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Swing Caddie SC300i Upgrades Review | Voice Caddie's New 2021 Portable Golf Launch Monitor

We Review the 2021 Swing Caddie SC300i
Golf Launch Monitor Upgrades

Here are the 3 most important things you need to know:

  • The Swing Caddie SC300i by Voice Caddie has undergone some sweet upgrades to smooth the rough edges of the previous SC300. A sleeker design, almost twice the battery life and some solid tweaks to sensors for better accuracy take this unit — and your game — to the next level.
  • The MySwingCaddie app has been updated to version 2.0. After spending quite a while in a beta stage, Voice Caddie has elevated this app to include features like video recording with swing tracing and launch data overlay!
  • Should You Buy the SC300i? - that depends if...
    • "I DON'T have a golf launch monitor yet" - 100% yes, you should buy. The accuracy you get from the professional grade data metrics in this model for the price is unparalleled. Plus with the rough edges smoothed for better accuracy and style and the app update — including social login, new modes for a variety of practice, new target mode, new stats for in-depth analysis and video recording of your swing WITH DATA OVERLAY ... It's a no-brainer. Once you start practicing with this portable launch monitor, you'll never go back. We promise. Click here to shop Voice Caddie's Swing Caddie SC300i.
    • "I already have the Swing Caddie SC300 - There's really no need to upgrade to the new model because you can get all the great new data features with the updated MySwingCaddie 2.0 app for FREE!

Watch Gabe use the new Swing Caddie SC300i and show you some tips in the app!


Here's the full rundown on the
Swing Caddie SC300i Upgrades


Voice Caddie, a leader in golf technology, has launched a refresh of their SC300 portable launch monitor — the Swing Caddie SC300i.

This golf gadget company is known for their line of GPS rangefinders, laser rangefinders and Swing Caddie golf launch monitors — and their attention to feedback from pro and amateur golfers alike.    

In keeping with their mission to provide affordable, professional grade launch monitors, Voice Caddie took player feedback and smoothed the rough edges of the SC300.

In this article, we bring you up to speed on the SC300i features, how it works, what’s been updated, and why we recommend it.

Professional Grade Features at an Affordable Price

Measures Multiple Metrics

You get instant feedback on your shot. Core data appears right on the SC300i screen, including Carry/Total Distance, Smash Factor, Launch Angle, Swing Speed, Apex (Max Height) and Ball Speed.

High-Performance Doppler Radar Technology

This latest golf launch monitor from Swing Caddie uses Doppler radar technology and calibrating atmospheric pressure sensors to give you uncompromised precision.

Voice Output of Distance

The Swing Caddie conveniently calls out the distance of your shot while you’re hitting, so you don’t have to constantly go over to the screen.


Real-Time App Integration

Get your shot data for each club in real time on the newly updated app — MySwingCaddie 2.0. New stats data and shot video recording with data overlay provide greater in-depth analysis. Available for Bluetooth-enabled iOS and Android devices.


Includes a Remote

The SC300i comes with a remote that, like the Voice Output, negates you having to walk over to the launch monitor every time you want to switch up clubs. Voice Caddie design allows you to focus on what matters.

Improved Battery Life

The SC300i lets you collect data on your swing with up to 20 hours of battery life. That’s a considerable improvement on the previous model’s battery life of up to 12 hours.

How the Voice Caddie SC300i Works

Advanced Golf Technology for Accuracy and Improvement

The Swing Caddie SC300i portable launch monitor uses Doppler radar technology along with a barometric pressure sensor that automatically calibrates to give you seriously accurate data readings on your shots.

Parameters include Carry/Total Distance, Smash Factor, Launch Angle, Swing Speed, Apex (Max Height) and Ball Speed. Placing the unit at the recommended spacing for indoor and outdoor use, gives the most accurate feedback.

Smart, Convenient Features You Want in a Golf Analyzer

The SC300i is extremely convenient on several levels. First, you get an instant on-screen readout of your shot. You don’t have to keep looking at your phone or tablet. However, if you prefer real-time data through the now updated MySwingCaddie 2.0 app, this is an option as well, via Bluetooth connection to your iOS or Android device.

Second, the Voice Output feature announces shot distance automatically after each shot, so you don’t have to walk over to the device to read it each time you hit.

This portable golf launch monitor has two modes. Practice Mode displays key ball parameters after each shot. Target Mode lets you set a target distance to test your distance control. Measuring range is 15–370 yards.  

And finally, it includes a remote so that you can change mode, club or target distance without having to walk to the monitor each time.

The Voice Caddie SC300i Updates

Accuracy and Style

Feedback, especially tour proven feedback, is just one of the elements Voice Caddie uses to create affordable, professional grade golf gadgets for all types of golfers. They listened to player reaction on the SC300 and polished the rough edges, refreshing both the launch monitor unit and the Swing Caddie app. We think you’re going to love the updates.

For starters, the sensor is a completely new and improved doppler radar sensor. The new SC300i has been stringently tested in Voice Caddie’s laboratories to make it even more impressive. The sensor systems are so robust that they perform in high accuracy in all conditions of sunlight, altitude, barometric conditions, and more!  

