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Buy a follow golf cart, electric golf trolley with built-in GPS, golf caddy with remote, & more on the PlayBetter Golf Store!

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Buy the Best Electric Golf Caddy. We Compare MGI Zip vs Motocaddy vs Stewart Golf vs Ego Caddy Motorized Golf Push Carts.

Buy Stewart Golf Electric Trolley

Choose from 6 Stewart Golf Q & X models—including electric follow & remote golf trolleys.

Buy MGI Zip Electric Golf Push Carts

Shop a variety of MGI Zip electric caddies ( 2 under $1,000), from simple to all-terrain to remote-controlled.

Buy Motocaddy Electric Golf Trolley

PlayBetter offers the Motocaddy M5 with built-in GPS & the M7 remote golf electric trolley.

Buy Ego Caddy Golf Follow Cart

Get the most affordable electric golf follow cart on from Ego Caddy!


Stewart Golf X10 Follow
Golf Trolley

Sold out

Stewart Golf Q Follow Compact
Golf Trolley

Sold out

Stewart X10 Follow Signature
Range Golf Cart

Sold out

Stewart Golf X10 Remote Controlled
Golf Cart

Sold out

Stewart Golf Q Remote Compact
Golf Cart

Sold out

Stewart Golf X10 Remote Signature Range Golf Cart

Sold out

Stewart Golf Q Compact Follow Trolley Review from Gabe at Let's Play Thru!  

Watch This MGI Zip Navigator Review from Gabe at Let's Play Thru!

MGI Zip Electric Golf Push Carts

MGI Zip Navigator Electric Golf Cart

Sold out

MGI Zip X1 Electric Golf Push Cart

Sold out

MGI Zip X3 Electric Golf Caddy

Sold out

MGI Zip X5 Electric Golf Bag Cart

Sold out

Shop Motocaddy and Ego Caddy Electric Golf Carts

Motocaddy M5 GPS Electric Golf Trolley

Sold out

Motocaddy M7 Remote Golf Caddy

Sold out

Ego Caddy Electric Golf Follow Cart

Sold out

MGI Zip Electric Golf Push Carts

The MGI Golf lineup offers a range of quality electric golf caddy models—with 2 under $1,000!

While you won’t find a follow me golf trolley in this bunch, you can choose from 3 electric push carts and one ultra stable remote-controlled option. We know—our guy Gabe tested it out!

While on the lower end in terms of price, MGI Zip electric golf caddies are the tops in terms of build-quality, stability, portability, & battery life options up to 36 holes.

MGI Zip X1 is the most affordable starting at $699.00. It's easy to use with a smooth & quiet ride.

MGI Zip X3 electric golf push cart upgrades your on-course experience with advanced electronics and all-terrain wheels.

MGI Zip X5 offers downhill speed control, electronic park brake, & advanced digital electronics.

MGI Zip Navigator is the remote-controlled golf caddy that let's you walk with ease and confidence, staying super stable on the toughest terrain.

Compare all the MGI Zip electric golf caddy models here!

Motocaddy GPS & Remote Electric Golf Caddies

Choose from 2 cool, smart Motocaddy electric golf caddies—loaded with performance enhancing features!

The M5 GPS DHC (stands for Downhill Control) is the world's first compact caddy to offer fully‑integrated GPS built into a super-responsive 3.5” touchscreen display. We're talking front, middle, back and hazard distances, pin movement, shot distance data, and score-tracking. Plus, 40,000 preloaded courses (no subscription), on-screen smart notifications, and a USB charging port. Moreover, the Motocaddy M5 GPS is powerful, lightweight, and easy to transport and store!

The 2022 Motocaddy M7 remote electric cadddy—winner of the My Golf Spy "Most Wanted" award—features a rechargeable remote control handset (ergonomic, of course), removable anti-tip wheel, and automatic Downhill Control technology to easily traverse undulations. In keeping with the ease theme, the M7 boasts "the world’s simplest folding mechanism". Plus USB charging port, on-board battery charging and storage, anti-glare LCD screen, on-screen battery meter, and whisper-quiet motors make life on the course even more enjoyable!

Stewart Electric Golf Trolleys

In the electric golf cart game, Stewart Golf offers Follow Cart options and Remote options for both the X & Q series. What's the difference between a follow me trolley and a remote golf trolley? It's pretty much how it sounds: the remote carts have 2 modes of operation—manual & remote; the follow golf trollies have 3 modes—manual, remote, & follow.

Let's begin with the Stewart Golf's follow golf trollies: the Q Follow, the X10 Folllow, and the X10 Follow—Signature Range (adds more custom finishes).

How does the Stewart Golf follow system work?

Mounted on each of the rear motors, the 2 antennas work together to create 2 zones around the Follow trolley; a neutral zone and an active zone.

