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2023 Swing Caddie SC4 vs SC300i vs SC 200 Plus | 3 Unique Experiences

We compare these 3 highly accurate Swing Caddie golf launch monitors. Which is right for you?

In the golf launch monitor segment, Swing Caddies are unique in a few aspects. The all have on-device displays. Each one offers a voice output of your shot distance. And they all come with remotes. All of these features make them highly convenient—and fun!

And now Swing Caddie has created their own launch monitor with golf simulation for under $600. At the 2023 PGA Show, Voice Caddie announced the Swing Caddie SC4, expected to be widely available this spring.

With this lineup of highly portable and affordable golf launch monitors, Swing Caddie, unlike any other brand, offers three distinct experiences for golfers. And in this article, we're breaking them down for you.

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Swing Caddie SC200 Plus, SC300i & SC4 Comparison Categories

Swing Caddie Data Point Comparison

Swing Caddie SC200 Plus Metrics

  • Carry Distance
  • Swing Speed
  • Ball Speed
  • Smash Factor

Includes 3 Modes:

  • Practice
  • Target
  • Swing Speed (without hitting the ball)

Swing Caddie SC300i Data Parameters

  • Carry Distance
  • Total Distance
  • Smash Factor
  • Launch Angle
  • Swing Speed
  • Apex (Max Height)
  • Ball Speed
  • Spin Data (now available in app)

Swing Caddie SC4 Data Points

  • Carry Distance
  • Total Distance
  • Smash Factor
  • Launch Angle
  • Swing Speed
  • Apex (Max Height)
  • Ball Speed
  • Launch Direction
  • Spin Rate

Data and Swing Visualization

If data and swing visualization is important, you will prefer the Swing Caddie SC300i or SC4 because of the MySwingCaddie app experience. (Be sure to download the MySwingCaddie app, not the MyVoiceCaddie app.)

In the MySwingCaddie app you can:

  • Use a social login
  • Get instant shot feedback for all data points in real time
  • Record your swing for in-depth analysis
  • View what you need to improve your game
  • Use a target mode for scoring shot data
  • Analyze shot data in several ways: by Today, Date, Club, and Distance
  • Shot video recording with data overlay to self analyze every part of your swing

With the Swing Caddie SC4, you will get all this plus a virtual display because this new golf launch monitor incorporates simulation. Find out more in the section below!

SC200 Plus, SC300i, & SC4 System Requirements

Because they each have a display, all of the Swing Caddie launch monitors can work without the app. Benefits of having the app experience include being able to have multiple users, seeing your data in multiple ways, and getting video of your swing with data overlay. Basically, you can get a lot more data and swing analyzation with the MySwingCaddie app—and you can share the device, because each user will have their own app account.

Swing Caddie SC200 Plus

This most affordable golf launch monitor in the lineup works independently of any other device and therefore does not have any system requirements. It does not work with the Swing Caddie golf app. Easy setup and ease of use make it the best choice for golfers who want pure and simple practice sessions and data feedback—at home or at the range.

Swing Caddie SC300i

This Voice Caddie golf device is compatible with iOS and Android smartphones. It works by establishing a Bluetooth connection between your launch monitor and a mobile device with the MySwingCaddie app downloaded on it.

Swing Caddie SC4 System Requirements

Similarly, this Voice Caddie golf device works through the MySwingCaddie app which works with iOS and Android mobile devices. This golf app is compatible with:

  • iPhone: Requires iOS 13.0 or later.

  • iPad: Requires iPadOS 13.0 or later.

  • iPod touch: Requires iOS 13.0 or later.

Mac: Requires macOS 11.0 or later and a Mac with Apple M1 chip or later.

  • Motorola Moto G Power (2021): Version 3.0.3

  • Android: 7.0 and up

Do Swing Caddie Launch Monitors Offer Golf Simulation?

That's right—for the first time, Voice Caddie has created a golf launch monitor with simulation!

Even though it is not available yet, here's what we know about the Swing Caddie SC4 and golf simulation so far!

  • It has simulatior app integration for both iOS and Android. In simulator mode, the SC4 connects with the included MySwingCaddie app, providing a complete virtual display along with metrics and stats.
  • To further enhance the simulator experience, the SC4 is fully compatible with E6 Connect and its suite of photorealistic courses (optional subscription).
  • It comes with a Free Simulator Driving Range Demo.

These are the details we currently have on the golf simulator side of things with this new unit.

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What Are the Space Requirements for These Golf Launch Monitors?

As you will see, a Swing Caddie golf launch monitor is easy to set up and use! The most important thing to remember is to have the ball and the launch monitor at the same level. An inch can make a difference.

Swing Caddie SC200 Plus Space Requirements

This personal launch monitor should be positioned between 4 and 5 feet directly behind the ball on the same level.

Swing Caddie SC300i Space Requirements

The SC300i golf launch monitor should be at least 5 feet behind the ball and on the same level as the ball.

For indoor/outdoor use of the SC300i with a net, there should be 6 1/2 feet between the ball and the net, requiring at least 11 1/2 feet total for indoor use.

Swing Caddie SC4 Space Requirements 

About 15 feet of space is recommended for indoor play. The unit should be placed 4-7 feet behind the ball.

You will need to allow 10 feet between the ball and a net/impact screen, whether indoor or outdoor.

Accuracy of the Swing Caddie Devices

Swing Caddie launch monitors are known for their accuracy.

The Swing Caddis SC3000i accuracy is:

  • + or - 2% for ball speed
  • + or - 3 yards for Carry Distance in Target Mode
  • + or - 3 yards for Carry Distance in Practice Mode

When tested by our review partner, Gabe, at Let's Play Thru, on the driving range, both against the wind and with the wind, the SC300i proved to have "extremely good accuracy". When checked against a rangefinder, it was within 1 or 2 yards of the flag.

Another of our favorite go-to golf guys, Sean at Breaking Eighty, says that the SC300i might be "the most underrated launch monitor golf".

Because it is not out yet, the reviews on the Swing Caddie SC4 are not in yet—but we will be among the first to have those from our review partners. Be sure to get on our email list to stay up to date!

Swing Caddie SC 200 Plus vs SC300i vs SC4 Price

The highly accurate and unique Swing Caddie units are also highly affordablel. And now, they offer a golf launch monitor with simulation for under $600—the only one in that category besides the Garmin Approach R10.

Swing Caddie SC200 Plus Price: $349.99

Swing Caddie SC300i Price: $499.99

Swing Caddie SC4 Price: $549.99

Which Swing Caddie Golf Launch Monitor Is Right for You?

If you are low-tech but want high accuracy, the Swing Caddie SC200 Plus is a great portable device with loads of practice options at a very affordable price.

Interested in a bit more data and swing analysis? Then the extremely accurate SC300i launch monitor is likely you GLM jam.

Want everything that the SC300i is PLUS add golf simulation to your launch monitor experience—for just under $600? You may want to wait for the Swing Caddie SC4 release.

At, we are sonsistently impressed by Voice Caddie golf products, and confidently stand behind the Swing Caddie launch monitor lineup. But if you're unsure, know that we have FREE 60-day returns (no questions asked) along with all the customer service you need. Our FREE 2-day shipping ain't too shabby either!

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