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Get the Right Garmin Tread Navigator for Your Side by Side, UTV, or Off-Road Vehicle!

Learn, Compare, Buy, Explore.

Garmin Tread Off-Road GPS Comparison | Should You Buy a Powersport or Overland Navigator?

Buy Garmin Tread Base Edition

Get the Garmin Tread 5.5" display off-road navigator with or without group ride radio for your ATV, UTV, or Side by Side adventures.

Garmin Tread SxS—Best Side by Side GPS!

Find out why the Garmin Tread SxS with 8" display & built-in group ride radio is the best GPS for side by sides!

Buy Garmin Tread Overland Edition

Take your off-road vehicle to the extreme with the Garmin Overland with City Navigator road maps & custom street routing.

Garmin Tread Overland XL— Best Off-Road GPS

Buy the Garmin Overland XL off-road navigator with 10" display and get custom street routing for your rig's size & weight.

Garmin Tread Overland & Powersport Navigators

Garmin Tread — SxS Edition
Best Powersport GPS

Sold out

Garmin Tread Off-Road GPS —
Overland Edition

Sold out

Garmin Tread XL Navigator — Best Off-
Road Navigator  

Sold out

Garmin Tread — Base Edition
Powersport Navigator  

Sold out

Garmin Tread Off-Road Navigator — Base Edition with Group Ride Radio

Sold out

Garmin inReach Mini 2 Pair —
Tread Base Edition Compatible

Sold out

Best GPS for Side by Side — Garmin Tread SxS

What makes the Garmin Tread SxS Powersport Navigator our top pick for side by side GPS and radio?

For starters, it's got a larger 8" screen over the Tread base model.

With this Garmin UTV GPS, you get a lot more extras for your extreme expeditions, including:

  • Included group ride radio (up to 20 riders)
  • Magnetic mount
  • IPX6 dust rating
  • 64 GB of storage vs the base model's 32 GB
  • Multi-GNSS positioning for greater GPS accuracy
  • Preloaded US public land boundaries
  • Preloaded private land parcel maps
  • Preloaded USFS Roads and Trails
  • Motorcycle features & more RV features
  • Built-in inReach technology—so you only need the subscription, not an inReach device.
  • Bluetooth calling

All these 2022 upgrades are reflected in the price, of course.

Best Off-Road GPS — Tread XL Overland

The Garmin Tread XL Overland Edition Navigator has a massive 10" display for your off-road vehicle and is equipped for your expidition!

The Tread Overland Garmin group ride radio and navigator is a bit smaller at 8"—with a slightly smaller price tag. But otherwise, both of these Garmin GPS devices for overlanders have the same great 2022 features, which include:

  • Magnetic mount
  • IPX6 dust rating
  • 64 GB of storage vs the base model's 32 GB
  • Multi-GNSS positioning
  • Preloaded US public land boundaries
  • Preloaded private land parcel maps
  • Preloaded USFS Roads and Trails
  • Motorcycle features & added RV features
  • Built-in inReach technology
  • Bluetooth calling with compatible helmet, headset, or smartphone; BLE capable

Best Off-Road Radio — Tread with Group Ride Radio

Like hitting those remote off-road trails with a pack of pals?

The Garmin Tread Base Edition with added Group Ride Radio will only set each rider back half as much price-wise as the Tread SxS and Overland editions.

Garmin's Group Ride Radio allows tracking for up to 20 riders with no cellular coverage needed. Plus, the push-to-talk fist mic lets you stay in contact. Or pair your Tread device with a Bluetooth-compatible helmet or headset for hands-free communication!

This Tread base model GPS is also loaded with the lots of off-road must-haves like advanced navigation (Garmin Real Directions™ landmark guidance, TripAdvisor ratings, etc. ), smart features (notifications via Tread app, Wi-Fi® updates, etc.), Backup camera compatibility, preloaded street and topo maps, waterproof and built to military standard 810, and more.

See the feature sections below to compare it to the 2022 Garmin Tread lineup!

Best GPS App for UTV Trail Riding — Garmin Tread App

This navigation-specific app adds even more value to your off-road experience!

The Garmin Tread app allows you to easily sync your data, including waypoints, routes, and collections across your smartphone, computer, and Tread off-road GPS.

Also, the Tread app lets you share your favorite rides. Easily import and send GPX files from your smartphone to your Tread device—or share GPX files with your riding friends.

