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Best Golf Gifts: Laser Rangefinders 2023

Best Golf Gifts: Laser Rangefinders 2023

Buy Bushnell Pro X3

The flagship product from the flagship golf rangefinder manufacturer. The Bushnell Pro X3 is the very best and the choice of almost every tour pro.


The COOLSHOT PROII STABILIZED features the very best optics on the golf rangefinder market. And it helps get yardages faster if you’ve got shaky hands.

Buy Garmin Approach Z82

A rangefinder and full-blown GPS device! Not only can you shoot distances, you can see them on a map. The Approach Z82 even calculates wind conditions.

Which Golf Rangefinders Make the Best Golf Gifts?

If you’re in the market for a golf gift that’s all but guaranteed to excite any golfer on your list, a golf laser rangefinder is probably the way to go.

That’s because, nowadays, pretty much every golfer who doesn’t yet have a golf rangefinder wants one. More and more of their buddies have these devices, and every regular golfer realizes what a stroke-saving advantage it is to know your exact yardages with every shot you hit.

The problem is that there are a lot of options. Figuring out which is the best golf rangefinder can be confusing, if not completely overwhelming. There are so many products. And they all, of course, claim to be the best.

The reality is that some rangefinders make for lousy golf gifts.

You’ve got cheap golf rangefinders that are priced way too high. You’ve got golf laser rangefinders that spit out inaccurate numbers, leaving golfers to hit the wrong clubs and suffer worse scores.

And then, of course, you’ve got legitimate top golf rangefinders worthy of your consideration.

We’ve untangled all of this mess for you. Everything on this list is a real-deal candidate for best value golf rangefinder.

The trick now is to identify which of these options makes the right golf gift for your situation. No worries. We’ve organized our picks by categories that should help you make the best choice.

Read on to find the best golf rangefinders 2023.

Rangefinder Golf Gifts | Table of Contents

Best Golf Gifts | Best Laser Rangefinders of 2023

Top Golf Rangefinders

Bushnell Pro X3

If you want to give the absolute best, here it is! Bushnell took everything that made their Pro XE rangefinder the best in golf, and then they made it better! The Pro X3 is the undisputed king of rangefinders. No wonder it’s trusted by 99 percent of tour pros.

The Pro X3 delivers slope, Pinseeker with visual jolt, magnetic mount, 7x magnification, and a 600-yard range. And Bushnell has added the ability for you to plug your home-course elevations into their Slope with Elements equation feature for more precise distances where you play golf the most. The Dual Display alternates between bright orange or crisp black based on lighting conditions and user preference.

If you really love the golfer on your list, this is the product that’s guaranteed to thrill! It’s easily one of the best golf gifts available in 2022.

Voice Caddie TL1

The point of golf rangefinders is to get accurate yardages quickly. And no golf rangefinder gets those numbers faster than the Voice Caddie TL1. This is the definitive fastest gun in golf.

Anyone who’s used a rangefinder understands the difference that even a second or two makes when waiting for your rangefinder to hit a target. That’s an absolute non-issue with the TL1. It locks onto a target, gives an actual and slope-adjusted yardage, and delivers a confirming jolt all in no time flat.

The TL1 also delivers among the best rangefinder optics and build quality. And it’s designed to compensate for shaky hands or a moving target.

Precision Pro NX10

Golf’s only fully customizable rangefinder! With the Pro NX10, you can add a customizable faceplate to your rangefinder. Favorite team? Company logo? Home course insignia? Get creative and show some of your personality on the course. You identify the logo, and Precision Pro can outfit you with interchangeable skins that slide on easily and are held in place by a magnet.

Performance-wise, the NX10 delivers incredible accuracy, speedy feedback, magnetic grip, excellent optics, vibration confirmation when you hit your target, and slope adjustment—all for less than $300!

Blue Tees Series 3 Max

Blue Tees went for it with this product! They maxed out the technology, as the name suggests. The Series 3 Max features one of the best and clearest displays, along with slope adjusted yardages, a magnetic strip, auto ambient display, advanced flag lock with pulse vibration, a 900-yard range, and water resistance.

As a bonus, the sleek design of the Series 3 Max makes it one of the better-looking rangefinders on the market. And it’s available in multiple colors.

Best Golf Rangefinders for Tech Geeks

Garmin Approach Z82

If you’re into golf, you probably think of Garmin as the leaders in golf watch manufacturing. And they are. But they are sneakily putting together a pretty sweet catalog of golf rangefinders. And the Z82 is the crown jewel.

Here’s a rangefinder that’s absolutely stuffed with technology. First of all, you’ve got your traditional golf laser rangefinder functionality. This gun is quick, accurate and features above-average optics.

But on top of that, the Z82 packs the golf GPS capabilities that you get in Garmin’s golf watches into a golf rangefinder. There aren’t many products that give a golfer the best of both worlds: a laser and a GPS map. Pretty cool and very high-tech.

Oh yeah, it even calculates wind speed and direction to further instruct the best club selection.

So, if you’ve got a tech nerd on your golf gifts list, here you go.

Shot Scope Pro LX/Pro LX+

The Shot Scope Pro LX+ is the only item on this golf gifts list that packs not one, not two, but THREE products into one. That’s right: The LX+ is a golf rangefinder, a golf GPS, and a performance tracker! Say what?!

Yup. You can give someone the ability to shoot their numbers with a laser, consult a GPS map to calculate distances, and track their on-course statistics. All in one unit. That’s crazy!

If you like the Shot Scope fit and finish and laser functionality but don’t want or need the GPS or performance tracking, Shot Scope offers the Pro LX, which is among the very few cheap golf rangefinders that are actually worth buying.

