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Stewart X10 vs Q Series Electric Golf Caddy Comparison—Which One Should You Buy?

Learn, Compare, Buy, Explore.

Stewart Golf: Buy the Best Electric Golf Trolley of 2022

Buy Stewart Golf X10 Follow Caddy

Get ready for total freedom on the golf course. No more pushing, pulling, huffing, and puffing. The Stewart Golf X10 Follow goes wherever you do.

Buy Stewart Golf Q Follow Trolley

Get a follow electric golf caddy that fits through even tight spaces. The Q Follow is the most compact follow me golf cart on the market.

Buy Stewart Golf X10 Remote Caddy

Walk hands-free and focus on your game. Buy stability and remote control reliability from up to 50 meters for starting at just $1,999.

Buy Stewart Golf Q Remote-Controlled Cart

Folds in a few simple steps to fit neatly in your car, garage, or even closet. Get the option for a minimum of 36 holes of battery life per charge!


Stewart Golf Q Remote Compact
Golf Push Cart

Sold out

Stewart Golf Q Compact Follow
Golf Trolley

Sold out

Stewart Golf X10 Remote-Controlled
Golf Caddy

Sold out

Stewart Golf X10 Follow Me Golf Cart

Sold out

Stewart Golf X10 Remote — Signature Range

Sold out

Stewart Golf X10 Follow — Signature Range

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Stewart Golf Q Follow Review from Our Guy Gabe at Let's Play Thru!

Stewart Golf Q Follow Electric Golf Caddy

Best electric golf push cart of 2022!

If you want the best, here it is! Our friend Gabe at YouTube’s Let’s Play Thru calls the Q Follow the “Rolls Royce of electric golf carts,” giving it 5 out of 5 stars.

Why does Gabe love it so much? Because it’s an absolute game changer in the field of golf push carts! You can operate this electric golf cart via remote control, or you can clip the lightweight remote to the back of your pants or belt and have the cart automatically follow you. Talk about cool technology!

Walk hassle-free down the fairway and leave your worries behind you as you get the pro-like benefit of being able to focus exclusively on your golf.

Better still, the Q Follow is Stewart Golf’s most compact follow electric golf trolley. The microcellular composite chassis folds in a few simple steps to fit in almost any car, and will take up next to no room in your garage or home.

Stewart Golf Q Remote Electric Golf Push Cart

Fits through spaces no other electric golf push cart can go!

The Stewart Golf Q Remote provides full remote capability to guide your cart wherever you want it to go. And that includes through some of the tightest fits around the golf course, like narrow passages between a green and bunker, tight walking bridges or along the edge of a water hazard. And when it’s necessary, you can guide the cart manually using the soft touch handle.

With up to a 50-meter range, you don’t need to constantly nurse your cart around the course. The cart’s remote control is totally responsive and incredibly nimble. You can even pre-set the cart speed to match your normal walking pace.

Change the way you enjoy the game with:

  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • 50-meter remote range
  • Full directional control
  • Adjustable cruise control
  • USB charging

Stewart Golf X10 Follow Electric Golf Trolley

Focus on your game; don’t worry about your bag!

Hitting consistently good golf shots stretches the capacity of most of our minds. Why should you have to additionally worry about your golf bag?

Stewart Golf’s X10 Follow electric golf trolley allows you to literally set it and forget it. Clip a lightweight remote control to the back of your pants or belt, and your cart will follow you wherever you go.

Simply engage the follow mode. Then, when you reach situations where you can’t have your cart follow you, like walking onto a green or into a bunker, you can switch into remote mode. You’ll be able to guide your cart to meet you after you’ve walked to the next tee or wherever you’re going.

Stewart Golf X10 Remote Electric Golf Bag Cart

Introducing Stewart’s seventh generation of remote electronics.

Stewart Golf has been at this pursuit of the best electric golf push cart thing for a while now, and they’ve continued to refine their processes to achieve something truly game-changing.

The X10 Remote is the latest in Stewart's multi-award-winning X-Series. Originally launched in 2003 as the X1 Remote, the X-Series is consistently recognized as a candidate for world’s best remote control electric golf caddy. Now, the X10 Remote benefits from a low center of gravity and four wheels. The balance is complemented by a world-leading electronics system that allows you to control your cart from up to 50 meters away!

Features include:

  • Forward, left, right, and reverse controls
  • New 36-hole battery option
  • 24-month warranty
  • 50-meter range
  • New EcoDrive motors for increased efficiency on the course

Stewart Golf X10 Follow — Signature Range

Same great X10 Follow performance, but now with some style!

Add a little color to your game with Stewart Golf’s Signature Range. Choose from Red Carbon Fibre, Black Carbon Fibre, Blue Carbon Fibre, or Signature Stars & Stripes. You know you’ll be feeling great walking the fairways hands-free with this best electric golf push cart with follow mode. Now, your style can match your comfort!

Everything else about this follow electric golf trolley remains the same. Have your cart follow you wherever you go. Or, operate your cart with a remote control range of up to 50 meters. When you reach tough-to-navigate spots, switch into manual mode for an easy, old-fashioned push.

