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Best Golf Rangefinder with Slope Comparison 2021

Get Comfy Because We're Comparing These Top Slope Rangefinders:
Bushnell Pro XE vs Garmin Approach Z82 vs Nikon COOLSHOT PROII STABILIZED vs Voice Caddie SL2 vs Precision Pro R1 Smart Rangefinder

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Masters of Slope Compensation!

It's like a monster truck rally up in this post ... because we're comparing some of the monsters of golf rangefinders by the biggest beast brands in the industry!

But if a golf rangefinder wants to compete in this golf tech jam, it has to bring one very specific feature. That's right, all the golf laser rangefinders in this article have at least one thing in common: slope technology.

What is slope adjustment technology?

Slope adjustment, or compensation, helps you choose the right club by factoring elevation into the distance. I.e., beyond a simple distance to the flagstick, it calculates a more realistic "plays like" distance. A pretty handy bit of knowledge for any golfer looking to fine tune their game.

Who does rangefinder slope compensation best?

Different brands bring their own signature slope technology to the table. In this golf laser rangefinder with slope comparison, we'll be looking at the following top brands:

    • The Bushnell Pro EX Golf Laser Rangefinder
    • The Garmin Approach Z82 Golf GPS Laser Rangefinder
    • The Nikon COOLSHOT PROII STABILIZED Golf Laser Rangefinder
    • The Voice Caddie SL2 Active Hybrid GPS Laser Rangefinder
    • The Precision Pro R1 Smart Rangefinder


We go over the feature upgrades below.
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Features You Want in a Golf Rangefinder

Slope Technology

All of these golf laser rangefinders have their version of slope-adjusted distance, which factors in uphill and downhill shots. Check them out for the details that could make all the difference in your buying decision!

Tournament Legal

Be competition approved! Slope mode can be turned off in each of the golf rangefinders in our comparison. A light or a switch indicates that slope is off during tournament play.

Golf Features

Get more than slope compensation! Every one of these premium golf laser rangefinders has some pretty sweet golf features of their own to offer. Get to know them—then get the one you want on the PlayBetter Golf Store!

Flagstick Confirmation

Be confident you've hit your target! All of these high-end laser rangefinders for golf offer two ways to let you know you've locked on the flagstick—visual and either vibration or sound.

Water Resistant

You wouldn't let a little rain or fog drive you off the course, why shouldn't your golf rangefinder be as tenacious? All of these top-of-the-line devices are legit water resistant!

Competitive Price

All of these highly accurate, slope golf rangefinders are similarly priced between $450 and $600. With the exception of Precision Pro R1 Smart Rangefinder at $320! Compare the individual features below!


Bushnell Approach Z82 — Best Golf Laser Rangefinder with Slope

The Best Slope Compensation Technology — Enhanced with Elements!

Why is this premium golf laser rangefinder the best when it comes to slope? Because Bushnell Golf has taken slope compensation next-level.

With the Pro XE, Bushnell Golf enhanced slope compensation with their Elements feature — that's the "E" in the Bushnell Pro XE. Not only do they factor in incline and decline, this worldly golf device considers temperature and elevation above sea level (Barometric pressure) to calculate even more precise distances.

Play in the morning next to a mountain view or on a sultry evening in the tropics—play anywhere, anytime and dial into the clubs you need with confidence. The pros love it, and so will you!

Other Features of the Bushnell Pro XE Slope Golf Rangefinder Include:

  • BITE Magnetic Cart Mount — Another feature golfers love! The integrated BITE magnetic technology in the Bushnell Pro XE golf laser rangefinder allows you to easily grab and reattach the rangefinder to the cart.
  • It's Tournament Legal —Most tournaments don't allow slope adjustment. Slope-Switch Technology lets you easily switch in and out of slope mode. The red crescent next to the switch shows that slope is disabled.
  • Target ConfirmationPinSeeker technology with JOLT in the Bushnell Pro XE golf laser rangefinder lets you know when you've hit the flag. Get double the confirmation with a visual flashing red ring and a vibrating pulse.
  • With its 7x magnification, stunning definition, vivid color, and yardage accuracy within 1-yard, the Pro XE laser rangefinder with Elements-enhanced slope will elevate your sightline and your game!

