courses across the BEST simulation software in the industry!

So you might be wondering: How does it compare to the best launch monitors and home simulators on the market right now, like the 2023 FlightScope Mevo+ and Bushnell Lauch Pro?

In this article, we give you insight on how the SkyTrak+ compares to these popular launch monitor choices in terms of data points, data and swing visualization, simulation software, accuracy, price, and any other special features.

The new and improved SkyTrak+ is slated to be available on May 19. PlayBetter is currently taking pre-orders, so you can reserve yours today!

Watch a SkyTrak+ Review from Our Partner Gabe at Let's Play Thru!

2023 Golf Launch Monitors with Simulation | Quick Comparison

Bushnell Launch Pro FlightScope Mevo+ 2023 SkyTrak+







Jan 2023

May 2023


  • Launch Angle
  • Side Angle
  • Ball Speed
  • Total Spin
  • Back Spin
  • Spide Spin
  • Spin Axis
  • Carry Distance
  • Spin Tilt Axis
  • Back Spin
  • Side Spin
  • Club Path
  • Angle of Attack
  • Carry Distance
  • Club Head Speed
  • Smash Factor
  • Apex Height
  • Flight Time
  • Ball Speed
  • Vertical Launch Angle
  • Horizontal Launch Angle
  • Lateral Landing
  • Angle of Attack
  • Total Distance
  • Roll Distance
  • Spin Axis
  • Spin Rate
  • Spin Loft
  • Shot Shape

With Pro Package Upgrade:

  • Club path
  • Face to path
  • Face to target
  • Vertical Swing plane
  • Horizontal swing plane
  • Low point
  • Dynamic loft
  • Vertical descent angle
  • Curve
  • Speed Profile
  • Acceleration Profile
  • Ball speed
  • Launch angle
  • Backspin
  • Sidespin
  • Side angle
  • Carry distance
  • Roll out and total distance
  • Distance offline
  • Clubhead speed
  • Angle of descent
  • 3D Flight path

All New Club Data:

  • Club Path
  • Face Angle
  • Face to Path
  • Face to Target
  • Smash Factor

may apply)

FSX 2020
FSX Play

17 Practice Courses
Online Games
E6 Connect (10 free courses)
TGC 2019
GS Pro
Creative 3D
Awesome Golf
FS Golf
FS Skills

Driving Range
Game Improvement Features
Skill Building Challenges
TrueGolf E6 Connect
WGT Golf
TGC 2019
TruGolf E6 Connect
Creative Golf
Fitness Golf
ProTee Play

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Data Points | 2023 SkyTrak+ vs Mevo+ vs Launch Pro

SkyTrak+ Metrics

As you can see in the chart above, the long-awaited SkyTrak+ has added the Club Data that users have been asking for. You'll get:

  • Club Path: the direction the club head is moving relative to the target line. This has a major influence on the curve and Side Spin of your shots.
  • Face to Path: the biggest factor in determining which direction your shot curves, as well as how much. It's the difference between Face Angle and Club Path.
  • Face to Target: the direction the club face is pointed to the right or the left of the target at impact. It's most responsible for the Side Angle of your shots.
  • PRO TIP: Having a strong understanding of the relationship between Face to Path and Face to Target is the first step in eliminating nasty slices and hooks! 
  • Smash Factor: a ratio that defines how effectively energy is transferred from the club into the ball. The formula is Ball Speed divided by Clubhead Speed. The higher the Smash Factor, the more effective the energy transfer was.

Read more about the 2023 SkyTrak+ vs the previous SkyTrak.

FlightScope Mevo+ Data Points

The FS Mevo+ offers 16 (3 more) data parameters out of the box, plus you can add on 11 more with the Mevo+ Pro Package for an additional $1,000. Upgrade further to the Face Impact Location software ($499), and you get lateral and vertical data. That's a lot of data—but you're going to pay for it.

Check out the FlightScope Mevo+ Buyer's Guide

Bushnell Launch Pro Data Points

The Launch Pro offers a few more data points than the Rapsodo, including Club Path and Angle of Attack. Data like this takes a golf launch monitor next-level, which is reflected in the next-level price. Where the Launch Pro stands out is in its near GCQuad accuracy and with the Foresight Sports software.

Check out the Bushnell Launch Pro Buyer's Guide

Data and Swing Visualization Comparison


The SkyTrak launch monitor comes with its basic software, the SkyTrak practice range. With this you will get a basic range simulator experience, where you get feedback overlaid on video of your shot.

Next they offer the Game Improvement package for an annual fee. This adds bag mapping, skills assessment, practice randomizer, wedge matrix, shot optimizer, and shot history.

With their Play and Improve subscription, you'll get: skills assessment, bag mapping, practice randomizer, wedge matrix, shot optimizer, shot history, WGT by TOPGOLF.

FlightScope Mevo+

The Mevo+ portable launch monitor lets you automatically record and sync videos from multiple cameras for instant review on your iOS devices.

You can record and clip videos of every shot on your mobile device and overlay your selected data parameters. Connect up to three mobile devices plus your FlightScope Mevo+ internal camera for the ultimate video experience.

With the free FS Golf app for iOS and Android, you get data margins and instant feedback, customizable trajectory view and data blocks, and data and video combined.

The FS Golf for PC (free with the 2023 Mevo+, $99 to upgrade to older model) gives you complete customization with up to four views at a time on your screen and a table of your data with averages.

When you add on the Mevo+ Pro Package, it's just bonkers ... You get a ton of additional data (for your short game too), plus D-Plane data.