When the handset (remote) is inside the neutral zone (approximately 1m from the trolley), the caddy will remain stationary. As the handset enters the active zone (1-3m away), the Follow's electronics system will automatically and independently alter the speed of each rear motor to keep its pace. When the golfer (wearing the handset on their belt or back pocket) stops, Follow cart will continue until the handset is back inside the neutral zone when it will also stop.

What's the difference between the Stewart Q and X10 Follow trollies?

  • The X10 Follow has a conventional chassis with body work attached. The Q Follow has a monocoque chassis which supports the trolley and battery while providing the look.
  • Both the X10 Follow and Q Follow use the same proprietary 7th generation Stewart Golf Follow technology.
  • The Q Follow is diesigned to be the more compact option and is therefore the smaller of the two when folded.
  • The X10 Follow does not use the SmartPower app which the Q Follow does. To check the charge percentage of the X10 Follow, you will need to via the included charger.

What about Stewart Golf's remote golf caddies?

Specifically designed as a remote-controlled golf cart, the X10 Remote benefits from a low and central center of gravity and 4 wheels. This balance is complimented by a world-leading electronics system which allows you to control the X10 Remote from up to 50m away.

As the most compact remote cart ever, the Stewart Golf Q Remote provides full remote capability to guide your cart to the next tee, around the green, or to meet you after looking for your ball in the rough (hey, it happens). When needed, simply guide the cart using the soft touch handle—like for bridges, parking lots, and any situation where the cart needs careful guidance.

Click on any of the product boxes above to see the full features of each Stewart Golf electric golf caddy for sale on!

Ego Caddy Follow Me Golf Cart

Be hands free and get better scores with the Ego Caddy Follow Cart!

Made with lightweight aircraft-grade aluminum material, for a follow machine, this electric golf push cart is a little lighter on your wallet too—going for $1,895.

Plus, it's got the longest battery life of the batch—36–45 holes!

But let's talk the advanced follow mode side of this smart machine. With intelligent automatic follow mode, one-button call back, and 6 wheels (!), Ego Caddy can conquer the most complex courses and go up 35-degree slopes without overturning. This is thanks to its Smart Engine with auto-balancing, slope, and speed control.

Choose from Smart Remote with auto-follow, remote control, and manual push mode.

With the Ego Caddy app (available for iOS and Android), display and monitor the operating data of your own Ego Caddy. Plus, Swing Recorder to record swings with slow motion playback and more!

Motocaddy M7 vs MGI Zip Navigator

Two fantastic remote electric cart experiences—for about the same price!

As you can see, these two remote-controlled golf push carts are very similar in design with all-terrain rear wheels, a smaller back wheel to prevent tipping, swiveling front wheels, whisper-quiet twin 230 watt motors, lithium batteries, and both are foldable, compact, and super-easy to set up and use!

In the performance features department, they are neck-and-neck as well. Both offer impressive stability, downhill speed control technology, multiple speed settings, and a range of around 50 meters.

So your choice will come down to nuanced features. We'll start with where the Motocaddy M7 stands out. It's slightly lighter than the MGI Navigator at 31.7 lbs. compared to the Navigator's 35 lbs. (29 lbs. without battery). It also has a handy USB charging port to charge your devices on course. Another bonus: you do not have to remove the M7 battery to recharge it!

The MGI Zip Navigator offers 10 speeds compared to M7's 9. It also has a long, 36-hole battery life. Another thing to sweeten the MGI pot is a 3-year warranty compared to Motocaddy's 2 years.

Best Follow Golf Cart of 2022—Stewart Golf Q Follow

We love the Steawart Golf Q Follow golf trolley—and so did our reviewer Gabe who dubbed it the "Rolls Royce of Golf Carts."

So why is it the best follow cart of 2022? Well, the Q represents Stewart Golf's 7th generation of follow series technology—so they've been at this golf follow cart business for a minute. The technology is so reliable, you can literally play with the fewest distractions ever. If you've used remote or push carts, you know the energy and focus that goes into those. Not with a follow cart—especially one as brilliant as the Stewart Golf Q.

What else will you love about this golf trolley? It's the most compact follow cart you can get. The strong microcellular composite chassis folds in a few simple steps to 21.5" (H) x 23.5" (W) x 12.5" (D)—fitting easily in any car, taking up next to no room in your garage or home.

Feel like a pro golfer with 3 modes of operation on your electric golf push cart: manual, remote, and follow. Watch the review above to see how Gabe makes the Q Follow come to him after he sinks a putt, and then follow him to the next hole. With less exertion coming and going from you bag, you can conserve your energy for what counts—golf shots!

The Stewart Golf Q follow uses Bluetooth connectivity, has a 50-meter range, adjustable cruise control you can set for your preferred walking speed, and USB charging. The plug and go SmartPower Battery life is roughly 36 holes—plus you can monitor your battery power via Bluetooth on your smartphone, using the free SmartPower Battery App!

This thing is smart, and Gabe makes it walk some narrow walks and traverse some rough terrain—and the Q was 100% reliable.