Bushnell Golf also offers the Tour V5 with and without Slope as a mid-level golf laser rangefinder option for an attractive price.

Precision Pro R1 Smart Rangefinder — Most Affordable Slope Rangefinder

A Personalize Rangefinder with MYSLOPE™ Smart Slope Technology!

It may not be the most stylish slope rangefinder in the lineup, but the Precision Pro R1 Smart Rangefinder has the most attractive price with features—including slope—that stand up to any high-end golf laser rangefinder!

MYSLOPE technology in the Precision Pro R1 Smart Rangefinder combines a player's unique ball data with environmental variables. The result is hyper accurate distances that factor in launch angle and spin rate, ball speed, altitude, temperature, and humidity.

Here's the kicker: you get that kind of in-depth analysis for precise distances and many other features ... for only $319.99.

Yes, you should be aptly thunderstruck, because this device is super reliable and jam-packed with all these other features, as well:

    • GPS Distances — Seamlessly displays distances from the front, center, and back of the green to provide every distance from the fringe to the pin.
    • Preloaded with 37,000 courses worldwide.
    • Wind Assist — Measures the wind with real-time weather data, calculates the effect of the wind on every shot, and displays the number to add or subtract to your distance.
    • Built-in magnetic cart mount.
    • An enhanced LCD display with 6x magnification for ultra clear optics.
    • A pulse vibration confirms you're locking on your target.
    • The Precision Pro R1 alerts you if you leave it behind.
    • Precision Pro Golf app
The Precision Pro R1 Smart Rangefinder

Nikon COOLSHOT PROII STABILIZED — Best Slope Rangefinder for Shaky Grip

Smooth, Stable Slope Adjustment When You Want It!

What good are accurate distances—real plays like distances—if your rangefinder shakes?

Whether it's from a shaky grip or a windy day, an unstable golf laser rangefinder defeats the purpose of using one. That's not something you have to worry about when you have the a slope rangefinder with the best stabilization technology to date.

The Nikon COOLSHOT PROII STABILIZED is the golf laser rangefinder that has both super accurate slope distances and an advanced optical stabilization system to reduce vibration. This technology by Nikon sport optics gives you an amazing 80% reduction in hand shake. (Really, it's the kind of technology we should expect from the camera experts.)

Other Features of the COOLSHOT PROII STABILIZED Slope Rangefinder Include:

  • Rapid Measurement — Keep the game moving with HYPER READ technology. Get accurate measurements in as little as 0.3 seconds.
  • The COOLSHOT PROII STABILIZED features DUAL LOCKED ON ECHO technology. Don't guess your distances. Get both audible and visual confirmation of your target.
  • 4 Measurement Display Modes — Includes an Actual Distance mode with green LED indicator for use at official golf competitions. Additional modes include slope adjusted distance , actual distance and height mode, and a horizontal distance and height mode.
  • Provides a measurement range of 8-1,200 yards, accuracy of ±0.75m/yd, 6X magnification, and waterproof and fogproof construction.

Nikon also offers the COOLSHOT 50i, a versatile yet stylish mid-level golf laser rangefinder with an attractive price. Read more about all Nikon rangefinders on the PlayBetter blog:

Nikon COOLSHOT 50i Upgrades

Nikon COOLSHOT 50i vs Bushnell Tour V5




Voice Caddie SL2 — Best Hybrid GPS Laser Rangefinder with Slope

Slope Adjustment with Green Undulation!

Who dropped a fully loaded GPS golf watch into a golf laser rangefinder that has slope and the ultra cool Green Undulation feature? Voice Caddie did! And it's as amazing as it sounds.

You want slope? Accurate distance with elevation factored in? No problem. Now, you want to know how the green undulates around the hole? Right this way. The Voice Caddie SL2 hybrid rangefinder will show you on a color touchscreen below the viewfinder on the device.

