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2021 Golf Laser Rangefinder Holiday Buyer's Guide | Bushnell, Nikon, Garmin, Voice Caddie, Precision Pro, & Shot Scope

We're teeing up the top 10 golf laser rangefinders in this holiday buyer's guide, giving you a range of rangefinder gifts to choose from! You're sure to find the just-right features for your favorite golfer—and the perfect price tag for you—in this PlayBetter lineup of sure-to-impress Christmas golf gadgets!

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The Bushnell Pro XEGive them next-level, tour-tested slope technology with temperature and barometric pressure for the most precise distances!
The Garmin Approach Z82Give the gift of accuracy and loads of golfing features with this gladiator of slope laser rangefinders!
The Voice Caddie SL2
It's like someone dropped a GPS watch into a golf rangefinder and wrapped it in sexy vintage style!
Defies wind and shaky hands with the precision and clarity you would expect from the camera experts!
The Bushnell Tour V5
A mid-range price with pro-grade accuracy and technology! Upgrade your gift with slope compensation if you want!
The Nikon COOLSHOT 50i
A built-in mounting magnet puts fast, accurate, slope-adjusted distances within easy reach!
The Shot Scope Pro L1
A highly affordable, quick-firing golf laser rangefinder packed with features usually only found at a premium price!
The Precision Pro R1 Smart
Combines the functions of a golf laser, GPS, and phone with app, showing all the numbers right in the viewfinder!
The Precision Pro NX9
A super affordable slope rangefinder with surprising technology at this price!
The Precision Pro NX2
If all they want is a steady grip and accurate numbers, this cheap, non-slope laser rangefinder is the perfect gift!

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The Bushnell Pro XE Premium Slope Rangefinder

The Pro XE Offers ...

If your golfer plays on different courses or loves to get in a round or two when they travel, you have landed on the perfect gift! Because Bushnell Golf has taken slope compensation next-level.

Regular slope compensation factors in the incline/decline in the distance to the flagstick (hole). With the Pro XE, Bushnell Golf enhanced slope compensation with the Elements feature; not only does it factor in incline and decline, this worldly golf device considers temperature and elevation above sea level (Barometric pressure) to calculate even more precise distances. That alone makes it invaluable for golfers who travel and get to play a lot of different course in a variety of climates!

They'll be able to play anywhere, anytime and dial into the clubs they need with confidence. Bushnell Golf rangefinders are the #1 rangefinders in professional golf. The pros love it, and so will your golfer!

The Pro XE slope laser rangefinder also includes a super convenient BITE Magnetic Cart Mount and PinSeeker technology with JOLT to give them visual and vibrating flagstick target confirmation, and a convenient switch go tournament legal and easily shift in and out of slope mode.

The Perfect Golf Rangefinder for ...

  • A golfer that travels.
  • A pro golfer.
  • A player who really loves the best golf tech.
  • Any player who wants what professional golfers use.
  • A shopper who really wants to impress their favorite golfer.

The Bushnell Tour V5/Tour V5 Shift (with slope)

The Tour V5 Offers ...

Want to give a high-end golf laser rangefinder gift for a mid-range price? The Tour V5 is chock-full of Bushnell's latest generation of precision technology. And you get the option to pay extra for the slope—Tour V5 Shift for $399.99—or go old school with no-slope for $299.99.

With integrated BITE magnetic technology their laser rangefinder will always be within easy reach, so they can focus on their golf shot, not their golf gadget.

Bushnell's PinSeeker technology with JOLT doubles flagstick confirmation with a visual flashing red ring and a vibrating pulse. Plus, stunning definition and vivid color with 6x magnification are par for the course along with precise distances—yardage accuracy within 1 yard!

If you opt for the slope-compensated distance feature of the Bushnell Tour V5 Shift laser rangefinder, an enhanced slope algorithm provides even more precise tour-trusted compensated distances that account for the hole’s incline/decline. And like the Pro XE laser rangefinder, they can make it tournament legal with a simple flick of a switch.

The Golf Laser Rangefinder Is for ...

