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Buy Stix Golf Club Set for Sale on PlayBetter | Best Value Golf Clubs for Beginner & Intermediate Players in 2022!

Learn, Compare, Buy, Explore.

Stix Golf Clubs vs Robin Golf vs BombTech vs PXG┃Best Complete Golf Club Sets of 2022 Comparison

Buy Stix Golf Club Sets — for Sale Now on PlayBetter!

Buy Stix Golf 14-,11-, & 9-piece sets with or without the bag. Buy on for FREE 30-day returns + FREE ground shipping.

Buy Stix Black Golf
Iron Sets

Sleek and stylish with a matte-black finish, these cavity-back, easy-to-hit Stix irons come in a set covering 5 to PW.

Stix Golf Clubs vs Robin
Golf & More!

Buy with confidence! We’ve got the lowdown on which complete set (Stix, Robin, BomTech, PXG) is most likely to help your game.

Buy Individual Stix Golf Clubs & Golf Gear!

Get high performance for a fraction of the cost. Buy a Stix Golf set starting at $699! Plus individual clubs, golf gear & more!

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Stix Golf 14-Piece Complete Golf Club Set Bundle w/Golf Stand Bag

Sold out

Stix Golf 11-Piece Classic Golf Club Set Bundle w/Golf Stand Bag

Sold out

Stix Golf 9-Piece Casual Golf Club Set Bundle w/Golf Stand Bag

Stix 14-Piece Complete Golf Club Set Review from Gabe at Let's Play Thru! See Every Club in the Bag in Action!

Stix Golf 9-Piece Set Features

The quintessential starter set—your nine most important clubs.

A perfect set for beginners and weekend warriors. Stripped down to the essentials, you’re still getting all the design, technology, premium materials, aesthetics, shaft flex options, and performance as with the 14- and 11-piece sets.

A 9-piece set gives you everything you need to fall in love with the game. And a 9-piece set this nice for this price simply wasn’t an option as recently as a few years ago. Stix Golf is making premium golf clubs affordable and accessible.

The Stix Golf 9-piece set includes:

  • Headcovers
  • 1 x Driver
  • 1 x Hybrid (4h)
  • 1 x Wedge (SW 56°) - Stiff Flex Only Available
  • 1 x Wood (5w)
  • 4 x Irons (5i, 7i, 9i, PW)
  • 1 x Putter
  • 1 x Stand Bag (With Stix Golf Bag option only)

Visit our Stix golf clubs specs page for full club specifications.

Stix Golf 11-Piece Set Features

Lighten your load with fewer woods and wedges.

The 11-piece Stix complete golf sets leave behind the gap wedge (52°), lob wedge (60°), and 3 wood but is otherwise the same as the 14-piece complete set option. Same butter-soft iron feel, powerful titanium driver, forgiving hybrid, and mallet-style putter. Or, as our partner, Gabe, on YouTube’s Let’s Play Thru said: “For a mid-to-high handicapper, these clubs are pretty darn money!”

The 11-piece set is for the golfer transitioning between beginner and serious. You’ve got more tools than a beginner set, without having to carry around clubs you’re less likely to use.

The Stix Golf 11-piece set includes:

  • Headcovers
  • 1 x Driver
  • 1 x Hybrid (4h)
  • 1 x Wedge (SW 56°) - Stiff Flex Only Available
  • 1 x Wood (5w)
  • 6 x Irons (5i, 6i, 7i, 8i, 9i, PW)
  • 1 x Putter
  • 1 x Stand Bag (With Stix Golf Bag option only)

Visit our Stix golf clubs specs page for full club specifications.

Stix Golf 14-Piece Set Features

Every club you need to shoot your best score.

Forget about breaking the bank to buy marketing hype that’s unlikely to significantly impact your performance. Get modern technology, a slick and cool design, an option between regular and stiff shafts, and performance that will blow your mind—all for just $899!

The Stix irons have a massive sweet spot and super hot face, the driver head is crafted from titanium, the 4 hybrid delivers distance with forgiveness, the wedges are blade style with a milled face, and the mallet-style putter includes an oversized grip for comfort and confidence.

The Stix Golf 14-piece set includes:

  • Headcovers
  • 1 x Driver
  • 1 x Hybrid (4h)
  • 3 x Wedges (52°, SW 56°, 60°) - Stiff Flex Only Available
  • 2 x Woods (3w, 5w)
  • 6 x Irons (5i, 6i, 7i, 8i, 9i, PW)
  • 1 x Putter
  • 1 x Stand Bag (With Stix Golf Bag option only)

Visit our Stix golf clubs specs page for full club specifications.