A follow cart is a huge investment, but after a season or two, it can pay for itself in golf cart rentals—and helping you take strokes off your score!

Best Electric Golf Push Cart with Remote

Walk like a pro with the MGI Zip Navigator electric golf caddy—with easy-to-use remote control!

Get simple setup—this remote trolley is engineered to be as easy to set up as a baby carriage, and let's face it—your clubs are your babies.

It's soooo stable! The Navigator is designed to stay upright on hills and over rough terrain. Watch Gabe put it to the test in his Let's Play Thru review above!

With 10 speeds, you're sure to find your groove on the course. And even set on the fastest speed, the MGI Zip Navigator will stop on a dime!

A 24v high performance lithium battery provides 36 hours of battery life—more on less challenging terrain.

When storing, simply disengage the battery to prevent power from draining. Battery charges in 4.5 hours.

Best Electric Golf Caddy for Hilly Course

Along with their foldable design with lightweight material, 36-hole battery life, and accurate digital electronics, all these golf caddies—from MGI Zip, Stewart Golf, Motocaddy, and Ego Caddy—provide extra support for hilly courses.

As you can see, these electric golf caddies have an extra anti-tip, stabilizer wheel in the back, giving them natural balance and making them pretty darn stable.

Our guy Gabe has reviewed both the MGI Zip Navigator remote-controlled golf caddy and the Stewart Golf Q Follow cart and found both to be very stable. Of course, he was testing them out on a flatter Florida golf course, but on the inclines he did encounter, it was no sweat!

It's recommended to stay close to your electric golf push cart on steeper hills in case the rear wheels lose traction while the stabilizer wheel is engaged.

The more advanced models have downhill speed control, so that you won't lose control of your remote-controlled or follow golf caddy.

Best Electric Golf Trolly with Built-In GPS & Smart Features

An elctric golf caddy that securely carries your golf bag AND has built-in GPS!

The ultra-smart Motocaddy M5 does even more than conserve your energy by reliably transporting your clubs. It's got built-in GPS game via a hi-res 3.5” color touchscreen display—glove-friendly and ultra-responive in all weather.

Get front, middle, and back distances—plus hazard distances and pin movement. View shot distance data and a clock and round timer on screen. Keep track of your score there, as well, and the M5 GPS trolley comes preloaded with 40,000 courses—no subscription needed.

Smart features include a USB charging port, so you can power up your devices while you play. Plus, get on-screen notifications, including missed calls, texts, emails, and a range of app alerts, including WhatsApp and Facebook. This electric golf push cart also offers built-in Wi-Fi for super-fast Over‑the‑Air course and system updates.

All these GPS and smart features in a powerful, lightweight caddy that's easy to transport and store!

Best Electric Golf Push Cart Under $1,000

Starting at just $699.99, the MGI Zip X1 electric golf push cart will do all the work while you enjoy the walk.

One hand and a little effort is all it takes to guide the MGI Zip X1 when you need to direct it. Plus, digital electronics, variable speed control, battery indication, whisper quiet 230-watt motor, fixed front wheel, fully foldable rear 4th wheel for added stability, and ergonomic T bar handle all ensure a reliable, smooth ride for your clubs.

Modernistic design and loads of desireable features for $899.99, make the MGI Zip X3 electric golf push cart an effortless and enjoyable—and more affordable—way to walk the course!

A swivel and lockable front wheel, all-terrain tread wheels, and Controlled Distance Function let you be in control even when hands off—select the desired distance and the caddy will stop on demand.

Best Electric Golf Caddy Battery Life

A "hole" in golf isn't an exact measure of unit. It can range from 100 to 700 yards long. Terrain, ground conditions, bag weight, and a number of other factors can have an effect on your electric golf caddy's power as well.

The quality of the golf game can also affects how far you walk. So when we talk about how many holes a golf device or machine will last, it is always an estimate. Nonetheless, it is a way to give you an idea as to how long your electric golf caddy will last and compare models.

In this category, the Ego Caddy wins, claiming at least 36 holes and up to 45.

The Stewart Golf Q Follow caddy promises 36 holes of power. Plus, it uses a SmartPower battery so you can monitor your battery's power and health through your phone, and never get surprised on the course!

The MGI Zip electric golf push carts all come with a 36-hole battery option, so you can count on the same power from this quality lineup!

Which of These Electric Caddies Has a Golf App?

In this category, the Ego Caddy is the clear winner. This free app, available in iOS and Android, can control the operation of your caddy, record video of your golf shot and provide 32 times slow-motion function of the video, show your battery life, record driving data of the caddy, and monitor and customize settings!

The Motocaddy also has a cool (and free!) GPS app that is a GPS rangefinder with a database of GPS-enabled golf courses to provide key distances, hazard information, and hole data for over 40,000 golf courses worldwide.

And finally, the free SmartPower App from Stewart Golf allows you to check and monitor battery capacity at any time on your Q Follow series trolley.


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