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The SkyTrak+, Bushnell Launch Pro, FlightScope Mevo+ Limited Edition, and Mevo+ launch monitors standing together on a table with a window in the background

SkyTrak+ vs Mevo+ vs Launch Pro/GC3: The Ultimate Prosumer Golf Launch Monitors Showdown

This might be our most cutthroat comparison yet. Golf reviewer Marc pits 2024's top golf launch monitors with simulation against each other in 10 categories! See how they scored in the categories that matter most to you!

Today’s golf launch monitor market can be divided into three primary classes.

There are the super-high-end models used by the pros and for top-shelf indoor simulator setups.

There’s the relatively new class of affordable, under-$1,000 golf launch monitors that are capable of impressive accuracy but that do come with limitations.

And in between those two there are what you might call a line of “prosumer” golf launch monitors. These are products that sit in the middle when it comes to price. But performance-wise, they really don’t lack anything.

In other words, this is where a lot of consumers find the best value.

And among the leading contenders in this prosumer class that should appeal to golfers serious about game-improvement and realistic simulator experiences are:

If you’re interested in a golf launch monitor that goes well beyond the basics but that stops short of an ultra-high price tag, each of these should be on your list of considerations.

And today, we’re going to help you figure out which one is the right one for you. I’ve tested each of them extensively, both indoors and outdoors, and I’m going to share my opinions in the 10 categories that I think matter most. I’ll give a 0-through-5 score for each product in each category.

For the sake of simplicity, for this shootout we’re going to group the FlightScope Mevo Plus and Mevo Plus Limited Edition together. I’ll call out notable distinctions between the two as we go. But because they are the same launch monitor with the only differences being that the Limited Edition model includes more data and better preloaded simulator golf courses, we can score them the same when it comes to performance. To learn more about what separates the Mevo+ Limited Edition from the standard-edition model, read our in-depth comparison.

And we’re going to do the same thing with the Bushnell Launch Pro and Foresight Sports GC3. Again, these are the exact same launch monitor. The difference is in the pricing and subscription models, which we’ll note when appropriate. But otherwise, we’re going to treat them the same for this comparison. And if you want to learn everything there is to know about the Bushnell Launch Pro vs. Foresight Sports GC3, we’ve done that deep dive.

So, which one is best?

The SkyTrak+?

The FlightScope Mevo Plus/Limited Edition?

Or the Bushnell Launch Pro/Foresight Sports GC3?

Let’s find out!

Golf Launch Monitor and Simulator Price

SkyTrak+ = 3; FlightScope Mevo+/Limited Edition = 4; Bushnell Launch Pro/GC3 = 4

The FlightScope Mevo+ Limited Edition and Mevo+, Bushnell Launch Pro , and SkyTrak+ in boxes on a table with a window behind

There’s really not a bad deal among these options. When you consider that each of them are capable of delivering shot-tracking accuracy nearly as good as devices costing upwards of 10 times more, it’s easy to understand why this price point has become the sweet spot in golf launch monitors.

What I appreciate about the Mevo+ and Launch Pro is that you have the option to pay for only the data you really want to use. For each, you can choose a ball-data only model. That will cost you $2,199 for the Mevo+ and $1,999.99 for the Launch Pro.

But if you want to add club data, you can get the Mevo+ Limited Edition, which comes preloaded with much more data than the standard model and includes their Face Impact Location software, for $3,499.

And if you want the most that the Launch Pro can do, you can get the fully-unlocked version for $3,499. Or, if you plan to own the unit for a long time and want to avoid subscription fees, you can buy a Foresight Sports GC3 ball-data only model for $5,999 or the ball-and-club data model for $7,999.

The real point here is that going the FlightScope or Bushnell/Foresight routes gives you options.

With the SkyTrak+, you kind of get what you get. Don’t get me wrong: It ain’t like that’s bad. This launch monitor delivers a ton of useful data and a really great app experience, all for just $2,995. But you don’t get the option to leave some of the data behind and save money.

First Impressions Upon Unboxing

SkyTrak+ = 5; FlightScope Mevo+/Limited Edition = 5; Bushnell Launch Pro/GC3 = 5

 The SkyTrak+, FlightScope Mevo+ and Bushnell Launch Pro laying in opened boxes

I’ve made the point in several other golf launch monitor comparisons that you don’t buy a golf launch monitor because of how it's packaged or what it looks like when you unbox it. But that doesn’t mean first impressions aren’t important.

And if you did buy based on first impressions, you’d want to buy all of these products. Because each of them just looks so damn good.

With the SkyTrak+, the vibe is fun. And that’s exactly what the product ends up delivering. This might be the most fun golf simulator you can own.

With the FlightScope Mevo+, the feeling is portability, practicality and sleek class. And sure enough, both the standard and Limited Edition Mevo+ deliver on those packaging promises.