Stix Golf Stand Bag Bundle

Add a sleek, functional double-strap Stix stand bag to any 14-, 11-, or 9-piece Stix complete golf set.

This isn’t just a throw-in, afterthought golf bag. Instead, it's a super-classy, understated, high performance bag that sells well on its own. It looks perfect with your all-black Stix set. Buy your Stix as a bag bundle and save!

This quality golf bag has a five-way club divider and two full-length inner dividers so that your Stix aren’t clanging around as you’re walking the course.

Other features include water-resistant canvas construction, a rain hood, large pockets with protected zippers, a fleece-lined valuables pocket, and an insulated cooler pocket.

Robin Golf Clubs vs Stix

Two great brands, but Stix wins out in versatility and quality.

Both Stix and Robin are bringing quality products to golfers at a price they can afford. But there are points of differentiation that make Stix complete golf sets the clear winner in the Stix vs. Robin Golf debate.

First, Stix dominates in quality. A Robin set includes only three clubs with graphite shafts. The rest are steel. With Stix, you get eight graphite-shaft clubs. Graphite shafts are lighter and allow you to better accelerate your swing speed for more power.

Speaking of power, the Stix driver is crafted from titanium for maximum distance. Robin uses steel.

The Stix putter is a more forgiving mallet style compared to Robin’s blade style. And the Stix putter includes an oversize grip to improve accuracy. Robin’s grip is standard.

Finally, Stix gives you the choice between 14-, 11-, and 9-piece sets whereas Robin only offers a 9-piece set.

Stix Golf vs BombTech Golf

Stix gives you a turnkey, complete set solution; BombTech is a la carte.

Stix Golf completely simplifies the club-buying process. That means you can answer a few simple questions, choose the correct flex shaft for your game, and be on your way with a complete set of quality clubs. And if you want to buy those clubs separately, no problem!

BombTech, on the other hand, only groups their clubs as woods, wedges or irons. Beyond that, there’s no option to buy a complete set. BombTech does include an array of beyond-standard clubs like a 1 iron, 7 wood, and “chipper” that are likely to confuse the beginner golfer. Stix chooses to focus their design and engineering on a more concentrated set of essentials.

Stix vs. BombTech Golf gives us two brands that differ considerably in style. Stix gives you a classy, slick, understated black-on-black look, while BombTech goes for a much louder, neon-green-and-black aesthetic.

Stix Golf Clubs vs PXG

PXG is way more expensive!

You can get a complete set of 14 super-high-quality Stix and a premium bag at for $1,049! A comparable set of PXGs will cost you nearly $5,000! At that price, there’s really no difference between PXG and all the other big brands.

Six Golf is about making the game accessible to new and returning players. The buying process is simple and comes down to swing speed and choosing the correct shaft flex. PXG, on the other hand, pushes a full club fitting, which in many cases is an additional cost that Stix deems unnecessary for the majority of golfers.

And because there’s not a massive Stix advertising budget, the price of the clubs is passed on to the consumer as very reasonable. PXG’s marketing campaign is more closely aligned with that of Callaway or Titelist, and the prices are comparable also.

Best Beginner Golf Club Sets

  1. Stix Golf
    Our partner, Gabe, on YouTube’s Let’s Play Thru has tested numerous complete sets and calls the Stix perfect for beginners and mid-to-high handicappers.

  2. Robin Golf
    You won’t get the titanium driver and as many graphite shafts as with Stix, but this 9-piece set from Robin is still a very respectable entry point to the game.

  3. BombTech Golf
    Not a set per se, but BombTech does offer a range of affordable club options.

  4. PXG
    At nearly $5,000, this set is tough to classify as “beginner.”

Best Golf Club Sets for Intermediate Players

  1. Stix Golf
    Versatility wins the day here. Intermediate players need options, and Stix delivers with complete set configurations of 14, 11, or 9 clubs.

  2. Robin Golf
    Having only 9 clubs will be limiting to some players, but unless you want to spend big, this is still your next-best intermediate option.

  3. PXG
    It’s gonna cost you, but for those intermediate players with money to spend, a set of PXGs will get you quality, durability, and a little status.

  4. BombTech Golf
    BombTech gives golfers the option to configure their bag the way that best suits their game with a la carte club selection.


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