Stewart Golf X10 Follow vs X10 Remote

Is remote control enough, or do you want to be completely hands free?

If you’re accustomed to carrying or even manually pushing a golf cart, the luxury of remote control, like with the X10 Remote, is going to be unbelievable! But… There is another level. To truly tap into ultimate golf course comfort, you need a follow me golf cart like the X10 Follow.

With either the X10 Remote or X10 Follow, you’ll have the option to control your cart from up to 50 meters away. You can even preset the cart speed to match your normal walking pace. And, when you get to tight spots or steep hills, you can operate the cart manually.

Where the X10 Follow takes things to a different level is with its set-it-and-forget-it ability to follow you wherever you go. Clip the lightweight remote to your belt or pocket, and walk away. The cart will go where you do. How’s that for luxury?

Stewart Q Follow vs Q Remote

Same compact cart, but one can play follow the leader!

Stewart’s Q-Series includes their most compact trolleys, each one a candidate for best electric golf push cart of 2022. Featuring a rechargeable battery and secure Bluetooth connectivity, the compact handset gives you complete and consistent control with up to 50 meters of range.

And in the case of the Q Follow, you can clip that lightweight remote to your pocket or belt for total hands-free operation.

Gabe at YouTube’s Let’s Play Thru said of the Q Follow, “Probably the coolest piece of golf technology all spring. I am so pumped to be completely hands free out here on the golf course…the best follow cart I’ve ever tried.”

Both the Q Follow and Q Remote are the most compact electric golf carts available. With a height of just 21.5 inches, a width of just 23.6 inches, and a depth of just 12.5 inches, either electric golf caddy is a great option for tight storage.

Stewart Golf X10 Follow vs Q Follow

Compact or robust—you can’t go wrong with either electric golf caddy option.

Stewart Golf leads the way in best follow golf cart technology. Their X10 Follow and Q Follow each vie for the title of best electric golf push cart that follows you.

What sets them apart? It all comes down to size and stability.

For the most compact follow electric golf trolley—with dimensions of just 21.5 inches high x 23.6 inches wide x 12.5 inches deep—the Q Follow can’t be beat!

For ultimate stability, with a low center of gravity, four wheels, and a bit of additional heft, it’s got to be the X10 Follow, which is a great option for best electric golf trolley for hilly course.

With either choice, you’ll be walking the fairways completely hands free as your electric golf caddy follows along. And when the situations call for it, switch to remote control or manual operation modes with either model.

Stewart Golf X10 Remote vs Q Remote

Two of the best electric golf caddies with remote options: Both easy to use and totally reliable!

Both the X10 Remote and Q Remote give you full remote capability to guide your cart to the next tee, around the green, up the fairway, or to meet you after you look for your ball in the trees. You’ll save time and energy that you can instead focus on hitting better golf shots.

The X10 Remote offers a low center of gravity and four robust wheels for outstanding stability.

The Q Remote loads all of the cutting-edge remote technology into a compact chassis that folds in a few simple steps to fit in almost any car and most anywhere in your home or garage. The Q Remote can even be carried one-handed thanks to a subtle yet comfortable integrated handle.

What Is the Stewart Golf Signature Range?

Add a little color to your golf game!

Stewart Golf’s normal X-Series and Q-Series carts are limited to options in white, black, or silver. But for a little bit more, you can open up the color pallette and bring a little style to your on-course ensemble with Stewart’s Signature Range.

Get all of the same remote-control and follow golf cart features—including 50 meters of remote range, hands-free follow-me mode operation, a two-year warranty, and a battery option to last a minimum of 36 holes—but choose from colors like Red Carbon Fibre, Black Carbon Fibre, Blue Carbon Fibre, or Signature Stars & Stripes.

You’re already going to be the talk of your foursome. May as well have your cart looking its best as your buddies stare at it.

How Does Follow Technology Work?

“Probably the coolest piece of golf technology.” — Gabe from Let’s Play Thru

Cool might be an understatement. Stewart’s follow golf cart technology is absolutely incredible! You can now play a round of golf completely unencumbered. And you don’t even have to tip the caddy at the end of the round!

So, how does it work?

Well, to put it simply, there are two antennas (one on your remote control and the other on the cart) that communicate to create a neutral zone and an active zone. When the remote is within about 1m of the trolley, the cart will remain stationary. As the remote moves beyond 1m away, the cart will begin to follow. If the golfer stops, the cart will follow until it gets back into that 1m neutral zone and will then stop.

You might not be able to pull off magical shots, but having this cart follow you around will feel like a magic trick.

What Kind of Bag Can I Use with My Stewart Golf Electric Trolley?

Incredible versatility!

Your X-Series or Q-Series Stewart Golf electric golf caddy will very likely work perfectly with the golf bag you already own!

Stewart has evolved its line of products to further refine fit and finish. For optimum performance, especially with the follow golf cart functionality, Stewart recommends that your bag weigh at least 30 pounds and that the weight be distributed evenly or towards the bottom of your bag. But even if your bag is lighter or heavier than that, it’s unlikely you’ll have any issues.

And remember, you can buy with confidence from Enjoy free 60-day, no-questions-asked returns!


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