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The Bushnell Wingman 2 golf speaker stuck to a golf cart pole by the magnet

The 9 Best Golf GPS Speakers of 2024

Is there a Golf GPS Speaker in your bag? Looking for the perfect gift for a golfer you love? Don't miss this list of top picks this season from brands like Bushnell, Blue Tees & Precision Pro!

One golf accessory that makes more sense to add to your bag in 2024 than just about any other option is a golf speaker. Tunes on the course, while certainly not for everyone or every golf occasion, can be a great way to liven up a round and enjoy your time solo or with friends.

Even if you don’t plan to listen all the time, with more and more golf rounds including some music, doesn’t it make sense for you to at least have the option on hand? Especially considering the numerous affordable choices and the quality of the products overall. 

But golf GPS speakers are no different than any other golf technology. Each option offers something distinct. Whether you want music and music only, or are looking for a fully loaded speaker that delivers yardages and even more, this list includes the best golf speaker of 2024 option for you. Let’s explore what makes each one a standout.

Introducing the Best Golf Speakers of 2024

The Bushnell Wingman 2 golf speaker attached to a golf cart by the devices magnet

Bushnell Wingman: The One That Started the Golf Music Craze

This is the product that turned golfers into golf course DJs. If you hate music on the golf course, the Wingman is to blame. And if you love it, here’s your chance to pay homage.

The Wingman set the pace in so many ways. It gave golfers a portable bluetooth speaker that included a built-in cart magnet and that spit out front/middle/back distances on command via either buttons on the speaker itself or a super-sleek remote control. Golf hasn’t been the same since, and many people are embracing it fully.

Here’s how our friend Gabe at YouTube’s Let’s Play Thru summed it up:

“I think the Bushnell Wingman is probably for the casual golfer who just wants to have a good time out on the course, wants to enjoy life, and wants to enjoy his round.”

Does that sound like you?

Bushnell Wingman Golf GPS Bluetooth Speaker Price: $149.99

Bushnell Wingman 2: Best Overall Golf GPS Speaker of 2024

The Bushnell Wingman 2 golf speaker in golf reviewer Marc's white, golf-gloved hand on the course

Bushnell took their wildly popular Wingman, updated it to make it even better, but forgot to raise the price.

That’s right: You can get the souped-up, new-and-improved Wingman 2 for the same $149.99 price.

Wingman 2 upgrades include:

  • A stronger BITE magnet
  • A magnetic attachment on the remote control
  • A battery-indicator light
  • An improved USB-C/USB-A power bank
  • Custom messages option

To go along with awesome audio, yardages both audible and via a full golf hole map in the app, and a 14-hour battery life, the Wingman 2 also allows you to record custom messages and greetings so that you can either spice up the trash talking in your group or offer classy first-tee introductions. However you choose to use it, it’s a fun golf speaker feature.

Read our in-depth Bushnell Wingman 2 review for a full breakdown of all that this new best-in-class golf speaker brings to the course.

Bushnell Wingman 2 Golf GPS Bluetooth Speaker Price: $149.99

Precision Pro Duo: Best Customizable Golf GPS Speaker

The Precision Pro Duo golf speaker and hard shell case

With customizable grills, high-quality sound, and bluetooth connectivity to the Precision Pro golf app, the Duo is meant as a reminder not to take yourself too seriously out on the golf course. This speaker is about embracing the fun of the game.

You can even flash a little style as you walk or roll around the course with interchangeable grill covers available in multiple colors. And with connection to the app, you’ll get slope-adjusted yardages reported audibly and a visual hole map with layup distances on your phone.

The Precision Pro Duo also includes a built-in magnet for easy attachment to a golf cart and a 10-hour battery life. And all for just a hundred bucks.

Precision Pro Duo GPS Golf Speaker Price: $99.99

Bushnell Wingman View: Best Yardage Display on a Bluetooth Golf Speaker

The Bushnell Wingman View attached to the pole of a golf cart by the speakers magnetic mount

If you like a visual to go along with all of the audible entertainment and information a GPS speaker gives you on the golf course, the Wingman View is likely your best option.

With a crystal clear LCD screen, you can see your front/middle/back distances right on the speaker itself. No need to interrupt the music whenever you're within eyesight of your speaker.

The Bushnell Wingman View can be operated with easy, large buttons on the speaker itself, or via a tiny remote control that is imperceptible in your pocket.

This bluetooth, water-resistant speaker is also compatible with the Bushnell Golf app, opening up an entire array of information, scoring, and data storage options.