And then there’s the Bushnell Launch Pro and Foresight Sports GC3. Each of them looks like a serious piece of lab equipment. The size. The heft. It becomes very obvious very early that you’re dealing with some heavy-duty, legitimate golf technology.

Setup Process

SkyTrak+ = 3; FlightScope Mevo+/Limited Edition = 3; Bushnell Launch Pro/GC3 = 5

The Skytrak+, Bushnell Launch Pro, FlightScope Mevo+ Limited Edition and Mevo+ units standing upright on a tabletop

There’s no competing with the Launch Pro/GC3 when it comes to ease of set up.

How easy is it?

Well, if you’d like, you can literally hit the power button, set it down, and start collecting data. That’s how easy.

The built-in display on the Launch Pro/GC3 means that you don’t even have to interface with an app. Mind you, you can use the app. And doing so allows you to store your data and opens up all of the simulator functionality. But if you just want to get quick data, say before a round or during a quick range session, this product makes it simpler than any other.

With the SkyTrak+, I encountered some initial hurdles in connecting the device with my computer, necessitating a call to their technical support. The representative from SkyTrak who assisted me was exceptionally helpful and dedicated to resolving my issue. If we had a score here for customer support, I’d give SkyTrak a perfect five. And once the initial trouble was resolved, every session with my SkyTrak+ proceeded without a hitch. But that initial setup difficulty was significant enough for me to lower its score here.

On the other hand, setting up the Mevo+ was incredibly straightforward. The device connected flawlessly and functioned perfectly right from the start. However, the Mevo+ loses points here because of its precise alignment requirements. The launch monitor demands meticulous setup for accurate data collection. This certainly shouldn’t deter you too much. Once you get familiar with the process, it gets easier and easier. But setting up a Mevo+ does require a few extra minutes.

Launch Monitor Portability

SkyTrak+ = 3; FlightScope Mevo+/Limited Edition = 5; Bushnell Launch Pro/GC3 = 4

The SkyTrak+, Bushnell Launch Pro, and FlightScope Mevo+ units from above view

The Mevo Plus is a breeze to take wherever you’re going to need it, thanks to its compact design and a super handy carrying case. It’s a bit of a tight fit, but I can still manage to squeeze the case and launch monitor into the side pocket of my golf bag. The ease with which I can bring the Mevo along to an indoor sim session, out to the driving range, or even onto the golf course itself, is definitely one of the highlights for me.

Now, considering its size, you might think the Bushnell Launch Pro/GC3 would be a hassle to move around. And, to be clear, it’s not something you’re just going to toss into your golf bag. However, the way its handle is integrated so smoothly into the top of the launch monitor makes it surprisingly simple to pick up and carry with just one hand.

The SkyTrak+ is pleasantly lightweight and should be quite portable. But it’s just a tad too bulky to slip into the majority of golf bags without a struggle. A built-in handle, similar to what’s on the Launch Pro/GC3, would make carrying it around much simpler. I do think that most people will choose to use their SkyTrak+ indoors, where you’ll set it up once and not have to move it much. So the issue of portability might not even be a concern for a lot of users.

Golf Launch Monitor Data

SkyTrak+ = 5; FlightScope Mevo+/Limited Edition = 5; Bushnell Launch Pro/GC3 = 4

The biggest reason that the golf launch monitors we’re comparing here are all standouts relative to other products on the market is that they all deliver such an incredible array of data metrics coupled with impressive accuracy for such a reasonable price.

The SkyTrak+ employs a mix of photometric and dual-Doppler radar technology to provide:

  • Ball Speed
  • Clubhead Speed
  • Carry Distance
  • Total Distance
  • Distance Offline
  • Smash Factor
  • Backspin
  • Side Spin
  • Club Path
  • Face to Path
  • Face to Target
  • Launch Angle
  • Angle of Descent

The Mevo+ combines Doppler radar and a built-in camera for what FlightScope calls “Fusion Tracking.” Straight from the package, the standard edition FlightScope Mevo Plus offers:

  • Ball Speed
  • Smash Factor
  • Carry Distance
  • Total Distance
  • Launch Angle
  • Spin Rate
  • Spin Loft
  • Apex Height
  • Flight Time
  • Angle of Attack
  • Launch Direction
  • Spin Axis
  • Roll Distance
  • Lateral Landing
  • Shot Dispersion
  • Shot Type

Then, included with the Mevo+ Limited Edition, or available as an add-on purchase with the regular Mevo+ model, you get the Mevo+ Pro Package, which gives you:

  • Face to Path
  • Face to Target
  • Dynamic Loft
  • Club Path
  • Vertical Swing Plane
  • Horizontal Swing Plane
  • Low Point
  • Vertical Descent Angle
  • Curve
  • Club Speed Profile
  • Club Acceleration Profile

Also with the Mevo Plus Limited Edition, you get FlightScope’s Face Impact Location software, which allows you to see precisely where on the clubface you’re making contact. It’s a really cool and useful feature.