  • Anyone who wants to get precise distances on the course.
  • A golfer who prizes high-tech golf gadgets that are also super convenient.
  • Anyone who would appreciate the most-used brand in Pro Golf.
  • Shoppers who want to give the best in golf tech.



The most accurate golf rangefinder isn't much use if shaky grip or wind gets in the way. Get them an advanced slope rangefinder with the best stabilization technology to date.

The Nikon COOLSHOT PROII STABILIZED is the golf laser rangefinder that provides both super accurate slope distances and a built-in advanced optical stabilization system to reduce vibration. This technology by Nikon sport optics offers an amazing 80% reduction in hand shake. We wouldn't expect anything less from the camera experts!

Other COOLSHOT PROII STABILIZED slope rangefinder features include super-fast .3 second readings with HYPER READ technology, Dual Locked on ECHO technology (audible and visual target confirmation), tournament legal indicator, accuracy of ±0.75m/yd, and more!

Give them next-level confidence on the course next year with a this brilliant golf laser rangefinder this Christmas!

This Is the Perfect Golf Rangefinder for ...

  • Any golfer with a shaky grip.
  • Golfers who plays wind, rain, or shine.
  • A player who really admires the best golf tech.
  • A shopper who really wants to impress their favorite golfer.

The Nikon COOLSHOT 50i Golf Rangefinder

The COOLSHOT PRO 50i Offers ...

If you don't want to drop $600.00 on a Christmas gift, but still want the most accurate golf laser rangefinder for your loved one, this is your stop.
Unlike a lot of rangefinders, Nikon golf rangefinders measure to tenths. There's a whole lot of features to love in this golf gadget. Slope-compensated distances factor in the incline/decline of the green. Dual Locked On QUAKE technology (visual and vibration target confirmation) and the superior optics of Nikon give them the distances they need for the perfect shot. Also, they can survey their surroundings (for up to 8 seconds) to get exact distance to trees, water features, sand traps, and other hazards.
A cart mounting magnet ensures that their rangefinder is within reach when they need yardages and out of the way when they don't. Plus top-shelf ergonomics and size—it's not much bigger than a smartphone, weighing in at only 6.3 oz—make it comfortable and easy to travel with.
This Nikon golf rangefinder shuts itself off after 8 seconds, so they literally only have to stick it back on the cart or clubs and go!  

This Golf Gift Is for ...

  • The golfer who appreciates tech that is high-quality, convenient, and easy to use.
  • The player who wants accurate slope-adjusted yardages.
  • A Christmas shopper who wants to give a premium golf gadget for a mid-range price!

The Garmin Approach Z82 Advanced Golf Laser Rangefinder

The Approach Z82 Offers ...

Give them a Garmin for Christmas and know you're giving them accuracy, top-of-the-line features, and quality build.

With the Garmin Approach Z82 golf laser rangefinder, you'll basically be giving them all the golf features of the fully loaded Approach S62 golf watch, plus the laser rangefinder side of things. It's kind of the gladiator among slope rangefinders!

PlaysLike Distance is Garmin's slope technology, which, as you would expect from Garmin, gives you hyper accurate distances with uphill and downhill elevation factored in.

Other features your golfer will love using on the links include Green View for distance to the back, middle, and front of the green, Laser Range Arc to see everything in play at that distance, Hazard View, Account for Wind, PinPointer to know where to aim, even on blind shots, Flag Lock On with vibration for assured targeting, 42,000 preloaded course maps worldwide, and more!

The Perfect Slope Rangefinder for ...

  • The hardcore golfer.
  • A player who loves feature-rich golf gadgets.
  • The shopper who wants to gift trusted golf technology.

The Voice Caddie SL2 Active Hybrid GPS Laser Rangefinder  

The SL2 Active Hybrid GPS Rangefinder Offers ...

Not sure if you should get them a fully loaded GPS golf watch or a golf laser rangefinder this Christmas? Why not give them 2-in-1 with the Voice Caddie SL2 Active Hybrid GPS rangefinder. And yes, it's as amazing as it sounds. Furthermore, its elegant style is jaw-dropping.

This hybrid GPS laser rangefinder provides slope-compensated distances and then gives them even more information about the green on a watch-like touchscreen below the viewfinder. Now they'll know the risky areas between them and the green!