Voice Caddie SL2

Voice Caddie is quickly rising up the ranks as a contender for best golf rangefinder manufacturer. They’re now the official rangefinder of the LPGA. And one of the ways this company has been making so much noise is through their introduction of slick technology.

The SL2 combines all of Voice Caddie’s best technology from their GPS and laser rangefinder products. This hybrid GPS/laser combination includes advanced features such as dynamic green undulation, course layout graphics, 6x magnification, slope compensation, two-color OLED displays, and more!

And all of that tech is packed into what, to our eyes, is one of the better rangefinder aesthetics available.

Precision Pro R1 Smart

This is a pioneering product in the burgeoning category of smart golf devices. The Precision Pro R1 Smart is also much more affordable than competing products vying to do the same sorts of things.

So, what makes a “smart” rangefinder? Well, the R1 Smart pairs with the Precision Pro app to deliver advanced information to the rangefinder itself. So, when you look through the viewfinder, not only can you get pin-point distances, but you can push a button and then get data to the front, middle, and back of the green, plus a “plays-like” distance, and wind speed and direction.

That’s a lot of useful information available instantly. And the cool thing is that, unlike with other hybrid GPS/rangefinder products that require you to look through a viewfinder to get yardages and then at a screen to get additional information, with the R1 Smart, everything is available through the viewfinder itself.

Best Budget Golf Rangefinders with Slope


Alright, so the name could use a little work, but as far as a golf rangefinder with distinctive features, the COOLSHOT PROII STABILIZED is a standout.

The biggest differentiator with this product is that it features hands-down the best optics of any rangefinder on this or any other list. The image is crystal clear. What would you expect from Nikon, a company known for camera lenses?

And as the name suggests, this best golf rangefinder with slope option features a stabilizing function that helps tremendously with shaky hands or when the flag is flapping in the wind. For any golfer that has trouble keeping their hands steady, using other rangefinders can be very cumbersome and frustrating. This product solves that issue, and it works very well.

Nikon COOLSHOT 50i

The COOLSHOT 50i is one of the best golf rangefinders with magnetic holder, which most golfers know is a very useful feature. It’s nice to be able to attach your rangefinder to your cart or club so that you can easily grab and go throughout your round.

Packed inside this smart, ergonomic design is Nikon’s superior optics, slope adjustment, locked-on vibration for flagstick confirmation, continuous measurement, and more.

You don’t get the steadying technology that you do in the ProII Stabilized, but you do get a very handy magnetic mount.

Bushnell Tour V5/Tour V5 Shift

Get the Bushnell pedigree and tour-trusted accuracy at a mid-range price point. Both of these products deliver 400-plus yards of range, 6x magnification, PinSeeker with vibration and visual jolt, magnetic mount, and IPX4 water resistance.

The Tour V5 Shift allows you to toggle between slope and non-slope settings, while the Tour V5 does not include slope.

And because it’s a Bushnell, you know it’s built like a tank. Each of these golf laser rangefinders is built to last.

Precision Pro NX9

The NX9 is one of those products that’s not quite the very best in any one category but is solid in every single one of them. It’s the perfect option for someone who wants a very functional, well-built rangefinder but doesn’t want to spend the extra couple hundred dollars it would take to achieve noticeable improvements.

The Precision Pro NX9 delivers very accurate slope-adjusted yardages quickly. It gives you a solid and reassuring vibration jolt when you hit your target, and it’s got a built-in magnet. Build quality and durability are exceptional and rival Bushnell.

Blue Tees Series 2/Series 2 Pro

Blue Tees has carved out a very nice niche in the sweet spot between the super expensive best rangefinders for golf and the numerous cheap golf rangefinders.

The Series 2 Pro includes slope-adjusted yardages, while the Series 2 does not include slope. Beyond that, the products are very similar. Neither is quite the build quality of some of the higher-end products on this list, but both of these rangefinders do a very good job of shooting accurate yardages quickly.

If you don’t want to break the bank but also want to give a very nice gift, either of these lasers are great picks.

Best Affordable Golf Rangefinders

Shot Scope Pro L1

Don’t mistake affordable for cheap. There’s a big difference. Nothing on this list is cheap or of poor quality. But here’s an option that maybe doesn’t do every last thing that some of the premiere products do, but that is still a worthwhile—and affordable—golf gifts choice.

The Pro L1 is packed with features usually only found at a premium price. You get adaptive slope technology, target-lock vibration, red and black dual optics, a range of 875 yards, 6X magnification, and a precision clear lens.

That’s a lot of value for less than $200!

Precision Pro NX2

Proceed with caution when shopping sub-$200 rangefinders. There are a lot of cheap golf rangefinders that are not worth your consideration. This isn’t one of them. The NX2 may not be as souped-up as some of the other options on this list, but then again, it doesn’t want for much.

You won’t get slope with the NX2, but you will get 6x magnification, a 400-yard range, accuracy to within a yard, water resistance, and more. And all of those features work reliably. Now, does that sound cheap to you?

What Is the Best Golf Rangefinder?

You’re going to have to answer that question for yourself based on what you want to spend and what you want to get. But know this: There’s not a dud on this list. Every one of these golf rangefinders will make a great gift.

So, whether you want the top of the line, something for the tech-lover on your golf gifts list, a budget option that still delivers slope-adjusted yardage, or a less-expensive laser that will still get the job done, you should be covered with this list.

And remember, when you buy from, you’re buying risk-free. We’ll accept no-questions-asked, free 60-day returns. And you’ll get free two-day shipping on all of these recommendations.

So, if the person you’re shopping for doesn’t like what you buy, send it back. Or, keep it for yourself. Isn’t it time you put your own name on your golf gifts list?

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