Keep an eye on the weather during your off-road adventure by simply pairing you Tread ATV GPS with your smartphone with the downloaded Tread app and get access to live weather, storm alerts, animated radar, and more.

Finally, get smart notifications on your Tread GPS screen through the Garmin Tread app—and keep your smartphone out of the elements.

Garmin Off-Road Maps on Tread Series Navigators

The maps on the Garmin Tread series of navigators are off the chain!

All of these Garmin off-road GPS and radios have the following map features:

  • Preloaded street maps
  • Preloaded topographical maps
  • 3D terrain
  • Ability to add maps & get map updates
  • Downloadable satellite imagery with BirdsEye

With more storage space (64 GB vs 32 GB), the 2022 Tread navigators—SxS, Overland, & XL Overland—have the following new map freatures for your off-road adventures:

  • Preloaded US public land boundaries
  • Preloaded private land parcel maps (for parcels greater than 4 acres)
  • Preloaded USFS Roads and Trails, including motor-vehicle-use-maps for motorcycle, ATV, SXS and full-size 4x4

Garmin Tread Navigation Features

Confidently navigate unpaved roads and trails with every navigator in the Garmin Tread lineup!

Each of these Garmin GPS navigators—from the base model to the Tread XL Overland—is equipped with a highly accurate GPS, barometric altimeter, and compass.

Count on point-to-point navigation, navigate-a-track navigation, and turn-by-turn trail navigation.

Plus, you'll also get all of these advanced Garmin navigation features:

  • Garmin Real Directions™ landmark guidance
  • TripAdvisor® Traveler Ratings
  • Route shaping through preferred cities/streets
  • Traffic navigation via the Garmin Tread app
  • Lane assist with junction view (displays junction signs)
  • Speed limit indicator (displays speed limit for most major roads in the U.S. and Europe)

Garmin Tread Motorcycle Features

Enhance your rides with these motorcycle-specific features on the Garmin Tread SxS, Overland, and Overland XL GPS navigators!

  • Glove-friendly touchscreen
  • Control music and media from smartphone or MP3 player
  • Sunlight readable and weather resistant
  • Garmin Adventurous Routing™
  • Motorcycle or powersports specific points of interest for cycle repair services, dealers and more
  • Elevation profile
  • Round trip routing
  • Service History Log
  • Custom map support
  • TOPO map support

Garmin Tread RV Features

Do your RV roaming with cool RV-specific features on the Garmin Tread GPS navigators!

The Garmin Tread Base, SxS, Overland, and XL Overland editions all include an Easy Route Planner with GPX file sharing.

The 2022 Tread navigators (SxS and Overland models) also throw in:

  • Specialized routing for the size and weight of your vehicle
  • RV Parks & Services directory
  • Road elevations
  • Speed limit changes

Garmin Off-Road GPS Adventure Features

Get adventurous with these awesome Garmin Tread off-road navigator features!

  • Built-in inReach® Technology (requires active subscription; subject to regulations or prohibitions in some jurisdictions). Note: This applies to the Tread SxS and Overland Editions only. The Tread base model must be paired with a Garmin inReach device.
  • Pair with Garmin PowerSwitch™ digital switch box (sold separately) to enable on-screen control for your vehicle’s 12-volt electronics—light bars, differential locks and more.
  • Compatible with Group Ride Radio (included with Tread SxS)
  • Compatible with external GPS antenna with mount
  • Compatible with external inReach® satellite antenna
  • Group Ride Mobile with Garmin Tread app
  • Track recorder (breadcrumbs)
  • iOverlander™ points of interest
  • Ultimate Public Campgrounds
  • Pitch and Roll gauges
  • Birdseye Satellite Imagery (download via Wi-Fi)

Tread Side by Side Radio Features

All Garmin Tread Navigators are Group Ride Radio compatible—but with the Tread SxS—it's included!

Here are the details:

  • Radio Frequency Band: MURS (151-154 MHz)
  • Group Ride Range: typically 1 mile
  • Group Ride tracking: up to 20 riders simultaneously
  • Group Ride update rate: 2.5 sec
  • Group Ride voice communications: with included fist mic or paired Bluetooth headset
  • Fist mic compatibility: Also works with other MURS VHF radios (151 MHz - 154 MHz)
  • Radio transmitted canned messages

Tread GPS Series Bluetooth Calling

The 2022 Garmin Tread Navigators—SxS, Overland, and XL Overland Editions—work with Bluetooth-compatible helmet, headset or smartphone. They are BLE capable.


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