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Best Golf Impact Screen & Simulator Enclosures | How to Buy

What and how to buy for your home golf simulator.

Best Golf Impact Screen & Simulator Enclosures

If you’re fortunate enough to pull off a home golf simulator setup, you’re going to want to do it right.

Granted, any indoor golf simulator is cool.

But not every garage golf simulator is next-level, lifelike, addictive, most-popular-house-in-the-neighborhood cool.

For that, you’re going to need a projector.

It’s all about accurately simulating an on-course experience. To watch the ball fly through the air in front of you after you hit the shot, just like out on the course, you’re going to need to project the image from your computer and simulator software.

That requires a screen. But because of your super-human swing speeds, not just any old screen will suffice. You need a golf simulator high impact screen that can withstand being pelted with golf balls from close range without denting and messing up your beautifully projected image.

And while we’re at it, don’t forget about your surroundings. Do you really want to do all of this only to put a hole in the wall or ceiling? Talk about a buzzkill! To save your marriage, you should consider a golf simulator enclosure. Something that’s going to corral the ball after it hits the golf impact screen and something that can catch your wayward shots before they do damage to more than your scorecard.

So that’s what we’ve got today: The best golf impact screens and simulator enclosures. Want to learn everything you need to know? Read on!

Raw or Finished? Choosing the Best Golf Simulator Screen

When you’re shopping for a golf impact screen, the first decision you need to make is whether to buy a sheet of raw material or something that’s already complete and ready to hang. There’s no wrong answer. What’s best for you will depend on your golf simulator room dimensions, your budget, and your preferences. Let’s consider the advantages of both raw and finished.

Raw material advantages:

  • Lower price.
  • Flexibility. At lower prices, you can buy more screen and fill larger spaces if your simulator setup changes.
  • Cuts don’t have to be perfect. You may not even need to cut at all.

Finished golf impact screen advantages:

  • A more professional look. Finished screens come with vinyl edges and grommets that are functional and nice looking.
  • Attach easily to a frame.
  • Can easily attach side netting or indoor golf simulator enclosure.

Something that’s important to understand is that a high-quality screen is going to make for a much better golf simulator man cave. You really want something that’s built to last. And you do not want a bunch of dents all over your screen. Don’t just settle for the cheapest impact screen you can find.

To do it right, we highly recommend the SIG Premium golf simulator impact screens. They come in both raw and finished and are available in multiple sizes and for multiple aspect ratios. These are our top-of-the-line golf simulator hitting screens and were engineered to outperform in four areas: image quality, longevity, bounce back, and noise.

Among the advantages of the SIG Premium golf impact screen:

Superior Image Quality

Thick, multilayer, and smooth spacer mesh fabric allows for:

  • Clear and crisp image (up to 4K quality)
  • Minimal bleed-through
  • No grain effect or pixelation (common with non-smooth surfaces)

Built To Last

SIG Premium fabric is the thickest and smoothest within the golf simulation space. It’s made up of two heavy-duty, tight-knit, impact-resistant polyester surfaces that sandwich vertical spacer yarns, creating a unique three-layer surface that can withstand ball speeds of up to 250 miles per hour. Among the other benefits:

  • Quieter. The vertical spacers act as a “cushion” and dampen the noise created by the golf ball impact.
  • Longer lifespan. The smooth surface decreases the amount of time the golf ball spins on the surface, reducing wear and extending the life of the screen.
  • Low bounce back. The interior surface containing the spacer yarns absorbs much of the impact, resulting in lower ball bounce back.
SIG Premium Raw SIG Preferred Raw SIG Premium Finished SIG Preferred Finished

Finding the Best Golf Impact Screen Enclosure

Let’s walk through how not to have an awesome home golf simulator setup.

It starts with holes in the wall.

Next comes the angry spouse.

And, well, you can envision it from there…

So here’s our best advice: Don’t hit your walls or ceilings (or humans) with golf balls. Instead, protect your stuff with a golf simulator screen enclosure. We’ve got options that you get the screen and the protective enclosure in one product.

Now, if you pop one up, or toe it, or, God forbid, sh*nk it, you’re not going to damage anything.

For the best enclosures, we again turn to SIG. They simply make great gear. It’s tough. It looks great. And it lasts.

The SIG screens, as detailed above, are the industry standard. And their SIG simulator enclosures come in three different sizes so that you can choose the width, depth, and height that matches your golf simulator dimensions. Each product includes:

  • Golf impact screen
  • Simulator enclosure
  • Side barrier netting with sand bags
  • Weight strip for bottom of screen

You can choose enclosures that span dimension ranges of:

  • 10 to 14 feet wide
  • 16 to 20 feet long
  • 9 to 10 feet high

With the SIG10 and SIG12 Golf Simulator Enclosure, the image fills 100 percent of the screen (with 4:3 aspect ratio). With the SIG8, it’s 80 percent of the screen.

Each enclosure includes:

  • Powder coated steel frame
  • Easy assembly in under 1 hour
  • Frame connects via quick connectors
  • Screen attaches to frame via bungees
  • Tight-knit polyester screen
  • Heavy duty black nylon surround
SIG8 Enclosure SIG10 Enclosure SIG12 Enclosure

The Whole Shooting Match has turnkey solutions to everything you need for an indoor golf simulator setup. So, if you want to save a ton of time and get your hitting mat, golf impact screen enclosure, side netting, projector, mounting hardware, and cables all with one purchase, we’re your source.

We offer three different SIG Golf Simulator Studio Complete Packages, each designed for different room sizes so that you can find what fits your space best.

SIG8 Complete Package SIG10 Complete Package SIG12 Complete Package

Do It Right: Pick the Best Golf Impact Screen and Simulator Enclosures

Remember, there’s indoor golf, and then there’s totally killer, worth-every-penny, can’t-stop-playing indoor golf.

So, which type of home golf simulator setup is for you?

If you want the real-deal experience, you need to project an image onto a golf impact screen. And if you’re doing that, you need an enclosure to protect your surroundings. You get the picture.

If you do go for the real-deal experience, don’t cheap out. Get something that’s going to last and that’s going to provide a realistic simulation.

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