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Shot Scope H4 Golf GPS Handheld

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The powerful Shot Scope GPS Handheld with Performance Tracking

The Shot Scope H4 provides all the GPS distances you would expect but has the added benefit of shot tracking and performance statistics. After your round, upload via Bluetooth and analyze 100’s performance statistics to help you improve.


Use highly accurate GPS distances to the front, middle, and back of every green to aid club selection. With front and carry distances for every hazard on the course and layup points, you have all you need to form a strategy for the hole. 36,000 preloaded courses worldwide.

Track your shots and improve your game with the Shot Scope H4. The 16 tags screw into the end of each club. To register a shot, simply tap the tag against the H4 and the device will vibrate to confirm the club is detected.

After your game, upload to the free mobile app where you can view performance statistics about your game and compare them against other handicaps and abilities.

For golfers of all skill levels, the free Shot Scope app allows a golfer to track their performance over time and analyze areas for improvement. Compare your game against other handicaps to understand your strengths and weaknesses. This can also help you set goals or targets going forward. Free updates and no subscription.

Always wondered how far that really good drive went on the course? Wonder no more. H4 can tell you the distance your last shot has traveled at the push of a button. Perfect for learning how the weather conditions are affecting your ball flight and distances! H4 does not do club recommendations to comply with the Rules of Golf.

The H4 utilizes Shot Scope’s dynamic yardages, which means all the distances are based on your specific angle of approach to the green. If you hit your shot down the wrong fairway (we’ve all done it) the distance shown is to the F/M/B of the green as you would look at it, not the F/M/B from the middle of the fairway like other devices.


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  • Lightweight GPS handheld with performance tracking
  • Highly accurate shot detection
  • 16 tracking tags with a smart GPS chip for club recognition
  • Ability to pause round to take practice shots
  • Club recognition displayed on the screen
  • Vibration feedback upon successful tag read
  • Every shot is plotted on a map of the course
  • Advanced GPS accuracy
  • Daylight readable color screen
  • Dynamic F/M/B green distances
  • Front & carry distance for every hazard
  • Layup point distances
  • Industry-leading putting statistics
  • 36,000+ preloaded courses worldwide
  • Measures the last shot distance
  • Distances available in Yards or Meters
  • In-house course mapping and 48-hour course edits
  • Interactive features; Medals, Leaderboards and Course Hub
  • Compatible with PRO LX rangefinder, allowing the golfer to access pin distances and more on the course
  • 3 golf modes
  • Sync your round via Bluetooth
  • 15+ hour battery life / 2+ rounds
  • Free mobile app and web dashboard statistics platform
  • Free firmware updates, including new features
  • No phone is required on the course
  • Conforms to the Rules of GolfStrong metal belt clip
  • Strokes Gained analytics platform included for advanced statistic analysis
  • Over 100 statistics can be broken down by lie type, distance, the club used, proximity, round, season, and much more
  • Statistics on club distances, tee shots, approaches, short game, putting, and scoring
  • PinCollect technology provides enhanced approach, short game and putting statistics
  • Virtually join any club in the world on Course Hub to view how Shot Scope users play that course
  • Social share feature, share good rounds or highlights with friends on social media
  • Shot Scope H4 Handheld
  • 16 x Tracking Tags
  • Metal Belt Clip
  • Carabiner
  • USB Clip Charger
  • Free iOS/Android app
  • Statistics Platform with Strokes Gained

Model: H4