And now, when you have the Pro Package, you can add on the Face Impact Location software upgrade ($499), which allows you to view the precise location of impact for every club and compare it to the data for that shot. Face Impact Location also adds two additional data parameters: lateral impact and vertical impact.

Bushnell Launch Pro

The Launch Pro is the only golf launch monitor in this comparison that has a display on the unit. Out of the box, this is where you see your data (no head metrics; those come with subscriptions) without the need of software, iPad, or computer.

To get more data and visualization, you have to get a subscription—Basic (free first year), Silver, or Gold—and this gives you FSX Pro and FSX 2020/Play options. The data visualization you can get from this (like the Launch Pro itself) is a whole other beast. FSX Pro is compatible with an iPad and now with PC (not Macs). Keep in mind, you have to have a tricked-out gaming computer to run FSX 2020/Play. Check out our Bushnell Launch Pro Buyer's Guide to learn more about system requirements.

New SkyTrak+ Simulation Software Comparison

SkyTrak+ Simulator

This NEW SkyTrak unit has been designed for BOTH professional-grade improvement + amazing simulation!

This refreshed brand is offering an Amazing Value on simulation software. Only $249/year for 15 E6 and 15 WGT courses for iOS or 15 E6 courses for PC.

Software compatibility is a big differentiator for SkyTrak. Where other units only work with limited software options, SkyTrak is compatible with seven different software packages, albeit each with a subscription or purchase price.

Simulator software options for IOS:

  • TrueGolf E6 Connect
  • WGT Golf

Simulator software options for PC:

  • The Golf Club 2019
  • TruGolf E6 Connect
  • Creative Golf
  • Fitness Golf
  • ProTee Play

FlightScope Mevo+ Simulator

The FS Mevo+ 2023 edition now comes bundled with 10 courses for E6 Connect (6 if you get the older discounted model while it lasts). Plus, the new Mevo+ E6 Connect bundle works on both iOS and PC (old model is iOS only).

Mevo+ is also integrated with The Golf Club 2019 (PC), Awesome Golf (PC & iOS), E6 Connect (iOS & PC), and Creative Golf 3D (PC). And integration with GSPro (PC) is currently in development.

And, of course, you get 17 practice ranges and skill-challenging games with FS Golf and FS Skills—which comes free.

Bushnell Launch Pro Simulator

Launch Pro users, depending on your subscription package, can use FSX Pro, FSX 2020, and FSX Play—all proprietary software from Foresight Sports. FSX 2020 and Play have next-level graphics for simulation play—and you must have a gaming PC with the minimum spec system requirements.

FSX Pro is a dedicated performance insights program, and can be used with iOS—and now with PC!

Currently, the Launch Pro is also integrated with E6 Connect (separate subscription required) and will soon be integrated with Creative Golf 3D.

SkyTrak+ vs Mevo+ vs Launch Pro | Accuracy Comparison

SkyTrak+ Accuracy

This next-gen SkyTrak golf launch monitor features improved accuracy with both updated photometric tech and the addition of dual-doppler radar!

The new SkyTrak+ uses AI as well as both deep and shallow machine learning models—created by a legit rocket scientist!

With help from GOLFTEC PhD researchers, all this combines to bring you accurate numbers! They are also dedicated to improving that accuracy over time.

In the coming weeks, we will have several SkyTrak+ review videos from our golf partners. Follow us on social media and check back often to catch these initial reviews from Gabe at Let's Play Thru and Paul at Golfers Authority.

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FlightScope Mevo+ Accuracy

FlightScope just keeps piling on the technology upgrades, and in the last year they've introduced Fusion Tracking. This benefits your Mevo+ portable launch monitor experience by improving the accuracy of all Mevo+ data parameters.

On top of that, they've also integrated with Titleist RCT (radar capture technology) golf balls to both increase indoor accuracy and allow you to forgo the need for metallic stickers on your balls. Another win for radar-based technology indoors!

Bushnell Launch Pro Accuracy

If you are going with the Lauch Pro, you just flat out decided to put your money on the accuracy. Not only is this golf launch monitor camera-based, it's triscopic—that means it's got three cameras doing your data feedback duty!

Not only that, Bushnell Golf partnered with Foresight Sports to get the launch monitor technology they're known for with the GCQuad. And this unit is near-GCQuad level when it comes to accuracy. There won't be any doubts with this golf device.

SkyTrak+ Price Comparison

Now let's get an idea of what owning a SkyTrak+ versus these other top golf launch monitors with simulation will cost you. With all of these, it's not just the unit price!

SkyTrak+ Base Price: $2,995.00

  • For only $249/year you can get 15 E6 and 15 WGT courses for iOS or 15 E6 courses for PC.
  • Game Improvement Package: $129/year
  • Play and Improvement Package: $249/year

FlightScope Mevo+ 2023 Edition Base Price: $2,199.00

  • Mevo+ Pro Package: $1,000.00
  • Face Impact Location Software Upgrade: $499.00
  • Third-Party Simulation Subscription (optional)

Bushnell Launch Pro Price: $3,999.99

  • Basic Subscription (free for first year): $249.00/year
  • Gold Subscription (free 30-day trial): $699.00/year
  • Additional courses for Gold package users: $125.00 (standard course) and $200.00 (premium course)
  • Add Zombie Golf and Fairgrounds: $99.00
  • Unlock the Launch Pro: $3,499.00 one-time fee
  • Third-Party Simulation Subscription (optional)

Compare the 2023 SkyTrak+ to the Original 2014 SkyTrak

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