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Meet the Launch Pro Personal Golf Launch Monitor and Simulator from Bushnell  

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(This article was updated on 8/1/22)

Launch Pro: A GCQuad Relative?

We're super excited to do an initial features review of the Bushnell Launch Pro personal golf launch monitor and simulator. This Launch Pro and GC3 are the result of one of the most compelling collaborations between two golf brands that are blurring the line between consumer- and pro-grade products: Bushnell Golf and Foresight Sports.

After a recent acquisition, Foresight is now under the same corporate umbrella as Bushnell Golf. And that means tour-level launch monitor numbers and simulation just became available for everyday golfers and their at home golf setups—who are willing to pay for the most accurate tech in these gadgets, i.e. a proven camera-based system.

So, you're probably still scratching your head over that "GC3" we slipped in up there. That's right, there's a GC3, and the wild thing is that, hardware-wise, it's no different than the Launch Pro. Real quick, let us explain why.

The Bushnell Launch Pro vs the Foresight GC3

The main physical difference is that one's badges read “Foresight Sports”/“GC3” while the other's read “Bushnell Launch Pro”/“Foresight Sports.” The guts of it—the circuitry, the cameras, all the hardware and software—are 100 % the same.

The distinguishing factors come down to price and functionality. You can pay $4,000 for the Launch Pro and get limited data and subscribe to a tier of plans for additional metrics and simulation. Or you can pay $7,000 for the GC3 and get the whole lifetime shebang.

In this article, we're concentrating on what you can do with the Launch Pro.

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Watch this unboxing and Bushnell Launch Pro review from our partner, Gabe, at Let's Play Thru!

What You Want to Know About Launch Pro

It's Camera-Based

 For the most precision, especially indoors, you can't go wrong with a camera-based GLM, especially from Foresight!

It's Got 3 Eyes

Get tour-level performance and accuracy on every shot! The Launch Pro combines proprietary high speed/high resolution cameras with infrared which has been optimized in an auto calibrating three camera system, powered by Foresight!

They've Anticipated Demand

Foresight is manufacturing this precision puppy in their expanded San Diego-based headquarters—and they're pumping them out to meet anticipated demand!

It's a Portable Launch Monitor

Where other launch monitor technologies struggle with ambient light sensitivity, small hitting windows, and incomplete performance capturing capabilities, Launch Pro delivers unmatched precision and reliability both indoors and outdoors.

Accuracy on Par with GCQuad

Preliminary tests show that the data metrics of the Launch Pro are very close to GCQuad numbers. We'll have more information on this as more thorough reviews becomes available.  

The Launch Pro Is Subscription-Driven

Get all the launch monitor performance data with the Launch Pro out-of-the-box + free basic plan for one year for $4K. There are several successive plans, adding capabilities and simulation (with free trials). If you want the best—it's worth it!

The Launch Pro Launch Monitor & Golf Simulator Features Deconstructed

While it is being manufactured by Foresight Sports, the Launch Pro is branded by Bushnell Golf, in order to offer tour-level metrics in a package (or packages) that is more affordable for the everyday golfer. Notice we didn't say affordable, but more affordable. The Launch Pro is not cheap, but the accuracy you are getting with this photometric golf launch monitor is near GC Quad-level.

Let's jump right into what you get when you purchase a Launch Pro.

Out-of-the-Box, Basic Functionality for $3,999.99

All of the ball data metrics and no head data, which includes:

  • Launch Angle
  • Side Angle
  • Ball Speed
  • Total Spin
  • Back Spin
  • Side Spin
  • Spin Axis
  • Carry Distance

Data is limited to a single shot; you get what's displayed on the Launch Pro’s LCD screen. You can't store, export, or save your performance data. Again, while this seems limited, it offers what entry-level GLMs offer, but with premium accuracy and robust technology.

Launch Pro Annual Subscription Plans

You can opt for one of the tiered subscription plans below or unlock the Bushnell Launch Pro entirely for $3,499 to get basically the same features at the Foresight GC3. Everything included in the Gold Plan with no yearly fee. It's all yours, forever!

