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Pre-loaded with 35,000+ courses in more than 30 countries
Full-Color Display!
Long battery life - play three full rounds between charges
Auto course recognition and auto hole advance

Bushnell Excel Golf GPS Watch

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Bushnell Excel Golf GPS Watch

Bushnell Excel Golf GPS Watch - Review & Shop Now

  • 35,000+ Pre-Loaded Worldwide Courses - very standard these days for golf gps, but still nice
  • Smart Notifications - receive phone calls, texts, emails and more directly on your wrist (or if you want a quiet day on the course, don't...)
  • Automatic Course Updates via Bluetooth - no longer will you have to manually update your watch for the latest course updates; it's now done automatically when your watch is connected to your smartphone!
  • Super Long Battery Life - play 3 full rounds without a charge!
  • Full-Color Screen with Auto-Brightness Adjustment - finally Bushnell!! Upgrading from the Neo Ion's B/W screen, the Excel features a beautiful full-color LED screen which adjusts for lighting conditions.
  • All Standard Features - F/M/B distances, hazards, auto course/hole recognition, etc
  • Available at with Free Shipping, No Tax & 60-Day Returns!

Ask most golfers what they look for when it comes to their golfing technology and you’ll usually get two answers: style and functionality. Simply put, you want your device – be it a GPS watch, rangefinder or swing tracker – to work as hard as you do on the golf course. Oh, and of course a product that looks good doesn’t hurt, either. And with Bushnell’s new Excel GPS Golf Watch, style and functionality is exactly what’s been developed. Let’s take a look:

Introducing the Bushnell Excel Golf GPS Watch

Bushnell Excel Golf GPS Watch - Black, White & Charcoal colors

Innovation is driving technology. Yet sometimes the cost of having more features and cooler looking gadgets means a device that’s super complicated to use. So when you find a product that delivers a boat load of features, while also being easy to use and reliable, you’ve got a hole-in-one (see what we did there?). And that’s exactly what you’ll get with Bushnell’s latest GPS Golf Watch – the Excel.

On its most basic level, the Excel is one of the top performing golf GPS watches on the market. It features Bluetooth integration with any smartphone, allowing you to receive course updates without the hassle of syncing to a computer, and transfers your data directly to your phone using the Bushnell Golf app (which we’ll talk more about a little later). One of the best features of the Excel is its full color display. This bad boy looks phenomenal. The full front optical mounted display comes with auto brightness adjustment, so you don’t have to be that guy or gal who’s tilting their wrists in order to read the watch.

Speaking of easy to read, the Excel provides you with clear front, center and back distances to the green, and notifies you of up to four hazard distances per hole. Like most GPS watches today, the Excel comes with auto-course recognition, auto-hole advance and swing tempo, leaving you to focus on your game. And don’t worry about playing different courses: the Excel comes preloaded with more than 35,000 courses, so you’re always good to go.

And as we mentioned earlier, style is important, too. Simply put, the Bushnell Excel is beautiful. I mean, just look at it! It’s sleek, while at the same time boasting a generous crisp display face, but weighing just 1.6oz means it won’t bog your wrist down. Its silicone band gives you a snug yet comfortable feel, while a 14-hour battery life allows you to use it multiple times between charges. Oh, and did we mention it’s water proof, too?

A watch like this is an invaluable tool for golfers. And the Excel takes it to the next level with the use of the Bushnell golf application, which comes included with the purchase of every watch. The app gives you full color aerial views of hole layouts with distances, 3D flyovers with distances and allows you to keep score, monitor your swing analysis statistics and even book tee times. It’ll also serve as a homebase for your device’s pedometer and fitness tracking data. Along with this app, the Bushnell Excel is the do-it-all watch that looks great on your wrist and provides you with an array of features to help improve you game.

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