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10 Reasons to Buy the SkyTrak+ for Your Home Golf Simulator

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SkyTrak+ Launch Monitor: Faster, Better, and More Advanced!

The SkyTrak golf launch monitor revolutionized the industry in 2014, making a home golf simulator an affordable reality for golfers. Now, after recently being acquired by GOLFTEC, the #1 selling launch monitor is once again shaking things up.

It’s fitting that the SkyTrak+ price lands pretty much right in the middle between the FlightScope Mevo+ and the Bushnell Launch Pro—two golf launch monitors that we love, by the way. But the SkyTrak 2.0 has a combined improved photometric technology with a dual doppler radar—you guessed it, to bring you the best of both worlds.

But that’s not all—not by your longest shot! Here’s 10 quick reasons why you should consider buying the NEW SkyTrak+ in 2023:

1. Accuracy. It’s Not Rocket Science. Or Is It?

We have it on good authority (from Nick Clearwater, Golf Digest’s #22 instructor in the world) that SkyTrak+ uses AI as well as both deep and shallow machine learning models—created by a legit rocket scientist! With help from GOLFTEC PhD researchers, all this combines to bring you accurate numbers! And, like any top golf brand, they are committed to improving that accuracy over time.

2. Realistic Simulation. Really.

With SkyTrak+, you can play golf simulator games on a computer or mobile device. The simulation is so realistic that it feels like you are on a real golf course. This next-gen SkyTrak launch monitor in your home or garage golf studio, you will have the ability to play over 100,000 courses across industry-leading gaming partners.

3. SkyTrak+ Adds Advanced Club Data

Get Club Head Speed, Smash Factor, Club Path and Face Angle—with Face to Path and Face to Target—all due to the new incorperated dual doppler sensor! PRO TIP: Having a strong understanding of the relationship between Face to Path and Face to Target is the first step in eliminating nasty slices and hooks.

4. Faster Response Times

The SkyTrak+ launch monitor has a new onboard processor for faster Shot-to-Show in your golf simulator.

5. Easy Setup

SkyTrak+ is easy to set up and use. You can be up and running in a matter of minutes. Simply connect it to your computer or mobile device, and you are ready to go.

6. Versatility

This NEW SkyTrak unit has been designed for BOTH professional-grade improvement + amazing simulation!

7. Wireless Connectivity

SkyTrak+ is wireless and can connect to your computer or mobile device using Wi-Fi. This means no messy cables or wires to deal with.

8. New Shot Optimizer Interface

Get commentary from Golf Digest #22 ranked teacher in the world, Nick Clearwater on how to use the data to improve your game. Plus improved Shot Score functionality—gives you an objective way to measure progress and improvement against SkyTrak's database of millions of shot results!

9. Improved Outdoor Experience

SkyTrak has always been the golf launch monitor you buy for your home golf setup. And the consensus has generally been that it’s better indoors than at the range. Evidently that wasn’t acceptable to the experts at GOLFTEC, and their improvements will have you loving this professional-grade device wherever you take it.

10. No Stickers Needed!

The 2023 SkyTrak+ doesn’t require stickers on your clubs or any special balls to use the

In conclusion, if you are looking for a professional-grade game improvement, tour-level accuracy, and the most simulation options , the SkyTrak+ checks all the boxes.

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