On top of all that, the Swing Caddie SC300i has an increased battery life (nearly 2x) and a sleeker design. Because you have to look the part, right?

Swing Caddie App Update

Without a doubt, one of the greatest improvements associated with the SC300i refresh is the new version of the app — the MySwingCaddie 2.0. After being in a rough beta version for some time, Voice Caddie is now sporting a serious app game.

The great thing about this is, even if you already purchased the SC300, the app upgrade is free and available to use with the SC300 or the SC300i.

The upgraded app includes:

  • social login
  • new modes for a variety of practice (instant shot feedback for all data points, video recording of your swing for in-depth analysis, and simple view of what you need to improve your game
  • new Target Mode with scoring of shot data
  • new stats with multiple ways to review what you’ve done
  • data overlay on video recordings of your swing

The MySwingCaddie 2.0
App Updates

The Voice Caddie SC300i — It’s a No-Brainer

For the money, this portable launch monitor is a no-brainer. It provides you with multiple metrics to improve your game. And the newly upgraded app lets you look at your results in multiple ways to really get an accurate picture of your swing and shot. As far as accuracy, even golf launch monitors priced at several thousands aren’t dead on. But if you want to improve your swing, perfect your distance control, understand how certain clubs perform and much more — at $500 the Voice Caddie SC300i is a steal!

Sold out
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Theresa - June 2, 2021

@Andy, thank you for your question.

Almost Golf Balls will not work with Swing Caddies due to minimum ball speeds not being met for reading to occur. It’s best to use real golf balls with this product.

Please let us know if you have any other questions.

Andy - May 28, 2021

Will it work with Almost Golf Ball hitting into the net? Would the distance be accurate or it needs to be compensated somehow?

Theresa - May 19, 2021

@Kristoffer, Thanks for reaching out.

Please try these steps which are direct from our friends at Voice Caddie:

1. Make sure you have downloaded the MySwingCaddie app (there is also a MyVoiceCaddie app).
2. Turn the SC300i unit power on.
3. Select the Bluetooth icon in the Swing Caddie app.
4. Choose the SC300i option in the drop-down.
5. You should then seen the Bluetooth symbol on the SC300i unit indicating that it is connected.

Hopefully this works for you. Please feel free to reach out to us with anymore question. And thanks!

Kristoffer Jude Cecilio - May 14, 2021

I am not seeing the Bluetooth icon on the SC300i unit itself. Should it always be on? Without it, the phone app is unable to find the unit. The user manual implies that it should be on the unit automatically?

Theresa - May 10, 2021

@EBurger Thank you for your question!

According to the Swing Caddie SC300i product manual specs, the operating temperature for this unit is between 50 and 122 degrees F. So it should be ready for those OK and TX summers!

Hope this answer was helpful and please let us know if you have any further questions.

EBurger - May 9, 2021

Will this unit still operate in 100* temperatures? Wondering how useful this will be in Ok and TX summers.

Chris - May 6, 2021

@Nancy Swenson Thanks for reaching out!

For SC300i, only one user can be connected at a time via Bluetooth.

But multiple users, customers will simply disconnect Bluetooth and next user will connect. Process will take less than 1 minute.

Example of this is user A will connect SC300i to app and take X number of swings. Once complete, user A will disconnect unit in app, and user B will connect unit to their app and take X number of swings. All shots will be automatically transferred to stats for whomever is connected to SC300i during the swings.

Hope that helps!


Nancy Swenson - April 18, 2021

I’m waiting for my swing caddie SC 300i to arrive, how does this work with two users? My husband and are will set up two different log in id’s but a YouTube video alluded to the fact that this is a single user system only? Can you help me?

Chris - April 6, 2021

@David Wagner – thanks for your comment. We reached out to Voice Caddie to confirm this before answering but the sensor component HAS been upgraded in addition to the firmware. Here’s their full reply below (emphasis on last sentence):

“In terms of the sensor, it is indeed a completely new and improved Doppler radar sensor that has been highly calibrated in conjunction with Swing Caddie’s proprietary algorithms.  The new SC300i was stringently tested in Voice Caddie’s laboratories and while the entire Swing Caddie Launch Monitor line has been exceptionally consistent with golf’s popular industrial grade launch monitors, the SC300i is even more impressive.  The sensor systems are so robust that they perform in high accuracy in all conditions of sunlight, altitude, barometric conditions, etc. To more succinctly answer your question, while the firmware has been improved, many of the hardware components (and specifically as well the doppler radar sensor) have been completely revamped.

Hope that helps! Feel free to reach out with any further questions.

David Wagner - March 31, 2021

It is mentioned that the Doppler sensor has been improved but yet it still appears that the same sensor component in the unit has not been improved. Please explain what has been done to upgrade the Doppler sensor hardware OR if you really mean that the Firmware has been improved using the current sensor hardware. It is a bit misleading.

Mr. Wagner

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