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The Golf Launch Monitor Tiger Woods Asked For | Full Swing KIT

"Full Swing always delivers, it's just that simple." — Tiger Woods  

What launch monitor does Tiger Woods use? And, perhaps more importantly, can you get your hands on one?

Not only does Mr T use the Full Swing KIT, but he actually challenged the brand to create it for him. That's right, he put in his order for a launch monitor. Can you imagine the pressure involved in meeting Tiger Woods's standards? Apparently, Full Swing has done it.

And, yes, golfers around the world can get the same launch monitor technology Tiger trusts—but you don't have to be a pro to afford it.

In this article, we're discussing all things Full Swing KIT, including Tiger's background with Full Swing, his assessment of the device, the ball and swing data it measures, simulation options, how much it will cost you, and where you can get it. Let's get to it!

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Tiger Woods Spotted Using the KIT

In July of 2022, at The Old Course at St. Andrews, where golf began, Tiger Woods had his Full Swing KIT launch monitor on the practice range.

As he did with both The Masters and PGA Championship earlier in the season, one of golf's greatest player's used this golf launch monitor to prepare for the season's final major—the ultimate test for players coming together from every tour around the globe.

This advanced radar-based launch monitor built at his request and according to his standards was unveiled in 2021 boasting high processing power, spot on accuracy, and affordability.  

"I wanted to have the same experience I have in here [inside], outside, and Full Swing has allowed me to do that now," Tiger said about the KIT.

Tiger's History with Full Swing Simulators

The KIT was developed for Tiger after years of him using Full Swing's industry-leading indoor simulators. Given his positive experience with the simulator, he challenged the Full Swing team to develop a launch monitor that he could trust just as much while out on the range.

The device features an industry-first 5D AI Micro-Doppler Radar with digital processing to provide golfers with absolute accuracy across 16 points of club and ball data.

"Full Swing always delivers, it's that simple," said Woods, "Every software upgrade to the simulator over the years has always exceeded what I was looking for. I wanted them to take the launch monitor industry to a new level, and they did."

Woods utilizes all of Full Swing's products at home as part of his practice routine. By combining his extensive use of the Pro Series Simulator, Virtual Green (which allows him to practice every possible putting scenario), and the KIT, he is able to gain reliable data and performance feedback under any and all circumstances.

The Full Swing KIT Launch Monitor

Aside from the fact that it is Tiger Woods's go-to, here's what you need to know about the golf launch monitor side of the KIT:

  • It provides 16 points of club & ball data: Carry Distance, Total Distance, Spin Rate, Spin Axis, Face Angle, Face to Path, Attack Angle, Launch Angle, Ball Speed, Club Speed, Smash Factor, Club Path, Horizontal Angle, Apex Height, Side Carry Distance, & Side Total Distance.
  • Includes a high-quality 4K camera that will auto-record your swing from start to finish.
  • Dedicated processors for Radar and media to allow data to process faster and more efficiently.
  • The KIT has a clear, customizable, color data display on the unit.
  • Arrange what data points are shown on your KIT display, iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, or spoken to you through your headphones.
  • You'll get a detailed app experience where you can really dig into your data.
  • The Full Swing KIT gives you 5 hours of battery life.

Full Swing KIT for Your Home Golf Simulator

To get started on your indoor golf experience with the Full Swing KIT, you'll need an iPhone or iPad and a paid E6 CONNECT subscription.

You'll need to place your KIT 10 feet behind the ball and have 8 feet of ball flight to your net or screen to start playing.

Choose from 3 simulation plans and play virtual golf across a variety of courses around the world.

The Basic Subscription Package gives users access to many of the features in E6 CONNECT, including online contests and peer 2 peer play. Get 27 courses with 12 rotating courses each month and a rotating mini-game monthly give you multiple fresh options.

With the Expanded Package you get over 100+ courses, practice areas and mini-game options. This package gives users access to all content, features, and modes of play available in the E6 CONNECT Library. New content will be available immediately, once they are added to the E6 CONNECT Library.

Don't want to do the subscription thing? Go with the Perpetual Package that only requires a one-time payment. It comes with 5 courses, practice areas, and chip & putt modes. Only stroke play is available and online events are limited. There are no other features.

Full Swing KIT Price

The Full Swing KIT golf launch monitor costs $3,999. Out of box you get the unit, a protective travel case, a charging block, and a USB-C charging cable.

There's a free companion app, but to get unlimited storage and your historical data, you'll have to purchase a $99.99/year subscription plan.

With the KIT, you can add 3 different E6 Connect packages:

  • BASIC for $299 annually — P2P Play, Online Events, 27 Courses Plus 12 Rotating Monthly Options, Full Suite of 16 Practice Areas, 1 Rotating Mini-Game
  • EXPANDED for $599 annually — P2P Play, Online Events, 100+ Courses, Full Suite of 16 Practice Areas, Full Suite of 14 Mini-Games
  • PERPETUAL for $750 one-time purchase — Online Events, 5 Courses, Full Suite of 16 Practice Areas

For golfers that just want to practice on the range and play courses, the Perpetual Package is probably the way to go. For more entertainment features, you should consisder paying on a subscription basis.

Who Is this Golf Launch Monitor/Simulator For?

If you've got the budget and having the same golf launch monitor as Tiger Woods uses to practice—created just for him by the simulator brand that he's been using for years—is on your bucket list, you're probably a good candidate for this golf gadget.

The 16 data features plus the ability to take it indoors and use it there as well, is also a pretty enticing.

It's lightweight, highly portable, and super-easy to use.

Plus the app experience and compatiblility across the iOS platform is on point. And they're working on Android compatibility.

When if first came out, this GLM did not offer simulation. But Full Swing continues to make this launch monitor more robust with firmware updates. They are obviously committed to improvements.

For a solid golf launch monitor experience that has one of the greatest golf player's stamp of approval on it, you're search probably stops at the Full Swing KIT.

Where Can You Buy the Full Swing KIT?

Buy your Full Swing KIT launch monitor on and get FREE 2-day shipping and FREE 14-day returns—no questions asked!

Plus, our team is always here to support you in any way we can.

PlayBetter offers financing through affirm with payments as low as $140 per month for the Full Swing KIT. The even have interest free options!

If you're considering using your KIT indoors, check out our PlayBetter SIG Complete Golf Simulator Packages that include screen, enclosure, projector, and mat. Or go with a Net Return golf hitting net and a fiberbuilt golf hitting mat.

We are here to help! Feel free to hit us up in chat, by email, or call!

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