With either the Bushnell Launch Pro or the Foresight Sports GC3, you have two options available: The Ball Data model and the Ball and Club Data model.

With the Ball Data model, you get:

  • Carry Distance
  • Ball Speed
  • Total Spin
  • Horizontal Launch Angle
  • Vertical Launch Angle
  • Back Spin
  • Side Spin
  • Spin Tilt Axis
  • Barometer

The Ball and Club Data model adds:

  • Clubhead Speed
  • Club Path
  • Angle of Attack
  • Smash Factor

While the Launch Pro/GC3 certainly delivers a substantial amount of data, it’s not quite at the level of what you get with the FlightScope Mevo Plus. However, of the three of these golf launch monitors compared here, I rate the Launch Pro/GC3 as the most accurate.

Outdoor Use

SkyTrak+ = 3; FlightScope Mevo+/Limited Edition = 4; Bushnell Launch Pro/GC3 = 5

The Bushnell Launch Pro set up at the golf range near a pyramid of golf balls

For this category, we’ve got a classic good, better, best situation.

The good is the SkyTrak+. While it can read golf shots outdoors very accurately and while it’s simple to align, it can only reliably read shots hit off of artificial mats. No self-respecting golfer is going to be too impressed with that. But, as I say, I think most people will use their SkyTrak+ indoors, which is where it really shines.

The better option is the FlightScope Mevo Plus/Limited Edition. This golf launch monitor can read shots hit off of either mats or real grass with no issues at all. But because it’s a bit finicky to get aligned correctly, it falls just short of the highest mark in this category.

And then we get to the best outdoor golf launch monitor, which is undeniably the Bushnell Launch Pro or Foresight Sports GC3. Because of that built-in screen, the total simplicity of the setup process, and the fact that it can effortlessly read shots hit off mats or turf, it’s the clear-cut winner here.

Indoor Use

SkyTrak+ = 5; FlightScope Mevo+/Limited Edition = 4; Bushnell Launch Pro/GC3 = 5

The FlightScope GC3 next to the SkyTrak+ on a golf mat next to several golf balls in a golf simulator

When you add up the amount of data delivered, the consistent accuracy of that data, and the simulator software options available with each of these golf launch monitors, it should become pretty obvious that all of these are unbelievably great choices for a dream indoor sim studio setup.

The only reason the Mevo+ suffers a deduction here is that, because it has to be set up 8 feet behind the golf ball, it requires a lot of room depth. Ideally, you’ll want a room that’s at least 21 feet deep, though you could get away with 16 feet of depth.

There is a benefit, however, to having your launch monitor behind the ball, and that is that you don’t need to move it if you want to play simulator golf with both righties and lefties at the same time.

With either the SkyTrak+ or Launch Pro/GC3, both of which are set up to the side of the golf ball across from where the golfer is standing, you’ll need to move the launch monitor back and forth if you switch between a righty and lefty.

But because I think room size is the biggest hurdle to clear for people looking to build a home golf simulator studio, I’m giving the edge here to the space-saving benefits of the SkyTrak+ and Bushnell Launch Pro/Foresight Sports GC3.

Golf Launch Monitor Features

SkyTrak+ = 5; FlightScope Mevo+/Limited Edition = 4; Bushnell Launch Pro = 5

The SkyTrak+, Bushnell Launch Pro, and FlightScope Mevo+ Limited Edition standing upright on a table

Using the SkyTrak+ is an absolute delight. It transforms practice sessions into an engaging experience, largely thanks to its wide array of cool features. It offers a variety of excellent options such as challenge modes, skills assessments, a shot optimizer, practice randomizer, bag mapping, and a wedge matrix. The app combines these features in a very sleek, professional manner, enhancing the overall enjoyment of using it.

What stands out for me with the Mevo+ is its integrated camera and the automatic swing video capability. This feature allows you to review video footage of every shot, with the option to annotate the footage with lines, angles, and circles to better analyze your swing. It even supports recording and exchanging lessons. And you can connect up to three additional cameras for capturing multiple video angles.

At the 2024 PGA Show, FlightScope revealed they’re working on a range of software updates that are yet to be released. These upcoming features sound exciting — including AI-driven instruction, a shot tracer, and a unique planning tool that integrates your playing data with the weather forecasts of your future golf destinations. However, since details on pricing or what will be included as standard are still under wraps, these potential enhancements haven’t been factored into our comparison. Keep an eye out for further announcements.

