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COROS PACE 2 vs Apple Watch 6 | Fitness Watch Comparison

We Compare the COROS PACE 2 GPS Sport Watch and the Apple Watch Series 6

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Which smartwatch should you buy? It depends on what you want from that wearable on your wrist. That's why we whip up these comparison posts, so you can see the features for multiple GPS watches in one spot.

Are you looking to tap into your health and wellness? Or keep tabs on your training? Do you want a high-end GPS smartwatch to help keep you motivated and reach your fitness goals? Or are you looking for a stylish, durable multisport watch to measure your progress and keep you accountable?

In this fitness watch comparison, we're going over two very different GPS smartwatches: the COROS PACE 2 and the Apple Watch 6. Knowing which watch offers what features can help you find the right fitness wearable for your wrist.

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Similarities Between the COROS PACE 2 and the Apple Watch Series 6

Fitness Tracking & Built-In GPS

You can rely on the precision of each of these smartwatches when it comes to tracking your steps and distances and grabbing that GPS signal when you're ready to get out there!

An altimeter in each lets you know your elevation and how many floors you crushed today too!

24/7 Heart Rate Monitoring

You get all-day heart rate monitoring from your wrist with optical sensors in both the COROS PACE 2 and the Apple Watch 6.

Smart Notifications

Stay safe and connected with smart notifications enabled by Bluetooth technology in each of these wearables for wanderers. Plus the PACE 2 also offers ANT+ technology while the Apple Watch 6 has WI-FI and optional cellular.

Access to Pro Workouts!

Download pre-designed workouts and training plans from COROS athletes and their coaches for free on
The Apple Watch 6 comes with 3 months of free Apple Fitness+, a subscription-based platform offering video workouts and your metrics right on the screen of your Apple device.

Multiple Styles

The PACE 2 sport watch comes in two colors with either silicone or nylon band (for a featherlight fit) and the COROS PACE 2 Speed Series had three seasonal color options: red, gold, and green—all at the same price point: $199.99. Apple has a huge variety of styles for their latest smartwatch, but they also come with a variety of price tags that can go upwards of $1,200.

Water Resistance

Each of these stylish smartwatches is rugged enough for a water rating of 5ATM, which means you can swim with it, and it can withstand pressure equivalent to a depth of 50 meters.

The COROS PACE 2 can also work in temperatures ranging from -4°F to 140°F.

The Differences

COROS PACE 2 Has a Battery That Lasts

While Apple still hasn't conquered the 18-hour battery life hurdle, the PACE 2 gets 20 days in regular use and 30 hours ... IN FULL GPS! You can even drop it into UltraMax mode for up to 60 hours!

Apple's Electrocardiogram
Sensor (ECG)

The Apple Watch 6 gets major props in the health-monitoring category with its new ECG feature and app.

Still, the PACE 2 gives you heart rate along with, sleep monitoring, and recovery time.

PACE 2 Is Training Focused

Not only is it loaded with the usual sports modes, including Run, Bike, and Swim, the Pace 2 has specialized profiles for events like Strength, Track, and Flat Water. The Strength Training mode alone has over 200 exercises! And when you're done, the new muscle heatmap shows you which muscle group saw the most action.  

Get Your Tunes with the Apple Watch

Your beats will always have your back while working out with your Apple Watch 6!

Get Cellular with Apple Watch 6

Activate a cellular plan from the Apple Watch app on your iPhone, so you can stay safe and connected with people, even when you don't have your phone. You can cancel at any time.

The Price Tag

The COROS PACE 2 GPS fitness watch is $199.99, available in several colors and a choice between silicone and nylon bands. The Apple Watch Series 6 starts at $399.99 and goes up to over $1200, depending on the style you choose.

Apple Watch Series 6

The Best Fitness Watch

COROS PACE 2 — No Contest

COROS sports watches are tested and used by pro athletes. That means they are made for athletes, refined by athletes, and have the specialized features runners, triathletes, and climbers want.

The COROS PACE 2 multisport GPS watch was made for athletes who want to train with a super light, ultra fast, power-packed, sports feature-rich smartwatch that is easy to use. Essentially, it's a training partner on your wrist that can keep up and not way you down.