Jump to our Launch Pro Subscription Plan Comparison Chart to compare every detail of the plans side by side.

Activate subscription plans during your product setup/registration with a credit card.

Basic Plan (first year is free): $249/year lets you:

  • FSX Pro softwqre (iPad required)
  • Connect to an iPad and see 2D ball flight on a range similar to what originally came with the GC Quad.

  • Save 1 session locally and another 10 in the cloud.

  • Get these metrics: Carry Distance, Ball Speed, Total Spin, Horizontal Launch Angle, Vertical Launch Angle, Clubhead Speed, and Smash Factor.

  • As of 8/1/22, get additional features that were previously only available with the Gold Plan, which include: Spin Tilt Axis, Back Spin, Side Spin, Club Path, Angle of Attack, and Barometer.

Again, see our Launch Pro Subscription Plan Comparison Chart to get a full understanding of the price and subscription plan changes.

Silver Plan: $499/year gets you a robust upgrade with a basic simulation package, which includes:

  • As of 8/1/22, get additional features that were previously only available with the Gold Plan, which include: Spin Tilt Axis, Back Spin, Side Spin, Club Path, Angle of Attack, and Barometer.
  • The ability to connect to a computer or project onto a screen.
  • Virtual golf on 5 courses and practice on the range.
  • The ability for up to 4 players to play at once.
  • The ability to get data for Total Distance, Offline Distance, Descent Angle, and Peak Height with FSX 2020 or FSX Pro (FSX Pro not included) software packages.
  • Save up to 5 sessions locally and 20 more in the cloud.
  • Add on additional courses ($150 standard; $250 premium) and Zombie Golf and Foresight Fairgrounds games ($125 each).
  • Includes Simulation and FSX Play.
  • iPad required for FSX Pro; PC gaming computer required for FSX 2020.

Gold Plan (free 30-day trial with purchase): $699/year allows you the full package: full simulation capabilities (up to 8 golfers at a time), as well as all of the ball and clubhead metrics offered by the GC3, which include:

  • Launch Angle
  • Side Angle
  • Ball Speed
  • Total Spin
  • Back Spin
  • Side Spin
  • Spin Axis
  • Carry Distance
  • Total Distance*
  • Offline Distance*
  • Descent Angle*
  • Peak Height*
  • Clubhead Speed
  • Smash Factor
  • Club Path
  • Angle of Attack

* through FSX or FSX Pro Software only

iPad required for FSX Pro; PC gaming computer required for FSX 2020.

Includes Simulation and FSX Play.

Additional courses for Gold package users are $125 (standard course) and $200 (premium course). Zombie golf and Fairgrounds are $99 each.

The $600 Bushnell Launch Pro package puts the device almost on even footing with the Foresight GC3. Both include the ability to connect third-party simulation software.

Tip: Think group share: If you have several friends who would play with you (remember up to 8 players in simulation with the gold package) you could split that annual cost, making it more affordable!

Jump to our Launch Pro Subscription Plan Comparison Chart to compare every detail of the plans side by side.

The PlayBetter Bottom Line on the Bushnell Launch Pro

Do we think the Bushnell Launch Pro personal launch monitor and home golf simulator is worth the $4,000 + annual subscription fees? For the accuracy? Heck yeah! The question is: Are you the kind of golfer who wants to invest in this before now unavailable, tour-level quality and accuracy?

You will not find this kind of robustness or precision in another launch monitor close to this price point. And that's due to the proven photometric (camera-based) technology of Foresight Sports that puts it on par with the GC Quad, while costing almost a quarter the price.

It's well-known that camera-based golf launch monitors give more precise indoor or limited-space data. Does that mean a great portable launch monitor and simulator for $500-$2,000 won't help you improve your golf game? Of course not. It just begs the question of how dialed into your swing and your numbers do you want to get. If you're a serious golfer who has plateaued in their data performance and who needs (and wants!) a system that can get them to the next level, the Launch Pro should prove to be life-changing. And it's freaking fun!

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