Bushnell Wingman View Golf GPS Bluetooth Speaker Price: $199.99

Bushnell Wingman Mini: Best Speaker for Walking Golfers

The Bushnell Wingman Mini being attached to a golf bag by a golfer on the course

Where’s the love for the walkers? They like music too, you know?

As great as so many of today’s golf speakers are, they’re also heavy and awkwardly shaped and don’t go particularly well with walking a golf course. Which is why the Wingman Mini is such a standout.

For just $100, you get all of the Bushnell golf speaker advantages, just in a speaker that weighs only 6 ounces. That means:

  • Audible yardages
  • A carabiner for easy connection to any golf bag
  • A cart magnet for when you want to ride
  • Connection to the Bushnell Golf app
  • Waterproof protection
  • TWS Technology allowing you to sync two Minis to play audio simultaneously

Bushnell Wingman Mini Golf Speaker Price: $99.99

Precision Pro ACE: Best Golf Speaker Value

The Precision Pro golf speaker next to a smartphone with the Precision Pro app on the display

Bushnell’s kind of got a stranglehold on the golf GPS speaker market. But that doesn’t mean you have to play your tunes the same way and with the same brand as your buddies. In fact, a lot of golfers prefer the audio and feature qualities of the Precision Pro ACE.

Not only does the ACE give you front/middle/back yardages audibly and visually, but you can also input your own information into the app to get customized information specific to your course, club, and swing. Information taken into account includes:

  • Launch angle
  • Spin rate
  • Altitude
  • Ball speed
  • Temperature
  • Humidity

All that and you have the option to record customized shout-outs plus you get an LCD display for visual yardages. That’s an incredible amount of features for just $149.99!

Precision Pro ACE Smart GPS Golf Speaker Price: $149.99

Blue Tees Golf Player: Best Looking and Sounding Golf Bluetooth Speaker

The blue Blue Tees Player golf speaker

The Blue Tees Player has the distinct advantage of sounding and looking great. With effortless audio and plenty of gain along with the ability to pair a Player with a second bluetooth speaker for stereo sound, this is a great option when you want to pump up the jams.

And with an all-black look that blends in beautifully with most golf carts, the Player is our choice for best looking. It’s also got an incredibly strong built-in magnet for a stable cart mount. Add it all up, and this is the perfect option when you want to jam in style.

You won’t get GPS yardages with the Player, but then again, you may be getting those via a different solution. If you just want the music and you want it right, play on Player.

Blue Tees Golf Player Magnetic Wireless Speaker Price: $129.99

Blue Tees Golf Player+: Most Feature-Rich Golf GPS Speaker 

The Blue Tees Player+ Touchscreen golf speaker being held in a golfers hands in a golf cart on the course

Everything you could want in a golf speaker, including both touchscreen and audible features, are packed into the Player+. And, unlike the Blue Tees Player, the Player+ does include GPS yardages!

This is also an aesthetically pleasing speaker, just like its Player predecessor. And that includes the LCD display on the Player+, which is large, bright, and backlit.

To take advantage of all of the Player+ features, including hazard distances and drive distances, you do need to pay a $49 per year Blue Tees membership. But with that membership, you get some really cool enhanced features. Being able to announce your longest drive to your playing partners is something unique. And a golf speaker that can even give you club suggestions is also pretty awesome.

If it weren’t for the subscription, the Player+ might be an easy pick for Best Overall Golf Speaker. But even with the subscription, it’s still a very strong candidate. There’s no question that all that this speaker does is worth a little bit more.

Blue Tees Golf Player+ Touchscreen GPS Speaker Price: $249.00

Puma PopTop Mini: Most Affordable Bluetooth Speaker

Keeping it simple but still totally effective, the Puma PopTop Mini is a great choice for on-the-course music at a really reasonable price. For just $40, you get a sleek, pocket-friendly, dual-pairing-capable, water/dust/shock-proof speaker with a leash accessory to attach to your golf bag.

Do you really need anything more? If not, why spend the extra money? The Puma PopTop Mini might be the perfect solution for a trial run to see how much you really enjoy music on the golf course.

Puma PopTop Mini Bluetooth Speaker Price: $40.00

Turn Up the Fun With Your Best Golf Speaker

We’re not saying every round has to include music. But with more social games incorporating it, doesn’t it make sense to have a golf speaker to contribute to the party?

You can keep it simple, and even keep it small. Or you can go for every last feature, and even consider some style.

The choice is yours. And with this list, you’ve got nine great options.

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