One thing to keep in mind about this hardcore multisport watch that weighs only 29 g ... it only costs $199.99. You get all the following features with the upgraded COROS PACE 2 GPS sports watch:

    • Built-in power metrics from the wrist plus native and complete integration with Stryd power meters
    • 24/7 heart rate monitoring with sleep tracking
    • 50-meter water resistance rating
    • Digital Dial for easy one-finger operation
    • Advanced training analysis and recovery recommendations
    • Interval, structured, and strength training
    • 3rd-Party Integration (Strava, TrainingPeaks, etc)
    • Built-in barometer, altimeter, and compass
    • GPS/GLONASS/BEIDOU satellite connections
    • ANT+/Bluetooth for accessories, Bluetooth for smartphone only
    • Fully customizable data screen
    • Nutrition Alerts to stay fueled and hydrated
    • AI Trainer measures the remaining energy after your aerobic and anaerobic efforts
    • Storm Alert alerts when a possible storm
    • Supported Workouts: Run, Indoor Run, Track Run, Bike, Indoor Bike, Pool Swim, Open Water, Triathlon, Gym Cardio, GPS Cardio, Strength, Training
    • Flat Water Mode, Rowing Mode, Indoor Rowing Mode

The Fitness Savvy Apple Watch 6

If you're looking for a smartwatch with some solid fitness tracking, the Apple Watch 6 can certainly keep you informed and motivated with:

  • Basic tracking metric package: counting steps, measuring distance covered, and easily monitoring daily progress.
  • An altimeter lets you know floors climbed.
  • Built-in GPS lets you track runs, rides, and more, and the Workout app has evolved to track activities like dancing.
  • Activity rings, sharing, and competitions that can help you stay motivated to exercise.
  • Apple Fitness+, Apple's new fitness platform, where you can access video workouts and see your metrics on the screen of your Apple device. Get 3 months free of this subscription-based platform when you buy the watch.

The Best Smartwatch Software

If you're after the smartwatch experience with health and fitness monitoring in a close second, you may be more interested in the Apple Watch experience.

The COROS PACE 2 processor is 1.5x more powerful than the original PACE, and offers 5x more ram and 4x more storage. But the PACE 2 running watch is first and foremost a training watch for athletic types who never stop chasing their personal best.  

If you own an iPhone, both the COROS PACE 2 and the Apple Watch 6 will give you the experience you're after. That being said, you may find a more organic experience with the Apple wearable. (The PACE 2 works with both iOS and Android devices).

If you want a lot of storage space, music, and cellular connectivity, the you'll likely favor the Apple Watch 6. HOWEVER, you're going to pay for it and you'll have to charge it daily.

No doubt the Apple Watch 6's health monitoring features are most impressive. From the wrist you get sleep tracking, blood oxygen levels, alerts if your heart rate is too low or too high, and the ability to check irregular heart rhythm anytime with Apple's new ECG feature.

The COROS PACE does have sleep monitoring and wrist-based heart rate, so that athletes can track their health while training. COROS does have other premium multisport watches at higher price points that monitor health more extensively.

The Longest Battery Life Smartwatch

The COROS PACE 2 premium GPS sport watch definitely dominates in this category! While it goes for 20 days in smartwatch mode and 30 hours in full GPS, the Apple Watch Series 6 smartwatch is still stuck at an 18-hour battery life.

Additionally, the PACE 2 multisport watch has the UltraMax setting, which uses only half the battery consumption. Here's the story of COROS PACE 2's battery life:

20 days of regular use
30 hours in Full GPS mode
60 hours in UltraMax mode

The PlayBetter Bottom Line

The Coros PACE 2 is the choice...

...if you're looking for the best training-centric, sport-focused smartwatch that you can rely on for precision, easy user experience, and a load of features to help you chase down your personal best ... then we highly recommend the superfast, ultra light COROS PACE 2 GPS sport watch to go the distance with you! Only $199.99 on!

The Apple Watch 6 is the choice...

...if you're a dyed-in-the-wool iPhone person who really wants the organic Apple experience with some impressive health-monitoring features and ample fitness tracking (with a price tag to match), then you'll likely be happiest with the Apple Watch Series 6 smartwatch.

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