The Voice Caddie SL2 Active Hybrid Slope Rangefinder will help them remove the guesswork with Smart Course View™ features that will allow them to see the landing area of their driver from a preset driver distance.

They'll be able to touch bunkers and hazards on the display (right on the eyepiece!), to see the distance to the front and end, zoom in for enlarged views, and get the distance from a selected point to the pin.

The SL2 is also loaded with Active Green View™ features that include a more realistic and intuitive Green Undulation experience, a zoom screen that allows them to move the pin and navigate around the green, plus the "active" part of this feature, rotating the green according to their location, and more!

The Perfect Golf Rangefinder Gift for ...

  • People who love gorgeous tech.
  • A golfer who wants to know everything about the green.
  • Any player who would be torn between the benefits of a GPS watch and a golf rangefinder.
  • A shopper who really wants to give a hole-in-one Christmas gift this year.

The Shot Scope Pro L1 Slope Laser Rangefinder  

The Shot Scope Pro L1 Offers ...

Simple to use, the PRO L1 rangefinder is the perfect combination of size, accuracy, and advanced technology. And at under $200, you'll feel like a real smart Santa when you give this golf gift this Christmas!

When looking through the lens of the Shot Scope PRO L1, your golfer can change the display from Black to Red at the press of a button, making this display readable in all light and weather conditions. The adaptive slope technology and target-lock vibrations ensures they can swing confidently with the PRO L1 on their bag.

Adaptive slope technology means they'll get more precise distances that factor in incline/decline. Plus, 6x magnification, a precision clear lens, and adjustable eyepiece offers the sightline they'll love on out on the links.

This Golf Laser Rangefinder Is for ...

  • The golfer who prefers easy-to-use tech on the course.
  • Shoppers looking for a reliable golf gift for an affordable price.

The Precision Pro R1 Smart Slope Golf Rangefinder  

The Precision Pro R1 Smart Offers ...

It may not be the most stylish slope rangefinder in the lineup, but the Precision Pro R1 Smart Rangefinder has the most attractive price for features that stand up to any high-end golf laser rangefinder!

MYSLOPE technology in the Precision Pro R1 Smart Rangefinder combines a player's unique ball data with environmental variables. The result is hyper accurate distances that factor in launch angle and spin rate, ball speed, altitude, temperature, and humidity.

Here's the kicker: You'll be gifting that kind of in-depth analysis for precise distances and many other features ... for only $319.99.

Yes, you should be aptly thunderstruck, because this device is super reliable and jam-packed with other features like GPS distances, 37,000 preloaded course maps, wind assist, magnetic cart mount, and more!

The Perfect Slope Rangefinder for ...

  • Golfers who want more than accurate numbers.
  • Someone who knows it's what's on the inside makes tech sexy.
  • A golf player who would really enjoy reviewing their game stats.
  • Shoppers who want to give the best without spending the most!

The Precision Pro NX9 Golf Rangefinder  

The Precision Pro NX9 Offers ...

An enhanced LCD display with 6x magnification ensures that they'll always find the flag. Adaptive slope technology means they'll get more even precise distances than no-slope rangefinders, factoring in incline/decline.

With magnetic grip, they won't have to fuss with their bag mid-round. The NX9 quickly sticks to their cart, clubs, or any other metal object. Pulse vibration technology delivers a short burst to let them know they're locking on to the flag and not a tree.

The Golf Laser Rangefinder for ...

  • The golfer who prefers convenient, easy-to-use tech on the course.
  • Shoppers looking for a reliable golf gift for an affordable price.

The Precision Pro NX2 Non-Slope Laser Rangefinder  

The Precision Pro NX2 Offers ...

Ensure they always find the flag with the rugged, water-resistant NX2 golf laser rangefinder. It offers a clear 6X magnification LCD display, while target acquisition technology makes it easy to lock on, even with shaky hands.

With an accuracy of +/- 1 yard, they'll be more confident in their swing and club selection.

The Perfect Rangefinder for ...

  • The golfer who prefers convenient, easy-to-use tech on the course.
  • Golf-gadget Christmas shoppers on a budget.
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