This hybrid GPS laser rangefinder gives you slope compensated distances and then gives you even more information about the green, so you can know the risky areas. That's how you remove guesswork with golf technology!

Other Voice Caddie Active Hybrid Slope Rangefinder Features:

Smart Course View™ features allow you to:

    • see a line across the across the map to show landing area of your driver from a preset driver distance
    • touch bunkers and hazards to see the distance to the front and end
    • zoom in for enlarged views
    • get the distance from a selected point to the pin

The SL2 is also loaded with Active Green View™ features, which include:

    • more realistic and intuitive Green Undulation experience; it's easier to see the breaks and you can reset the pin location
    • a zoom screen that allows you to move the pin and navigate around the green
    • info that lets you study size of the green and any risky areas to avoid
    • ability to customize and reset the pin with updated distances
    • thanks to the the "active" part of this feature, the green rotates according to your location

Also get:

    • GPS Pin Assist: Utilizes GPS Data to Filter

    • Background and Hone in on the Pin

    • Slope Integration with Tournament Mode

    • Color Touch LCD Screen

    • Course layout/ GPS yardage view

    • Green Undulation, Course Layout View

    • Continuous Scan Mode (Normal Mode)

    • Vibration on Target Capture (Pin Mode)

    • 2 Color OLED for Low Light Play

    • Optical Angle/High Clarity Lens

Garmin Approach Z82 — Slope Laser Rangefinder with the Most Golf Features

Garmin PlaysLike Distance Plus a Whole Lot More!

PlaysLike Distance is Garmin's slope technology, which, as you would expect from Garmin, gives you hyper accurate distances with uphill and downhill elevation factored in.

And also as you might expect from Garmin, you get a whole lot of other golf features in the this premium golf laser rangefinder with slope.

If you get the Garmin Approach Z82 golf laser rangefinder, you basically get all the golf features you get in their fully loaded Approach S62 golf watch, plus the laser rangefinder side of things. It's kind of the gladiator among these slope rangefinders!

Other Features of the Garmin Approach Z82 Golf Laser Rangefinder with Slope Include:

    • Green View — The map overlays show the hole layout, so you know the distance to the back, middle, and front of the green.
    • Laser Range Arc — Draws an arc on the 2-D CourseView map at the distance the laser ranged, so you can see everything in play at that distance.
    • Hazard View — Quickly scroll through each hazard and layup distance on the map to see the distance to each one.
    • Account for Wind — The Approach Z82 displays wind speed and direction, which makes it easier to figure out club selection and swing direction.
    • PinPointer — Tells you the direction to the pin. So even on blind spots, you’ll know where to aim.
    • Measures shot distance, calculating exact yardage of shots from anywhere on the course.
    • Shows tournament mode with an indicator light.
    • Flag Lock On —Image stabilization makes it easier to find and range the flag. A vibration tells you when you have found the flag.
    • Preloaded with over 42,000 maps worldwide.
    • Digital scorecard and stat tracking.
    • Keep score in the Garmin Golf app and participate in weekly leaderboards, etc.
    • Find My Garmin is a feature that lets you locate your device if you leave it somehwere.

Sold out

Precision Pro R1 Smart Rangefinder

Sold out

Sold out

PlayBetter recommends these outstanding slope rangefinders:

The Bushnell Pro XE if you play on a variety of courses and want the most precise distances tailored to the condition of your environment.

The Precision Pro R1 if you want personalized MYSLOPE technology that factors your unique data into distance at an insanely affordable price.

The Nikon COOLSHOT PROII STABILIZED for smooth and stress-free measurement every single time with dramatically reduced shake caused by grip and wind! 

The Voice Caddie SL2 for accurate distances to the green paired with Green Undulation for greater intel about what's going on around the hole!

The Garmin Approach Z82 for the feature-rich slope rangefinder made from the highest quality material and technology.

Sold out
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