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Garmin Approach R10 Golf Launch Monitor & Simulator + Net Return V2 Official Golf Simulation Studio Package with Hitting Net, Mat & Side Barriers

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Build the home golf simulation studio of your dreams with the revolutionary Garmin Approach R10 with the Net Return V2 Series - the highest-quality golf hitting nets in the game! Full packages include Garmin Approach R10, Net Return Hitting Net, Hitting Turf, Side Barriers & Sand Bags. Also available with Garmin Approach R10 & Net Only.

Own the power and accuracy of the Garmin Approach R10 paired with The Net Return Pro Series V2 Golf Simulator Package!


Garmin Approach R10 Golf Launch Monitor

Protective Case

Pro Series OR Home Series V2 Net Return Hitting Net

Pair of Side Barriers **Optional Upgrade, Included in either Pro Series or Home Series V2 Package.**

Pro Turf (6'W x 10'L) **Optional Upgrade, Included in the Pro Series or Home Series V2 Package.**

4 x Sandbags **Optional Upgrade, Included in the Pro Series or Home Series V2 Package.**

2 x Rubber Tees **Optional Upgrade, Included in the Pro Series or Home Series V2 Package.**

Net Return Duffle Bag

Elevate Your Game with the Garmin Approach R10 Home & Pro Series V2 Package: The Ultimate All-in-One Solution for Golfers

What sets The Net Return V2 Series Package apart? It's the world's only golf net that automatically returns your ball. With the ability to handle golf ball speeds up to 250 MPH, it's your ticket to practice anytime, anywhere, with easy one-person assembly.

Crafted with a rugged, lightweight aluminum frame, commercial-grade UV-treated netting, and versatile multi-sport capabilities, it truly is "The Only Net You Need™."

What's Included?

  • Net Return Pro Series V2 Hitting Net (7'6 X 8' X 3'6) OR Net Return Home Series V2 Hitting Net (7' X 7' X 3'6)
  • Duffle Bag
  • A pair of Side Barriers (Included in Packages only)
  • Pro Turf (6'W x 10'L) (Included in Packages only)
  • 4 x Sandbags (Included in Packages only)
  • 2 x Rubber Tees (Included in Packages only)

Net Dimensions:

  • Pro Series V2: 7'6 (H) X 8' (W) X 3'6 (D) X; Weight: 28 lbs
  • Home Series V2: 7 (H) X 7' (W) X 3'6 (D) X; Weight: 39 lbs

Studio Sizes

PlayBetter SimStudio10™

Length: 10'
Width: 5' 4"
Height: 8' 6"

PlayBetter SimStudio12™

Length: 12'
Width: 5' 4"
Height: 8' 6"

PlayBetter SimStudio13™

Length: 13'
Width: 5' 4"
Height: 10'

PlayBetter SimStudio13™ Deep

Length: 13'
Width: 10'
Height: 10'

Revolutionize Your Golf Practice with Automatic Ball Return and Versatility

Take your golf practice to a whole new level with the Garmin Approach R10 Golf Launch Monitor and The Net Return Pro Series V2 Golf Simulator Package.

The Pro Series V2 Net, included in this package, is a game-changer. It's the only golf net globally that automatically returns the ball back to you, sparing you the hassle of collecting balls after each swing.

This innovative feature ensures uninterrupted practice, allowing you to focus solely on improving your swing and perfecting your game.

But that's not all – this net is versatile! It's not limited to golf; you can also use it for sports like soccer, baseball, softball, and lacrosse, making it an all-in-one solution for your sporting needs.

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Powerful Garmin R10 Ball & Club Data to Improve Your Game

Understand your golf strengths and areas for improvement by using training mode, which tracks stats for each club and shows a shot dispersion chart based on estimated ball flight using the Garmin Golf app.

Ball Data metrics:

  • Carry Distance
  • Total Distance
  • Deviation Distance
  • Ball Speed
  • Launch Angle
  • Launch Direction
  • Spin Axis
  • Spin Rate
  • Apex Height
  • Smash Factor

Club Data metrics:

  • Club Head Speed
  • Club Face Angle
  • Club Path Angle

Realistic Golf Simulator for Indoor Home Studio, Garage or Range!

Whether you want an outdoor, garage, or dedicated home golf studio, this super-affordable launch monitor can fit the bill. Pairing with the Garmin Golf app is easy, and you can get access to 42,000 courses around the world while playing Home Tee Hero, subscribe to E6 Connect software, and so much more!