As for the Bushnell Launch Pro/GC3, if the only feature it included was the built-in display, it would still be enough for me to award it a 5 in this category. From my perspective, this single feature elevates the Launch Pro/GC3 to arguably the most adaptable golf launch monitor available, equally suited for both indoor and outdoor use.

Golf Simulator Use

SkyTrak+ = 5; FlightScope Mevo+/Limited Edition = 5; Bushnell Launch Pro = 4

The SkyTrak+ excels in third-party sim software compatibility. It’s yet another reason that it’s such a great choice for an indoor golf simulator setup. The device offers connectivity with TruGolf E6 Connect, the Golf Club 2019, WGT by TopGolf, Creative Golf, Fitness Golf, and Pro Tee Play. This extensive range opens up a limitless array of golf course and gaming possibilities.

The FlightScope Mevo Plus interfaces with TruGolf E6 Connect, the Golf Club 2019, Awesome Golf, Creative Golf 3D, and GSPro. And a major highlight with the Mevo Plus Limited Edition is that it includes 12 big-name E6 courses such as the Old Course at St Andrews, Pebble Beach, Bethpage Black, and others, all ready to play without extra subscription fees.

Conversely, the Bushnell Launch Pro requires a $499 annual subscription for its Gold subscription, which allows you to play simulator golf through the Foresight Sports software. You also do get 25 golf courses, but the big-name courses cost an extra $150 per course. Additionally, using third-party software like GSPro now requires both the Gold subscription and a separate third-party subscription, increasing the overall cost. The workaround to all of this is to buy the Foresight Sports GC3 instead of the Launch Pro. If you go that route, you’ll pay more upfront, but you’ll get simulator access without having to pay that $499 annual Gold subscription price.

Annual Subscriptions Cost

SkyTrak+ = 3; FlightScope Mevo+/Limited Edition = 4; Bushnell Launch Pro/GC3 = 2

For most of today’s golf launch monitors, subscriptions have become a standard part of unlocking everything these incredible devices can do. You should anticipate spending a little more than just the upfront cost of the hardware.

However, the FlightScope Mevo Plus is one of the very few exceptions. There is no subscription. But to unlock the club data that the Mevo+ Pro Package delivers, it costs an additional one-time $1,000. And the Face Impact software is a one-time cost of $499. Or you can get both of those things included for a $200 discount if you buy the Mevo Plus Limited Edition.

With the SkyTrak+, you’ve got three choices:

  • Basic Software. This is what’s included out of the box with no extra fee. You get a fully functional practice range and the ability to store your shot history data.
  • Game Improvement. For $129.95 per year, you get a more advanced practice range that includes bag mapping, skills assessment, wedge matrix, shot optimizer, and practice randomizer plus the ability to use your SkyTrak+ with the aforementioned third-party simulator software options. Also, IOS users get WGT by TopGolf’s Closest-to-the-Hole Challenge on the Ocean Course at Kiawah Island.
  • Play & Improve. To fully unlock all that your SkyTrak+ can do, you’ll need to pay $249.95 annually. You get everything in the Game Improvement plan plus a 15-course pack from TruGolf E6 Connect and 15 courses on WGT by TopGolf plus the WGT by TopGolf Closest-to-theHole Challenge on six different courses.

As I mentioned earlier, playing simulator golf with the Bushnell Launch Pro requires a $499 annual subscription. And the real bummer is that you can’t even use third-party simulator software without paying that annual cost. Again, you do have the option to skip subscriptions all together if you buy a Foresight Sports GC3. The problem is that you’ll need to own it for at least eight years before you’ll be money ahead against what you would have spent on a Launch Pro and the annual subscription.

Adding Up the Scores: Which Is the Best Golf Launch Monitor?

Here’s how the totals stack up from my 0-through-5 scores in 10 different categories:

SkyTrak+ = 40

FlightScope Mevo+/Limited Edition = 43

Bushnell Launch Pro/Foresight Sports GC3 = 43

I’m not blowing smoke when I say that there are no wrong choices here.

And before you get scared off by the lower score for the SkyTrak+, remember that it’s really a product that’s best used indoors in a golf simulator studio. It suffered some deductions for reasons like outdoor use and portability. But if you don’t plan on moving it out of your sim studio, those categories really shouldn’t matter to you.

Here’s my honest assessment:

The most accurate golf launch monitor is the Bushnell Launch Pro/GC3.

The most fun golf launch monitor to use as a simulator is the SkyTrak+.

And the launch monitor with the most data is the FlightScope Mevo+/Limited Edition.

I hope that helps you gain some clarity in your search. But, whatever you do, don’t stress. You literally can’t go wrong by choosing any of these three products.

And if you buy from, you can get any of these with free 2-day shipping and no-hassle 30-day returns. That makes it even easier to make a choice and get on with enjoying a world-class golf launch monitor.

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