Compatible Golf Simulation Software (sold separately):

  • Awesome Golf
  • E6 Connect
  • Garmin Home Tee Hero
  • TGC 2019

Compete in a weekly virtual tournament (with Garmin Golf membership) against other golfers around the world on different courses. Play in each tournament as many times as you want. All scores are posted on the leaderboard.

Get 5 free iOS-only courses through E6 Connect with with purchase of the Garmin R10. E6 Connect is compatible with iOS devices and PC through the Garmin Golf app—not available for Android.

Hit with Titleist Pro V1® or Pro V1x® golf balls with Radar Capture Technology and improve spin rate accuracy by up to 30X—and carry distance accuracy by up to 50%.

Portable, Accurate & Easy-to-Use Launch Monitor with Video

Advanced swing analysis and ball flight tracking are essential for golfers seeking accuracy and improved performance. With virtual course simulation and easy portability, the Garmin R10 offers real-time data and metrics to help achieve better results on the course.

Plus see and analyze your swing with automatically recorded video clips that include the metrics of that swing when paired with a compatible smartphone with the Garmin Golf app.

Monitor how each club is performing for you during a session at the driving range. This Garmin golf launch monitor will show you how far you typically hit each club and the max you’ve ever hit with each club.

Shockingly Easy Setup! Takes 5 Min with 1 Person. No extra material needed.

You'll receive everything you need to set up your own home golf simulator studio. Plus our studio can be setup in 5 minutes with only one person! Compare to other studio packages that take many hours.

No buying extra hardware or recruiting buddies for hours of work. Our patented design snaps together with ease ensuring you'll be hitting balls into it in no time at all.

How Much Space Do I Need?

You'll want to take into account the ceiling height of your space not just for the enclosure, but to make sure you have enough room to swing a club! The sizes of the enclosures are below:

  • Home Series V2 Net/Package: 16 (L) X 12' (W) X 8'6 (H)
  • Home Pro V2 Net/Package: 16 (L) X 12' (W) X 8'6 (H)

As for the length & width of your space - the main consideration is around the launch monitor you choose. Some launch monitors sit behind you (like the FlightScope Mevo+ and Garmin Approach R10) and require a certain amount of distance to the screen. Others (like the Bushnell Launch Pro and Foresight Sports GCQuad) sit directly to the side and require a few feet of space width-wise.

If you're unsure - contact our Golf Studio Team (or call 888-738-5527) and they'll be more than happy to help you out!

Additional Information on Garmin Approach R10 & The Net Return Pro Series V2 Golf Simulator Package

Included Features with the Free Garmin Golf App

  • Upload scorecards from a compatible device
  • Review shot history from a compatible device
  • Review performance stats
  • Participate in weekly leaderboards
  • Create tournaments
  • Save driving range sessions from a compatible device
  • 30-day Garmin Golf membership trial

Membership Subscription Pricing & Features:

Monthly: $9.99

Annually: $99.99

All included features:

  • Plan your best approach shot, and sink your putt with Green Contour data
  • Home Tee Hero virtual rounds on 42,000+ courses (Approach R10 device only)
  • Store video clips of your shots in the cloud (Approach R10 device only)

Does It Measure Putting?

This super-affordable golf gadget does not measure putting during simulation—no launch monitor at this price does yet. You'll have to check out one of our more expensive units, like the Bushnell Launch Pro or FlightScope Mevo+, if that's a must-have.

How to Use the Garmin Golf App on a Projector or TV Screen

With the purchase of the Approach R10 launch monitor you can unlock the Garmin Golf Simulator. This allows you to simulate a driving range and play virtual courses in Home Tee Hero.*

Your mobile device can be mirrored or casted to smart TVs. This method of viewing the Garmin Golf app, in some cases, may not be ideal since the display resolutions on phones will be different than most projection screens or TVs, but the following support articles provide information on how to wirelessly mirror your phone's display to a compatible device:

iOS: Apple Support: Mirror the screen on your iOS device

Android: Chromecast Help: Cast your Android screen from the Google Home app

* Home Tee Hero requires the Garmin Golf app membership subscription. 

Garmin Approach R10 Warranty

As an Authorized Garmin dealer, any Approach R10 sold on is completely eligible for Garmin's 1-Year Limited Manufacturer Warranty.So you can be confident you'll be protected from any product defects within 365 of your delivery date!

Garmin R10 Return Policy

When you purchase an Approach R10 on, you have 60 days to return or exchange it—no questions asked!  We make it easy on our Returns/Exchange portal.

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